Iran: Uprising against the high living expenses, people chanting “Death to Rouhani”

Iran: Uprising against the high living expenses, people chanting “Death to Rouhani”

Since this morning, Thursday, December28, thousands of people in Mashhad (capital of the Northeastern Khorasan Razavi province) gathered at the Shohada square in front of the municipality’s building in Mashhad to protest the daily increasing and unrestrained price of basic goods and necessities. The number of demonstrators increased every minute during the march. Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran announced in a statement on December 28, 2017. According to the statement: Before the rally started, a large number of repressive forces were stationed in the area. However, the people pushed them away and continued to demonstrate. As the demonstration continued, repressive forces opened fire in the air and fired tear gas at demonstrators. However, citizens and youths resisted and clashed and returned tear gas to the regime forces. It is also reported that the protesters chanted “Death to Rouhani”, “Death to the dictator”; “If you stop one case of embezzlement, our problem will be solved”; “Neither Gaza, nor Lebanon, my soul is sacrificed to Iran.” In this regard also Similar protests were held in Neyshabur, Kashmar, Birjand, Shahrood, Noshahr and many other cities across Iran.

The president elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi saluted the heroic citizens of Mashhad and Neyshabour, Kashmar, Birjand and Shahrud, who have stood up against high prices, unemployment and corruption by chanting “Death to the Dictator”, “Death to Rouhani” and clashing with the suppressive forces.

She praised the prominent and courageous role of the women in this great uprising. She called on all the people, especially the youth, to support Mashhad’s great uprising.

She added: “The heroic uprising of today in large parts of Iran has once again proved that the overthrow of the mullahs’ regime and the establishment of democracy and the rule of people is a national and public demand. “While the overwhelming majority of the people of Iran are suffering from poverty, inflation and unemployment, most of the country’s wealth and revenues is spent on military and security apparatuses and military and regional interventions, or is being looted by the regime leaders or goes into their bank accounts,” said Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, “Therefore, so long as this regime is in power, the economic and living conditions of the people become worse and the only solution to get rid of economic and social problems is to overthrow the clerical regime.”


Another report:

On Thursday, December 28, 2017, thousands of people in Mashhad gathered at the Shohada square in front of the municipality’s building to protest the daily increasing and unrestrained price of basic goods and necessities. The protesters can be heard chanting “Death to Rouhani”, “Death to the dictator.”





Large Demonstration Against Violation of Human Rights in Iran- Paris 11 Dec. 2017 at 2 pm

11 Dec 2017-2pm Paris

Join us in the great rally against violation of human rights in Iran. #NO2Rouhani

Paris- at 14 CET – December 11, 2017

Join us great rally in Paris 11Dec

Large Demonstration Against Violation of Human Rights in Iran. All People of Iran Say: #No2Rouhani He is a murderer not a moderate!

Online Campaign: 11 December 2017 – 2 pm- Paris

11 Dec 2017-2pm Paris-2

A look at Iran’s schools

By Heshmat Alavi

As schools open in Iran the conditions of these facilities deserve a comprehensive review. This report is compiled of remarks made by regime officials and a long list of media reports.

Poor infrastructure of Iran’s schools

“… poor conditions of schools in Minab (northwest Iran)… reconstruction of such buildings are neglected each year, leading to roofs falling. This endangers the students’ lives and badly influences their learning.” (Official Mehr news agency – March 28th, 2017)


“Education under falling roofs… an earthquake less powerful than even 5 on the Richter scale will cause vast damages for Iran’s non-standard schools.” (Official Mehr news agency – September 19th, 2017)


“Most of the schools of Tehran’s 13th educational districted are very worn out,” according to the region’s education director. (Rekna website – July 12th, 2017)

“The schools of east Hormozgan (southern Iran) are in critical conditions… The roofs of two schools caved in last year… A catastrophe is in the making if special support is not provided,” according to Zolqadr, a member of parliament. (Mehr official agency – July 23rd, 2017)


“I don’t believe there is any need to close down the country’s mudbrick schools… these schools are built according to regional conditions and answers to the people’s needs.” (Youth Journalists Club – February 25th, 2017)

“Our school doesn’t have a roof. It’s closed when it rains.”

“1,000 mudbrick classrooms and 1,700 trailer classes are spread across the country,” according to Nazarpour, construction deputy of Iran’s Education Ministry. (Official ISNA news agency – August 12th, 2017)


“47 percent of the province’s 4,200 schools are in poor conditions,” according to Lorestan province governor Houshang Bazvand.

“Tehran is the most deprived city across the country regarding school conditions. Schools that threaten the lives of thousands of schoolchildren in the country’s capital. Is it more important to build trade towers or reconstruct our schools?” (Rah Dana news network – February 25th, 2017)

“In Tehran there are around 10,000 classrooms in desperate need of reconstruction… some schools in the capital lack even the most basic safety standards… if we witness 4 or 5 Richter earthquake there is a possibility of 17,000 schoolrooms being destroyed. We would need 32 years if we intend to reconstruct these school rooms based on current credits,” according to the director of Iran’s Ministry of Education. (Javan Online – May 9th, 2016)

“Long lifespans, and lack of necessary budget for repairs and service/maintenance have led to most of our schools to suffer from poor conditions. As a result, once in a while we witness the destruction or severe damage of a number of schools.” (Javan Online – May 9th, 2016)


“Our country is amongst the ten most disaster vulnerable countries across the globe, fourth in Asia and sixth in the world. In comparison to Japan, Iran is 1,000 times more vulnerable in the face of earthquakes.” (Youth Journalists Club – October 9th, 2015)

“Statistics show 7 million square meters of the country’s schools are in poor conditions and are in need of a major budget for reconstruction.” (Javan Online – May 9th, 2016)

“30 percent of the country’s schools are in need of reconstruction… around four million schoolchildren are currently receiving education in these schools.” (Semi-official Tasnim news agency – June 21st, 2017)

“4,160 schoolchildren in and around the town of Qeshm (southern Iran) are in schools in need of reconstruction,” according to Qeshm’s education director. (Mehr news agency – August 10th, 2016)

“We are facing the issue of worn-out schools in all areas of Mashhad (northeast Iran),” according to the Khorasan Razavi province Education Organization director. (Javan Online – May 9th, 2016)

“There are 800 schools in need of reconstruction in all of Kerman province (central Iran).” (Mehr news agency – October 31st, 2016)


“There are more than 2,000 schoolrooms in 372 schools of Ardebil (northwest Iran)… some dating back to the year of 1916 and in desperate need of reconstruction,” according to Ardebil’s education director. (Javan Online – May 9th, 2016)

Students of Muguie School in the town of Doroud in Lorestan province sit in class with umbrellas.


Students of this school are forced to open their umbrellas in their schools due to the poor roof conditions and leaks into the room. (Official Tabnak website – December 26th, 2016)


This report shows poor schools are checkered across the country in Iran in a slate of provinces.

When 30 percent of Tehran’s schools are in such poor conditions and in need of reconstruction, the status of schools of more deprived cities around the country is quite obvious.

Despite all this the government of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani fails to provide a budget for reconstruction purposes. Instead, Iran is increasing its budgets for repressive forces, propaganda circles and exporting terrorism.

For comparison, a classroom in Pakistan

Conditions worsening across the country is becoming a completely natural trend in Iran under the mullahs’ rule. When the 17-floor Plasco trade center with 5,000 workers and thousands of customers in the heart of Tehran is so outdated it literally crumbles due to a blaze, the poor conditions of schools in deprived areas of Iran is completely obvious.

When those ruling Iran are all thieves, stealing from teachers and 12 trillion tomans (around $3.43 billion) from the Teachers Savings Fund, there is no expectation to provide any budget to reconstruct the country’s schools.

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Letter by Struan Stevenson MEP: ‘The EU’s policy on Iran is totally flawed’


The EU’s policy on Iran is totally flawed and it is nowhere more evident than the attitude of its foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini regarding the despicable situation of human rights in that countrMogherini’s misplaced priorities were prominently on display on August 5, when she stood alongside dictators and terrorist leaders from the world over who had also decided to show their support for Iran’s clerical regime by attending the second-term inauguration of President Hassan Rouhani.

This would be bad enough if the country’s abuses were a recent phenomenon, but it is made worse by the fact that the ongoing inaction of Western powers leaves countless Iranians waiting for the justice that has already been denied to them for decades.

The case in point is the massacre of 30,000 political prisoners in the summer of 1988. These victims were condemned to hang on the basis of a fatwa from the Islamic Republic’s founder, Ruhollah Khomeini. Their trials before a hastily assembled “death commission” lasted two minutes on average, and the resulting executions were aimed at stamping out all opposition to the fledgling theocracy, particularly the opposition coming from the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran.

In her report from August 14 that was sent to the General Assembly, the UN Special Rapporteur on Iran formally acknowledges these mass executions and Khomeini’s fatwa. In my remarks at a major rally in London on September 2, I reiterated that: “Now it is time for the European Union to follow suit and to show at least the minimum concern for Iran’s human rights situation by condemning this massacre and call upon the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to establish an investigative inquiry in order to hold the perpetrators to account.”

If the organisation cannot make this most obvious of statements, it will be more clear than ever that its foreign policy is in desperate need of new leadership.

Struan Stevenson MEP

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Hassan Rouhani’s New Cabinet Stacked With Old Hands


Veteran IRGC and MOIS Members Make Up Murderers’ Row

Iran’s new cabinet is stacked with former Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) and Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) members who have overseen most of the brutal human rights violations over the last three decades.

#No2Rouhani: Mogherini’s Visit to #Iran, Will Only Encourage the Mullahs to Continue Their Repressive Actions


MEP: Mogherini’s Visit to Iran, Will Only Encourage the Mullahs to Continue Their Repressive Actions

August 2, 2017. The office of Mr. Gérard Deprez MEP and Chair of the ‘Friends of a Free Iran’ in European Parliament issued the following press release today.

Iran: Report by Amnesty International and EU’s policy

Presentation111Following the publication of a 94-page report by Amnesty International on 2 August 2017, “Caught in a web of repression: Iran’s human rights defenders under attack”, the Friends of a Free Iran in the European Parliament once again call on the EU and European governments to conditions their relationships with Iran to a halt to executions and a clear progress on human rights and women rights.

“The Iranian authorities have waged a ‘vicious’ crackdown…

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