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  • Masoud Dalvand 10:49 pm on 31 Dec 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Iran: Dec. 31, 2018- Tehran People’s demonstration against the mullahs regime. 

    Tehran Dec. 31, 2018

    Iran, Capital city Tehran People’s demonstration against the mullahs regime, December 31, 2018.

    Dec. 31, 2018- Tehran People’s demonstration against the mullahs regime.

    Dec. 31, 2018- Tehran People’s demonstration against the mullahs regime.

    They chanted:

    “Incompetent manager, resign, resign!”

    “Don’t afraid, we’re all together”

    “Facing our nation, with our backs to the enemy”

    and “Death to the dictator”

    College students protesting outside the university were heard chanting, “Facing our nation, with our backs to the enemy”

    – Engelab square an important square in the capital. Chant;

    ” Don’t afraid, we’re all together”

    The New Year will definitely see a fresh confrontation between the Iranian people & the regime.

    Also, the 3rd day of the University of Science Research students protesting out side of Tehran University against the students bus crash & killing 10 of them. They chanting: “”incompetent manager, resign, resign!”

    Hail to the students, youths and courageous women in Tehran who have staged protests and marched in Enqelab Square and Tehran University. With chants of “death to the dictator” and “fear not! All of us are together,” they have confronted the regime’s suppressive forces.

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    Iran: Tehran Science and Research University students holding massive protest gathering. 

    Students Protests in Tehran

    Iran, Dec. 29, 2018 – Students of the Science and Research University in Tehran, the capital of Iran, held a major rally on Saturday morning expressing their anger over Iranian regime authorities in this facility.

    The students were grieving the loss of their classmates killed in a recent bus accident and holding incompetent regime officials responsible for the incident.

    The students were also heard chanting, “Velayati, resign, resign,” demanding the resignation of the representative of Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on their campus.

    The students are also protesting measures by the Iranian regime aiming to cloak the role of the regime’s plundering mafias in this incident. One poster specifically read, “Expelling second-class officials in this university is a sign of the mullahs’ obscenity.”

    A large number of college students took part in this rally while the Iranian regime had taken measures to station repressive security units on campus and nearby areas to keep the rally under control. Prior to this, the mullahs’ regime had dispatched anti-riot units to create a climate of fear at the capital’s Science and Research University.

    Read more: A bus carrying students of Tehran’s Science and Research Center in Azad University, unfortunately, tipped over, leaving ten students dead and 25 others injured. Head of the Iranian regime’s emergency services said this incident took place at 12:20 pm local time on Tuesday, December 25.

    Following this horrific incident, Iranian authorities first dispatched anti-riot units to the scene in fear of possible outbursts of anger turning into anti-regime protests. Families of the university students were seen outside the campus seeking information about their loved ones.

    The bus brakes were malfunctioning, leading to this tragic incident, according to a number of the students interviewed after the accident. This shows how regime officials care nothing about people’s safety and continue using such buses to transfer students to and from the campus. It is worth noting that the deputy university dean first claimed the driver had suffered a heart attack in an attempt to cover up the brake failures.

    However, a spokesperson for the Iranian regime’s Emergency Organization said the claim of the driver suffering a heart attack is not confirmed and the forensics must file a report on this matter. Iran suffers from a significantly high rate of road accidents, with an estimated of at least 17,000 casualties every year.

    The toll is widely blamed on poor safety, the presence of older vehicles and the inadequacy of emergency services.

    Iranian opposition President Maryam Rajavi sent a message of condolences to the families of those who lost their lives and hoping for a quick recovery of those injured. “My heart goes out to the students who died in the bus accident. Deepest sympathies to their families and sincere prayers for the quick recovery of those injured. Shame on the corrupt mullah regime that plunders and spends on repression by the billions but leaves roads unattended.

    Student protests continued for the second day.

    December 30, College students rallying in Tehran’s Science & Research University.


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    Iran’s brain drain problem. Another shame for the Iranian regime. 

    Iran_s brain drain problem Why are Iranian students leaving the country

    By Masoud Dalvand

    Every year, thousands of Iranian university graduates leave their country to find job and life opportunities abroad. Meanwhile, the Iranian regime continues to give important jobs and government posts to people who are loyal to the ruling dictatorship rather than qualified for their jobs. Iran’s brain drain, which is becoming an escalating problem, is the direct result of the policies of the ruling regime.

    Human rights violations and massive repression of youth, students, women, university professors, journalists and environmental activists, as well as severe living conditions under severe economic pressure and high educational costs in Iran under the Mullahs regime, for scientific elites, university students and university professors, and specialists It has not remain a different path, except for leaving Iran and migrating to advanced industrial countries in Europe, America, Australia and Canada. This problem has become so acute in Iran that Iran under the rule of the mullahs has ranked first in brain drain. When we look at the Iran’s brain drain, the measure of the catastrophe becomes clearer.

    In the media of the Iranian regime

    IRNA news agency: … We are unable to maintain our experts inside the country and are incapable of creating the conditions necessary for them to find safe and decent living conditions in Iran, like in the United States.

    Fars News Agency affiliated to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps: More students and university professors who left Iran have caused irreparable damage to the country.

    Official News agency of the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Tasnim: The number of Iranian Iranian students applying for immigration to the United States has more than doubled.

    Official reports in recent years have shown an increase of 220 percent in the number of Iranian immigrant students. This bracket has reached the point where around 150,000 people leave the country annually.

    The damage caused by the brain drain problem for the country

    It is estimated that the effects of the brain drain phenomenon are exerted economically on the country. For example, it is estimated that the damage caused by the brain drain and students from Iran to the United States is more than the frozen assets of Iran in the United States.

    Another factor contributing to the increase in the number of university students and academics leaving Iran is the lack of appropriate educational conditions and low levels of universities and other educational facilities throughout the country.

    As a result, more students are looking for better education and opportunities for scientific and research abroad. When their education ends, they are no longer willing to return to Iran, and this is a serious damage to Iran’s scientific fund.

    Unemployment and the inability to attract graduates and specialists in Iran are another reason for people with a high degree of excellence who leave the country.

    More than 50 percent of Iranian educated people are unemployed or forced to do things that have nothing to do with their specialty, even some university professionals and university graduates are forced to do construction work and clean up public places. Also, the conditions of the oppression and dictatorship of the mullahs in Iran make any expert and intellectual to leave the country and reach the place where freedom is.

    It is a bitter fact that, as long as the religious dictatorship exists in Iran, the process of brain drain will continue to rise alongside other social and economic crisis of Iran, and only in conditions where freedom, democracy and respect for human rights rule in Iran The problem will be solved.

    • wizzymedpower 12:34 pm on 1 Nov 2018 Permalink

      A comprehensive masterpiece.. Well written and presentable.. We have been praying for God’s intervention in the Nations of Iran.. And we are still praying that the Iranians Nations shall experience freedom and peace of mind…

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    • Masoud Dalvand 8:33 am on 2 Nov 2018 Permalink

      Thank you so much dear friend for kind words. God bless you.


    • wizzymedpower 8:25 pm on 2 Nov 2018 Permalink

      Dalvand, you’re welcome

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    Iran: Tehran University students rally during Rouhani’s speech 

    Students protest during Rouhani speech

    Students protest during Rouhani speech

    Iran, October 14, 2018 – Iranian regime President Hassan Rouhani delivered a speech in Tehran University on Sunday while students were holding a rally on campus and chanting college students are ready to die, but will not accept to live in shame.

    The protesting college students were seen protesting near the building where Rouhani was delivering his remarks. “High prices, unemployment, Rouhani must provide answers.”

    Gravely concerned of Tehran University students using this opportunity to hold anti-regime protests, Iranian regime authorities had previously made arrangements to prevent the students from entering the conference halls.

    When Rouhani was in the Tehran University conference hall one female college student was seen shouting: “Why didn’t you provide permission for the students to enter the hall?”

    The situation can be described as very tense in Iran.

    Javanrood, Iran-teachers nationwide strike Javanrood, Iran-teachers nationwide strike

    On Sunday, teachers from over 50 cities across the country launched a nationwide strike, protesting poor economic and living conditions. The protesting teachers are also demanding the release of their jailed colleagues. Students in various cities are showing support for their protesting teachers.

    Mofatteh school, Isfahan-teachers on strike Mofatteh school, Isfahan-teachers on strike

    Read more:

    Teachers in dozens of cities across Iran are launching a nationwide strike on Sunday, protesting poor living conditions, problems with their jobs and heavy security measures imposed in their schools.

    Nationwide teachers strike in Saghez at Motahhari high school Nationwide teachers strike in Saghez at Motahhari high school

    Teachers in the cities of Paveh, Islamabad-e Gharb, Yazd, Kermanshah, Shiraz, Marivan, Mashhad, Ilam, Gonabad, Torbat-e Heydariyeh, Tabriz, Amol, Garmeh, Lamerd, Sanandaj, Saqqez, Tehran (Quds Town), Sarvabad and a number of other towns and cities are seen to be on strike.

    Students in various cities have announced their support for their teachers on this initiative.

    Progressive women of Tehran join teachers strike Progressive women of Tehran join teachers strike

    Other cities also include Mahabad, Khorramabad, Firouzazbad, Zarrin Shahr, Bojnourd, Javanrud, Sari, Karaj, Ivan-e Gharb, and others.

    The protesting teachers are also calling for the release of their jailed colleagues.

    Teachers of Kazerun on strike too Teachers of Kazerun on strike too

    Since anti-government demonstrations erupted throughout Iran in December, strikes have become a popular way for citizens of different walks of life and social classes to protest against the corruption and inefficiency of the Iranian regime.

    Women teachers of Mashhad are also on Strike Women teachers of Mashhad are also on Strike

    This is the second time that Iranian teachers are going on strike. Earlier this year, teachers across the country took to the streets to protest against discrimination, imprisonment of political activists and economic woes. This round of strikes by teachers is happening in parallel to a widespread strike by truck drivers across the country, which has lasted for more than three weeks and has expanded to more than 300 cities across the country. Last week, a separate strike by merchants and shop owners reached dozens of cities.


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