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    Iran Protests Continue. Reports From All Over Iran – Update News- August 3, 2018 

    Iran Protests Continue. Reports From All Over Iran

    Today, on Friday, August 3, 2018, various Iranian cities witnessed massive protests against the religious dictatorship ruling Iran. Below are some of these news and videos.

    : August 3 – , , Protesters chanting: “Death to Dictator” and “Iranians, shout, cry out your right”

    : August 3 – , Protesters chanting to the regime’s mercenaries: “Cowards, cowards”

    : August 3- , Protesters chanting: “Iranians, enough is enough, show your pride”

    , : August 3 – , Daneshju Park. Voice says protest rally beginning. “Death to Dictator, Death to Khamenei”

    : August 3- , Protesters chanting: “Iranians rather die than live in shame”

    : August 3 – , , Vali Asr Crossroad Protesters chanting: “Death to the dictator”

    : August 3 – , , Mellat Park Protesters chanting: “Death to the dictator”

    : August 3- , , Vali Asr Protesters chanting: “Not Gaza, Not Lebanon, My life for Iran”

    : Protests and clashing in , , mercenaries of regime shot at people. August 3.

    : August 3 – , in Khouzestan province Protesters chanting: “Iranians, enough is enough, show your pride”

    – Western city of , Aug 3, . Anti-government protests.


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    Iran Protests Continue. Reports From All Over Iran – Update News- August 2, 2018 

    Iran Protests Continue. Reports From All Over Iran

    Iran Protests Continue. Reports From All Over Iran – Update News- August 2, 2018

    Maryam Rajavi: Protesters will not rest until the Iranian people and nation are free

    : A picture of a brave young protester in the protests on Thursday, August 2, 2018. This picture reflects the desire of the Iranian people to overthrow the mullahs regime.

    : The scene of the people’s conflict with the repressive forces of the regime – here is not Syria, Palestine or Yemen, here is Isfahan! – August 2, 2018.

    : The third day of protests and conflicts with the repressive forces of the regime – The city is similar to the war zone – August 2.

    : , , August 2, clashes between protesters & repressive forces of regime. Hail to heroes youth of Isfahan!

    : , August 2: More videos from clashes between protesters & repressive forces of regime. Hail to heroes youth of Isfahan!

    , : August 2 – , Protesters chanting: “Death to the dictator”

    , August 2 – , central New district. Major skirmishes reported. Protesters chanting: “Death to the dictator”

    , August 2 – , capital city of province, . Protesters chanting: “Mullahs must get lost”

    , August 2, A new video of the protests, people chanting:”Mullahs must get lost”!

    , , on the crossroads of Zand with the slogan: “Our enemy is here, they are lying that it is America”


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    Iran Protests Continue. Reports From All Over Iran – Update News- August 1, 2018 


    The uprising of the Iranian people continues. Reports from all over Iran – Update news- August 1, 2018

    August 1 – Karaj, Iran:

    A powerful image depicting the Iranian people’s strong will to take back their country from the mullahs’ rule.

    Protests in Shapour, Isfahan, Central Iran, Continue Over Corruption and Dire Economy.

    August 1 – Isfahan, Iran Protesters seen starting large bonfires to block anti-riot forces’ advancing & from tear gas.

    August 1-Karaj, Iran Protesters chanting: “Mullahs must get lost”

    August 1-Karaj, Iran: Large crowd of protesters in tonight’s ongoing demonstration chanting: “Death to the dictator”

    August 1 Karaj, Iran Protesters chanting: “40 years of enslavement must all be destroyed” “Mullahs must be killed”

    August 1-Karaj, Iran: Intense clashes reported between protesters & security forces. Anti-riot police have reportedly hurled rocks at demonstrators & protesters responded by resisting & also throwing stones, forcing them to retreat.

    ‘High prices! Inflation! We can not tolerate; Death to the dictator’ chant Iranian people.

    Protests erupt for the second day in Shapour, Isfahan

    August 1 – Hamedan, West of Iran Truckers continuing their strike into this 10th consecutive day.

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    The wave of nationwide strikes, protests and uprisings in the cities of Iran 

    Iran Uprising

    This article is based on reports and videos sent by PMOI/MEK activists inside Iran

    Iran, July 31, 2018 – Tuesday has been the scene of numerous protests and demonstrations in cities across Iran.

    Strike, Protest in Isfahan: Beginning this morning, Tuesday, July 31, truck drivers and owners as well as large group of people and youth in the city of Isfahan have been staging a protest against spiraling high prices, repeated power outages and inhuman policies of the clerical regime in the city’s Amirkabir (now called new Shapour) industrial district. They subsequently marched toward the city’s main streets.

    Shop keepers have stopped work and all shops are shut down. Enraged over the runaway inflation, high prices, corruption and repression, the crowd were chanting: “Death to high prices, death to unemployment,” “death to the dictator,” “dignified Shapouris, support us, support us,” “dignified Iranians, support us, support us,” and “incompetent officials, resign, resign.”

    Referring to the regime’s hollow promises, they are chanting “these are all lies.” The city’s industrial workers are taking parts in the demonstration by carrying a placard protesting against high prices and terrible living conditions.

    A large group of repressive forces and anti-riot units have been stationed on the scene and on different streets to disperse the crowd and prevent its expansion.

    Protests erupt in several Iranian cities, Karaj, Rasht, Shiraz  over economic troubles and the rotten dictatorship of the mullahs:

    Karaj demonstration started the late afternoon with many young protesters chanting anti-government slogans. The youth are chanting “the people are begging while mullahs are living like Gods.”

    Residents of Gohardasht in Karaj, especially women challenged security forces and protested against skyrocketing high cost of living and the spiraling economic crisis.

    Security forces attack protesters in Karaj.

    July 31 – Karaj: Protesters chanting: “Reformist – Hardliner – the game is over”

    Protesters chant the game is over for both factions of the regime the so called reformists and fundamentalists.

    July 31, Gohardasht Karaj:  Protesters chanting: “Death to the dictator (Khamenei)” “Beware of the day we take up arms”

    Following Karaj, protests erupted in Shiraz, with demonstrators pouring into the streets and chanting slogans against the regime for increasing unemployment rates and the down-spiral in the country’s economy.

    Update: 9:00 PM local time: In Shiraz, security forces have started targeting protesters with tear gas. According to local reports, security forces have injured a young boy who had attended the protest along with his mother.

    The protests that began in different Iranian cities this afternoon have reached Rasht, Gilan province. The people of Rasht are chanting, “Death to high prices. Don’t be afraid. We’re together.” While the protests were triggered by economic grievances, the protesters of Rasht quickly turned their rage toward the Iranian regime in its entirety.

    Following reports of large protests in the central city of Isfahan, Rasht, Ahvaz, Zanjan, Tabriz and a number of other cities, now there are reports of protests and clashes in the city of Karaj, northwest of Tehran.

    People chant “as long as the dictator is ruling Iran, the uprising will continue

    The Iranian regime’s security forces tried to control the situation in Karaj by attacking the protesters, but the people confronted them.

    Since nationwide protests erupted across Iran in December, demonstrations have continued in different cities and quickly turn into anti-government protests.

    The people of Karaj also call on their fellow countrymen to rise in their support and encouraged the merchants of the bazaar for supporting protesters.

    Maryam Rajavi, President elect  of the National Council of Resistance of Iran(NCRI), sent messages in support of the protesters.

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    A massive wave of Iran Protests has started this time from the capital of Tehran, Iran regime change is coming! 

    Tehran Protests June 25, 2018

    Tehran Protests June 25, 2018 against Mullah’s regime

    On Monday, June 25, Tehran continued for the second day of protests and strikes against the mullahs regime. On Sunday June 24, protests began to protest the unprecedented rise in dollar exchange rates in Tehran, and today, other sections of the public, especially the youth, joined the rally.

    People chant:

    ” Death to Khamenei”

    “Death to Dictator”

    “Leave Syria alone” “Think of us instead”

    “Let go of Syria, think about us” “Not Gaza, Not Lebanon, My life for Iran”

    “Beware of the day that we become armed” “Reformist, Hardliner the game is over”

    Similar protests have been reported from other Iranian cities such as Shiraz, Mashhad, Qeshm and Shahriyar, Bushehr and other cities that there has been a series of demonstrations against the regime, and many videos on social networks have been broadcast on nationwide protests against the mullahs.

    A recent two-day protests and strikes shows the inflamed state of Iran’s society and the readiness of the people to change the regime and overthrow it, and to replace this religious dictatorship regime with a democratic alternative.

    Maryam Rajavi, President of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, in a message supporting the demonstrations by marketers and other sections of the population in Tehran, called on the Iranian youth to join the rally.

    Maryam Rajavi, saluted the brave marketers for their uprising in protest against high prices, corruption and looting of the Iranian nation’s assets by the mullahs’ regime, and called on all shopkeepers, tradesmen and merchants throughout the country to support and join the protesting marketers. She said: the exchange crisis and unprecedented high prices, which has imposed a burdensome pressure on the overwhelming majority of the people of Iran, is the outcome of the policies of the ruling religious fascism from the beginning that have wasted the assets of the Iranian people, either by spending on domestic repression, nuclear projects, export of terrorism and fundamentalism and warfare in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon and other countries in the region, or have been looted by the regime’s corrupt leaders. The policies that are tied to the existence and benefits of all the gangs of this regime.

    It seems that after the massive protests in January 2018, much earlier than what some sources thought, the prediction and analysis of Iranian Resistance to has become reality. Yes, this is the will of the people of Iran, which will soon determined everything. Iran Regime Change  is coming! , so prepare for a Free Iran in 2018!


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      The Iranians Nations shall experience freedom and be free from every limitations and obstructions hindering them.. The glory of the Almighty God shall cover every inhabitants of the nation in Jesus name amen!

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      Amen! thanks.


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    New report of protests in Iran 

    New Protests

    City of Borazjan, Iran

    Iran, June 11, 2018 – New reports are incoming from a variety of cities throughout Iran indicating numerous protests staged by people from all walks of life.


    From early Monday morning, the cities of Ahvaz, Tehran, Shadegan, Borazjan, and Izeh have witnessed rallies by workers and other groups of people protesting poor living conditions, social crises, and theft by authorities and state companies.


    Employees of the Ahvaz National Steel Group staged a demonstration on Kianpars Avenue marching towards the governor’s office, once again demanding their overdue wages, the requests they have been seeking for the past few months and also the issue of this industrial unit’s ownership.

    On Sunday these workers had protested the authorities’ refusal to pay their paychecks and delayed demands. In response, they raised roadblocks on the Ahvaz-Tehran rail tracks.

    The protesting workers also blocked the city’s Lashkar Bridge outside the Halal Theater.

    In Tehran, car buyers from the Kerman Motor Co. rallied outside the firm’s office, protesting the company’s refusal to live up to their pledges and contracts. The Kerman Motor Co. has recently issued a letter to its buyers saying they are running low on auto parts and cannot deliver the vehicles these buyers were promised. This letter comes 10 days prior to the delivery dates and the buyers are extremely angry.

    The people of Shadegan staged yet another rally outside the Farabi Farming & Industries Co. State security forces attacked the protesters, arresting many of the those seeking jobs.

    In Borazjan, a number of people rallied outside the city’s water department building, protesting water shortages.

    Borazjan, Iran  City of Borazjan, Iran

    In Izeh, store-owners of the Anzan Par market held a rally protesting the authorities’ unfulfilled promises to provide loans.

    Izeh protest rallyIzeh protest rally

    On Sunday, bus drivers in Mashhad, northeast Iran, went on strike, protesting low bus fairs and other problems that have remained unanswered by the authorities.

    Truck drivers in this city remain on strike, protesting the authorities’ failure to live up to their own promises. The drivers are saying if the authorities refuse to answer to their demands, they will launch an even more widespread strike beginning June 22nd.

    In Shush, southwest Iran, retired employees of the Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Company are protesting how they have not received their retirement pensions for the past two years and the checks they have received being turned back by the banks. This rally was held for the second consecutive day outside the company’s management office.

    In Mahshahr, southwest Iran, a group of workers and expelled employees of the Kalay Petrochemical Co. rallied outside the governor’s office in this city.






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    A study of Iran’s uprising says: A “Revolution” is Brewing in Iran! 


    Iran Uprising

    The nationwide uprising in Iran, which began on December 28, 2017, and in January 2018 in more than 140 cities across the country, sparked a lot of debate about the future of Iran. The wave of protests and strikes by the various strata of the people of Iran has been going on intensively since then in everywhere in Iran. Among the protests and demonstrations of farmers in Isfahan province, bloody demonstrations in the city of Kazeroon in Fars province, a massive strike of truck drivers throughout Iran and dozens of other strikes and protests that we see them every day. These developments pose the question of what the future of Iran is.
    A new study was written by Dr. Ramesh Sepehrrad, a scholar-practitioner at the School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution (SCAR) at George Mason University, published in the journal E-International Relations  on May 21st draws attention to the growing unrest in Iran.
    Reading this study provides us with useful information on the future of Iran’s developments.

    This study  published by fleshes out several key aspects of the last December-January uprising and the nationwide protests and strikes which have continued ever since in Iran. The thoroughly-researched analysis, entitled “Is Revolution Brewing in Iran”  includes an ample amount of in-depth data, charts, and statistics.

    The roots

    The analysis concludes that the December uprising was not “just another routine protest which every now and then takes place in Iran. Its remarkable coordination of tactics and messaging across the country, its arduous preemptive discipline, and its undeniable and unified desire to overthrow the regime, are far different than previous protests.” It is the harbinger of “a revolutionary movement.”

    Sepehrrad study examines the roots, geographical and demo-graphical distribution, message, actions, and the change agents of the protests which, as she so succinctly phrases it, put “the political and ideological unraveling of the ruling regime” on display for the world to see.

    Noting that “the protesters are mainly from the lower middle class who mostly have fallen below the poverty line in recent years,” she observed that “Iranians’ everyday forms of resistance against the regime’s misogyny, violence, corruption, embezzlement, fraudulent elections, coercion, blackmail, nepotism, and mafia-style governance have now converged in a movement indicating no further tolerance for the dictatorship.” The protests also included representation of Iran’s diverse and rich ethnic groups: Turks, Kurds, Turkmen, Arab, Taleshi, Baluch, Lor, Bakhtiari, and Ghashghai, she writes.

    Demands of protesters

    In respect to the geographic width of the protests, Sepehrrad writes that “Unlike the 2009 protests, one of the most noticeable characteristics of the recent uprising was its vast geographical distribution.” The data also reveal a strong correlation between cities with mass graves of the victims of the 1988 massacre, where about 30000 political prisoners were executed in the span of several months, and the protest locations.

    In what Sepehrrad describes as “purposeful collective action,” the nationwide protesters “in response to the use of brute and inhumane force by the state security units,” embarked on destroying the security forces’ vehicles, and attacking targets such as governmental buildings, judicial and security centers, and local religious seminaries.

    Another aspect of Sepehrrad’s study was her analysis of the nationwide slogans as key and direct indicator of the political depth of the uprising. She observed that by far the majority of slogans called for an end to the regime and the most popular slogan was “Death to the Dictator” along with more explicit slogans which “targeted both Khamenei and Rouhani, indicating a strong popular sentiment and desire to overthrow the entire regime.”

    In her opinion, one of the most noteworthy aspect of the uprising was the popularity of the “Reformists, Hardliners! your game is now over” and “Death to Rouhani,” slogans which made it amply evident that “the revolutionary nature of this uprising has put an end to the three-decade long myth of reform in Iran.”

    Other very popular slogans according to the statistical data she has collected were “Independence, Freedom, the Iranian Republic” and those slogans denouncing “the regime’s adventurist and very costly foreign policy, hegemonic goals, and relations with countries like Russia, the Syrian dictator and non-state entities such as Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Yemen’s Houthis.”

    MEK’s role in the protests 

    Sepehrrad writes that the available data confirms the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), also known as the Mujahedeen-e- Khalq (MEK), had a key role in directing and advancing the protests, noting that “their effective role in the recent uprising can be fully observed and assessed through the Iranian regime’s reaction.”

    She notes that “As the protest reached 54 cities on its fourth day, in a very unusual and highly humiliating measure by the head of government of a supposedly top regional power, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani called French President Emmanuel Macron to criticize the MEK’s ‘presence in Paris’ and complain about how they were ‘provoking and persuading people’ to engage in protests.”

    Also, on January 9th, Khamenei, the regime’s Supreme Leader, said the plan for the uprising “was in the works for months” by the MEK – the key member of, as he termed it, a “triangle of enemies,” along with the United States and Saudi Arabia, according to Sepehrrad.

    “On the third day of the uprising, Ali Shamkhani, Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, announced that the MEK is ‘carrying the banner’ and the ‘scenario’ for this uprising.

    Meanwhile, Rouhani’s Spokesman, Mohammd Baqer Noubakht, told a press conference that the MEK ‘is not sitting idle. The situation is most desirable for them. They are networking and preparing for bigger incidents to come,’” writes Sepehrrad.

    In her assessment, “the Iranian regime has ample reasons to fixate on the MEK because they know other groups lack the MEK’s level of organizational skill, network, dedication, resources and willingness to risk their lives to defeat the repressive theocracy.”

    Outcomes and future prospects

    In conclusion, Sepehrrad states that, through protesters “collective efforts, clarity of message and mission,” it is clear that a “revolutionary movement” has now emerged and the so-called “reformist” camp “can no longer hijack and derail the popular movement for real change because the movement now is calling for a revolution and not a phantom reform.”


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    Iran, Kazerun in fire and blood: The mullahs regime once again showed its criminal face by opening fire to the people. The uprising continues until the overthrow of the regime. 



    A number of wounded demonstrators in Kazerun

    Kazerun protests, from January to this day

    Iran, May 17, 2018 – The city of Kazerun in Fars Province of southern Iran ignited once again on Wednesday, May 16th. People from all walks of life protesting the Iranian regime’s policies rallied at the city’s Shohada (Martyrs) Square and marched towards the governor’s office.

    The demonstrators were chanting:

    “No fear, we’re all together”

    “Beware of the day we are armed”

    “Proud Kazerunis, unite”

    “We’re ready to defend Kazerun”

    Protests in Kazerun began on January 2nd where demonstrators were heard chanting “Death to Dictator” and condemning the Iranian regime’s policies through slogans such as:

    “Let go of Syria, think about us”

    On March 8th locals rallied outside the city’s governor office, protesting a plot to divide their city into two towns.

    On April 9th locals continued these protests and continued into the following days.

    On April 17th thousands of Kazerun residents rallied in the city’s main square. Store-owners refused to open their shops. Protesters were chanting:

    “No fear, we’re all together”

    “Protests will continue until we get our rights”

    “Proud Kazerunis, we will not give into shame”

    These demonstrations led to clashes between protesters & state police.

    On April 18th local officials claimed the plan to divide the city has come to a halt. Protesters, however, refused to accept these claims and demanded answers from the provincial governor himself.

    The next day protests in Kazerun reached a new climax, as thousands of locals held a demonstration while the city council, Friday prayer Imam, and state-run media had banned any protests. Women played a major role in this rally, emphasizing how unity among-st all of Iran’s people is needed to stand against this regime.

    The rally continued into Friday, April 20th. Tens of thousands of locals entered the city mosque and completely disrupted the regime’s farce prayers.

    Sunday, April 22nd – Oppressive police units were stationed at a market close to the Shohada (Martyr) Square to prevent any gatherings from taking shape.

    Friday, April 27th – Thousands of Kazerun locals rallied at the city’s main center, marching towards the Friday prayer site chanting:

    “If we are betrayed, we will rise once again”

    “We are from Kazerun, we won’t accept division”

    “Officials from other cities must resign”

    Thursday, May 3rd – Large rally staged outside the city mosque, again protesting plans to divide the city.

    Following Wednesday night’s protests, authorities dispatched a column of anti-riot units from Shiraz and reports indicate over 100 protesters were arrested.

    Youths and families of those arrested rallied outside the Kazerun Intelligence Department demanding the release of all protesters.

    At least two protesters have been killed and a large number of others are wounded, including numerous women.

    Locals of Seif Abad have reportedly blocked a road leading to Kazerun to prevent further dispatching of anti-riot units from Shiraz.

    Maryam Rajavi hailed the people and martyrs of Kazerun, urged dispatch of UN probe mission

    Deadly clashes erupted on Wednesday night (May 16, 2018) between residents and state security forces in Kazerun,  after the authorities launched a clampdown on a peaceful anti-regime protest in the city earlier in the day.

    Reports from activists at the scene suggest at least 2 protesters were killed, dozens were injured and up to 150 were arrested as the regime attempted to stifle further dissent. In the course of clashes, a police station and a police vehicle were set ablaze. Video clips via activists of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI or MEK) in the country.

    Wednesday night, the regime’s intelligence and State Security forces opened fire on people, killing a number of people protesting against the arrests of a large number of the city’s youths. More were wounded or arrested. At least two persons were shot to death according to reports from inside Iran.

    Kazerun wednesday night 16 May

    Kazerun, Wednesday night May 16, 2018

    In the wake of the regime’s criminal attacks Wednesday night on the defenseless people of Kazerun, the PMOI’s Social Headquarters inside Iran called on the residents of Kazerun and nearby cities to rush to the aid of the wounded and victims and support those arrested.

    The Iranian regime has disconnected Kazerun’s access to the internet and social media since last night to prevent spreading of the news of the city’s uprising. However, the ensuing clashes have been so extensive that the regime’s officials and news media had to make admissions on these protests.

    The people of Kazerun took to the streets once again this morning, Thursday, May 17, 2018, in protest to the clerical regime’s atrocities last night. The protesters were again attacked by the State Security forces and clashes broke out. Shootings and tensions have continued throughout the city.

    President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, hailed the heroic martyrs of Kazerun and the city’s brave and bereaved people. She has called for the immediate release of those arrested and urged her compatriots to rush to the aid of those wounded. Mrs. Rajavi also called for the dispatch of a UN investigative delegation and a representative of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to examine the situation first hand.



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      The mullahs’ actions are nothing short of barbaric. The whole world should be openly denouncing their actions. The same for Israel and their murder of the Palestinian protesters.

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      Thanks Danielle.


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    “The little garbage scavengers” innocent victims the Waste Business Mafia in corrupt Mullahs regime of Iran. 

    Garbage Children

    On the eve of May 1st, the International Labor Day, I will present this article to children labor, the most vulnerable people in my homeland. Innocent children, who in the anti-humanitarian regime of Velayat-e faqih, are forced to search among the city’s wastes from morning to night in highly inhumane conditions, instead of the classroom and the family’s warm arms, because corrupt and criminal Mullahs, IRGC and their accomplices want add to their wealth. But it’s not far off the day that by Iranian Uprising, this corrupt and criminal regime, will be thrown to the dustbin of history forever.

    Aziz is a 12-year-old boy, who has no part of his life like ordinary children, he gathers up to 19 hours a day and earns just 300 to 400 thousand Tomans a month.


    The existence of child labor in Iran’s capital and metropolitan areas has long been a phenomenon and undeniable crisis, ILNA correspondent reports. The work of a child is a complex, multifaceted complex that has economic, social, cultural and racial dimensions, no matter how unpleasant the child’s work is. The profiteers of this cheap labor force try to hide this phenomenon from the face of the city, and take this out of the watchful eye of observers.

    Various types of child labor have been identified in Iran, from vending to work in aviculture and brick-making furnaces. Each of the types of child labor has its own particular difficulties and is considered to be forced labor, but one of the most difficult forms of child labor is searching and separation of garbage.

    Just take a short trip on the streets of the capital to see the lives of these children, how they are tucked in the trash bin, this is just part of the lives of these children, they are separating wastes in the garages at night to morning then they are collecting garbage in the morning until night.

    Garbage children collect 60 kg of garbage daily

    Investigations from the Imam Ali Association show that average daily garbage children collect 60 kg of garbage and often live in workshops of separating garbage.

    In the meantime, there is no precise information on the financial relationships that exists between garbage children, contractors and intermediaries. Elham Fakhari, a member of the Tehran City Council, in an interview with ILNA‘s correspondent in describing the living conditions of these children, said: “Some of the waste disposal workshops gave dormitory to the children, and it should be clear that these dormitories have been provided by contractors to these children.” »

    The workshops that this city council member talks about, are lack of any health facilities and children are exposed to all types of infectious diseases, including hepatitis, AIDS, and so on. According to Fakhari, most children are also exposed to sexual abuse and experience the worst kind of life.

    These garages are without a sanitary services and these children have to live with adult males and garbage in a space full of mice and lizards.

    Aziz, who only has 12-year-old, is one of those kids. I saw him at Beheshti Street at 22 o’clock, he collected and disassembled garbage for a month and live at Qasim Abad garage in a place without any health facilities at night.

    Aziz spoke to us and said of his working conditions: “At 10am, we wake up and look for waste from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm. At 12 midnights, the car returns us to the garage and we have to stay awake and clean the garbage until 6am. We can only sleep from 6 to 10 in the morning, then we’ll eat lunch and look for waste again.”

    This 12-year-old boy, who has no part of his life like ordinary children, works nearly 19 hours a day, earning a salary of 300 to 400 thousand Tomans a month, like other children cannot study or play. His life is summed up with garbage.


    Can I be your kid? So send me a school!

    Reza, a boy, is another garbage child, who I saw him at midnight beside one of Vali Asr‘s luxury stores, with a carriage bag that was as high as its height., and was combed his hair carefully. He, who is eight years old, needs to collect waste every day from 3 pm to 12 pm and send his salary to his parents. Reza abandons his bag and gets us off. In a moment he looks at us and says: “I come with you, can I be your kid? So send me a school! “The story of Reza and Aziz, and almost all of the garbage children are similar.

    The Tehranians produce 9,000 tons of garbage daily, the municipality spends about 800 billion Tomans a day to collect the garbage from the city. Of these, only 3% of the waste is segregated from the source, and the remainder is separated by children, among whom are children aged 6 to 18 years old. In this profitable business, nothing more valuable than the cheap worker who works in the toughest conditions and cannot to sue. A child whose family is dependent on him and afraid of being unemployed, which is why contractors prefer to keep children of garbage as a worker at any costs.


    Garbage Mafia and billions of profits

    The economics of waste, the economy is several billion Tomans. According to Hashemi, the chairman of the city council; the municipality can earn 400 trillion Tomans a year from these wastes. The numbers spoken in this area are several billion, and the garbage Mafia, which is repeatedly replicated by members of the city council, continues to remain in the silent media and news space of this profitable and billion-Toman industry.

    The main victims of this mafia, after the Tehran’s environment, which no longer has life, are children who are being used by contractors or their intermediaries to collect and dispose of dry wastes. In this case, the municipality of Tehran, which is always fingering to it, alleges that he will deal with any violations in this regard.

    The waste management organization is in charge of super-monitoring in the waste sector, and Abdoli, the managing director of the organization, in justifying the use of child labor by contractors and intermediaries in response to ILNA, says: “The use of these children is not with the municipality and the private sector is in violation. »

    “The mayors of the region are directly contracting with the contractors for garbage collection,” he says about the waste Mafia. The supervisor is the mayor of the district; we are just high supervisor. The employer is the district itself and if they do not control, you should ask themselves.”

    Despite the words of Abdoli, has been published on the site of the Waste Management Agency, the names of contractors and how to conclude a contract. Following these remarks, the director of public relations of this organization contacted ILNA’s correspondent and says: “The use of children based on contracts that the municipality concludes with contractors, it’s completely unlawful, but unfortunately this happens. ”

    Nobody is willing to accept responsibility

    It is illegal for children to collect and dispose of garbage, and nobody can deny the phenomenon of garbage children, however, there is no official data on the number of children who are forced to work in waste trash factories only in the province of Tehran to pay for their families. Nobody is willing to accept responsibility so they return all the sins to a monster that called “waste Mafia”.


    This report is only a small part of the huge tragedy that is happening in our homeland. Street girls, young people who sell their organs just for livelihoods and hundreds of other ugly and disgusting phenomena that have been the product of 40 years of shameful Mullahs rule in Iran, have made our country ruinous. While billions of dollars are spent annually from the wealth of the Iranian people to export terrorism and fundamentalism to the countries of the region, and billions of dollars are stolen by the Mullahs and IRGC commanders.

    In the wake of the big uprising last January, and with the nationwide protests throughout the cities of country that are taking place every day in Iran, under lead by rebellion centers with overthrow this rotten dictatorial regime, will end to all suffering of these children and workers, farmers, women, youth and other social classes of Iran.

    At the end of this article, I offer a poem titled ” Give me your pain ” and a video describing the pain of child labor in my homeland to all these children with this definite hope that freedom and justice are coming to Iran soon.

    “Give me your pain”

    You don’t need to have it,

    For you don’t deserve it.

    May the stars carry away your sadness,

    May hope forever wipe your tears away,

    Wipe the tears,

    That cover your innocent face May your future be built with your strength

    May all your pains forever go away.

    Video: The story of my homeland children


    • bluemoone 7:28 am on 25 Apr 2018 Permalink

      Beautiful writing on such a difficult and sad topic. They should be in school, not collecting garbage to survive. You cover the people that others don’t and made sure they’re not forgotten. Children are always caught in the middle.

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    • Masoud Dalvand 7:44 am on 25 Apr 2018 Permalink

      This is situation in my country, but you know Iranian people no longer can’t continue with such terrible condition, so protests spread all over the country. Thanks Danielle for comment and great support.


    • bluemoone 7:50 am on 25 Apr 2018 Permalink

      It’s a very important story to tell and one that must be shared. There’s too much ignorance in the world about how things truly are. You put so much in your articles that anyone reading them can’t help but know what’s happening and be moved by your words.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Masoud Dalvand 8:04 am on 25 Apr 2018 Permalink

      Thanks again Danielle, Good people like you can help spread the bitter facts that are going on in Iran.


    • bluemoone 8:30 am on 25 Apr 2018 Permalink


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    • Freedom Sunrise of Iran 7:45 pm on 25 Apr 2018 Permalink

      Reblogged this on Freedom Sunrise of Iran.

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    • oldpoet56 10:03 pm on 15 May 2018 Permalink

      Ma’am this is a very good article, I enjoyed the read so I am going to reblog it for you.

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    • oldpoet56 10:03 pm on 15 May 2018 Permalink

      Reblogged this on Truth Troubles.

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    • Masoud Dalvand 3:32 pm on 16 May 2018 Permalink

      Thanks dear friend for sharing.


    • Masoud Dalvand 3:32 pm on 16 May 2018 Permalink

      Thank you.


  • Masoud Dalvand 4:44 pm on 20 Apr 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Iran Uprising,   

    Iran: New protests in Kazerun with chants of “Beware of the day when we arm ourselves.” 


    On Friday, April 20, 2018, thousands of residents of Kazerun, southern Iran, staged anti-regime protests for the fifth consecutive day.

    People also gathered in the city’s grand mosque and denounced the regime’s plan to divide the city.

    The demonstration was held while the city’s so-called city council, Friday prayers’ leader and state media had announced that all gatherings were banned until the Kazerun city separation plan is determined.

    The angry protesters chanted:

    “Honorable Iranians, support us,”

    “Honorable Kazerun, hail to your dignity,”

    “Our state TV is a disgrace,”

    “Beware of the day when we arm ourselves. If we are betrayed, hell will be raised against the regime”


    “We are ready to defend Kazerun.”






    Following the courageous demonstration of the people of Kazerun, some local authorities announced on Wednesday that the plan for the separation of Kazerun was being paused. However, people did not pay any attention to the regime’s promises and demanded the governor respond.


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