Crunching the numbers of Iran’s presidential election

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The presidential election in Iran is over, and Hassan Rouhani has been selected to a second term.  Already there are strong allegations of fraud and vote-rigging, especially from the camp loyal to Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei.

The vote-rigging industry in Iran under the mullahs’ rule has been a very long-lasting practice.  One of the most common methods is simply to multiply the true number of all the votes for all candidates, to legitimize the collective process for the better good of the entire regime apparatus.

The mullahs are also known to print a large number of voting slips, far more than enough, and place them in ballot boxes at a variety of pit stops.  This is, again, aimed at depicting a canvas of very large voter participation.

The most important example was unveiled by former prime minister Mir Hossein Mousavi in 2009, when he said the Interior Ministry had…

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How Is Iran’s Hassan Rouhani A Moderate?


Iran Commentary

Following the May 19th presidential “election” in Iran and the incumbent Hassan Rouhani reaching a second term, there was an outpouring of Western mainstream media describing him as a moderate again.

As described by the National Review, Iran’s sham election was nothing but “a ridiculous farce. In reality, an anti-American jihadist beat a slightly-worse anti-American jihadist.”

Rouhani was the first Iranian regime official in the early days after the mullahs’ hijacking of the 1979 revolution who openly called for public executions.

He Is #Rouhani is he a #MODERATE?!!!
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During Rouhani’s first tenure (owing it to the ultraconservative Guardian Council, a 12-cleric body appointed directly and indirectly by Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, that vets candidates of all elections in Iran), the regime in Iran:

  • sent over 3,000 to…

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Iran: Young woman arrested in Tehran stadium just 1 week after election

Young Iranian woman disguising herself as a man

By Iran Probe Staff

Security forces in Tehran’s Azadi Stadium arrested a young woman on Monday who had entered the facility disguising herself as a young man. The stadium was hosting a match between Tehran’s Esteghlal and the UAE’s al-Ein football teams.

During Iran’s presidential election campaign the faction affiliated to President Hassan Rouhani had allowed young women in large numbers into the stadiums for their meetings and promising to lift the ban on allowing women into sports stadiums.

During a Rouhani campaign event a young woman had raised a placard written, “Can I come to the stadium after the election?” The answer was provided in less than a week, proving Rouhani had resorted to deceptive measures merely for election purposes.

Arrested young woman surrounded by security & military forces

Young woman’s placard reads: Can I also come to the stadium after the election?

Young woman’s placard reads: Can I also come to the stadium after the election?

Source: Iran: Young woman arrested in Tehran stadium just 1 week after election – Iran Probe

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Misreporting Iran


From the June 5 Issue of The Weekly Standard

The ‘moderate’ is also a liar with blood on his hands.


Source: Misreporting Iran

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Mohammad Mohaddessin Discusses the Recent Sham Presidential Election in Iran

Iran Liberty

A very important Interview with Mohammad Mohaddessin, Interview with Mohammad Mohaddessin, Chairman of the NCRI Foreign Affairs Committee on the recent sham presidential election in Iran.

The sham presidential election in Iran came to an end but the conflict and rift at the top of the clerical regime did not. The following interview examines the most pressing issues at stake in this ‘election’ and the outlook for future events.

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Iran’s Ballot Boxes Do Not Represent The Voice Of Its People

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Here is my article posted on the Daily Caller

Today Hassan Rouhani was announced as the winner of Iran’s presidential election. Of course, these ballot boxes do not represent the voice of the Iranian people but portray the result of a failed engineering campaign and a final decision made by Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. This is also a show of his utter fear of a nationwide uprising against the mullahs’ apparatus.

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Massive Vote Rigging Sham Escalates Over Iran’s Farce Election

Iran Liberty

The interactions during Iranian regime presidential election show are a turning point in the developments taking place within the regime and the overall political situation of Iran.

400 votes were cast from a village of seven families in the “presidential” election

It seems that three components have played a part in forming this situation:

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