IRAN: A MEK activities during campaign to boycott elections

A Selection of widespread activities of the network of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK) inside the country in the nationwide campaign, calling for boycott of the presidential “election.”


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Election sham is a ritual of power sharing among the regime’s ruling factions; it is categorically rejected by the people of Iran

Election sham is a ritual of power sharing

In the wake of elections, the mullahs’ crisis-riddled regime will emerge weaker and more vulnerable

The Iranian regime has put its security forces on an emergency state of alert on the eve of the sham elections on May 19, to prevent any eruption of popular protests and upheavals.
Challenging the mullahs’ supreme leader, president and their accomplices, Maryam Rajavi said, “If you claim that the May 19 showcase is a genuine election, you have to withdraw the half-a-million strong force of Revolutionary Guards and State Security troops as well as hundreds of thousands of plainclothes agents and the plethora of other repressive agencies. You must let the people of Iran go to the streets and freely express their vote and true desire. It would then become clear what would remain of the Velayat-e Faqih regime.”

“Admissions made by the few handpicked candidates that the ruling regime represents only 4 per cent of the population vividly reveal both the nature of the so-called election and the main reason for the crisis engulfing the regime, which is the volatile state of social discontent in Iran,” she added, “If the ruling regime was not in absolute danger, Khamenei would not have had to nominate Raissi, one of his most atrocious and detested criminals, for the sham election.”
She noted, “On the other hand, Rouhani loudly reiterated in his so-called election campaign on May 15 in Tabriz, that he is willing to kiss Khamenei’s hand dozens of times. He said so right at a time when Khamenei has hit a record low among the populace for his direct support for Raissi who was a member of the Death Commission issuing verdicts for the execution of political prisoners massacred in 1988.”
Maryam Rajavi also pointed out, “In another comment, Rouhani confessed, albeit opportunistically, that the ruling regime has not done anything but carrying out executions over the past 38 years.

“Nonetheless, he has refused to touch on the most disastrous and tragic case of executions which was the massacre of PMOI members. Just as he maintained total silence on the mass executions of 52 PMOI members in Ashraf on September 1, 2013, and the rocket attack on Camp Liberty on October 29, 2015, which claimed the lives of 24 PMOI members. These attacks took place while Rouhani was in office and headed the regime’s Supreme Security Council which decides on such criminal undertakings.”

Maryam Rajavi reiterated that “the upcoming election sham, as it has always been the case, is just a ritual of dividing the power among the factions which make up the ruling religious tyranny.”
“It does not enjoy any legitimacy among the people of Iran. The outcome, whatever it be, is rejected and disdained by the Iranian people and Resistance,” she asserted, “In any case, the crisis-riddle clerical regime will emerge weaker and more vulnerable in the wake of this election.”

The secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
May 16, 2017


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Iranian election is a sham and a ‘joke,’ government opponents say


Posters distributed in major Iranian cities calling for REGIME CHANGE

FOX  NEWS, May, 17, 2017— This week’s presidential election in Iran has activists from outlawed opposition groups risking their lives, they say, in what they have branded as an unfair and undemocratic election.
Activists claim that no matter who wins the presidential contest, Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, will continue to control his country.
“Calling this an election is a joke. This is a farce, and not an election,’ Hamid D, a mechanical engineer in Tehran, told Fox News. Hamid, who did not want to use his last name for fear of retaliation, said he has been busy the past few weeks putting up anti-regime posters all across Tehran.


Hamid’s group, the National Council of Resistance of Iran ( NCRI ), has released videos of its members putting up protest posters with the image of the Council’s leader, Maryam Rajavi , over bridges, highway overpasses and on walls.
“Americans and Europeans should not compare this to their own elections. There is no democracy in Iran. It is a theocracy,’ he said.
Hamid D, who told Fox News he is organizing a campaign to support Rajavi, has put up several of her posters as a gesture of defiance toward the regime. The Iranian government has outlawed the NCRI, calling it a terrorist group, but its leaders are not deterred by what they say is the regime’s propaganda.
‘Just now, there are a lot of slogans in Tehran that say: ‘No to imposter, no to mass murderer, our vote: Regime overthrow,’” he said. The posters refer to the two leading candidates, sitting President Hassan Rouhani , who is seeking a second term, and Ebrahim Raisi, a hardline cleric, Rouhani’s biggest rival.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani speaks in a campaign rally for May 19 presidential election in Tehran, Iran, Tuesday, May 9, 2017. He faces cleric Ebrahim Raisi.
When Fox News asked Hamid D about the risks he and his colleagues are taking, he said they are worth the effort so they can achieve their goal of trying to bring freedom to his nation, and ensure a fair election.


‘We can be arrested, tortured and executed. This is no secret to us. But we know what we are doing. The Iranian people have already paid a heavy price for demanding freedom,’ he said.
The NCRI says that many of its followers have been arrested, tortured and executed by the regime.
‘When I talk to my friends, we say to each other that those who made the ultimate sacrifice expect us to pick up and carry their torch until victory,” he said, “and this is exactly what we are doing.’
In a statement to Fox News, Rajavi called the Iranian elections “illegitimate” and unfair.
“This sham is an attempt to put a 21st century veneer on a medieval regime, all of whose factions pursue the same policies vis-à-vis suppression at home, export of terror abroad, the nuclear weapons program, and pilfering of the Iranian nation’s wealth,” she said.
Rajavi applauded the actions of her activists, saying that ‘because of the Iranian people’s burning desire for freedom and their readiness to fight on, the overthrow of the religious dictatorship is possible and within reach.’

Many activists have taken to the street using graffiti and defacing government election posters as a form of protest.
“This is not an election; this is a show in the theatre, not a single woman is among them (the candidates), not a single person from a religious minority…all of them are loyalists from the Islamic Republic,” a liberal activist named Farhad who asked that his real name not be used for fear of retaliation from the regime, told Fox News.
Farhad said he wants to see the same kind of democracy practiced in America carried out in Iran – the freedom to elect whomever the people choose.
“People I am living next to all say they are against this election, but they have no other choice, they feel they are being forced to chose between bad and worse,” he said, “…they are afraid of being crushed.”
While both Farhad and Hamid don’t know each other or share the same political ideology, they do agree that President Donald Trump has an opportunity to play a pivotal role in taking on the regime.
“My expectation from Trump is that he be able to create that atmosphere that puts pressure on the Islamic Republic,” Farhad said. “Because history shows that anytime this Islamic government has been pressured they’ve changed directions and surrendered.”
Hamad D, a supporter of Rajavi’s NCRI, told Fox News from Tehran that he has a simple message for President Trump.

“Whoever becomes the next president of the regime, don’t expect any change in terrorism and killings,” he said. “The Ayatollahs are together in this. The United States should stand with the Iranian people as they stand for liberty.”

Source: Iranian election is a sham and a ‘joke,’ government opponents say

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Iran Election, MEK supporters activity May 2017

Iranian opposition MEK supporters inside Iran protest against Sham election.

Iranian Resistance MEK forces inside Iran are very active against the sham election.


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Iran,May 2017. Activities of MEK Supporters Against Sham Election

Iran, in the run – up to the sham presidential election, activists of MEK in many cities of  Iran put up posters against Iran regime’s sham election :

Iran, Marvdasht, in the run – up to the sham presidential election, activists of MEK in Fars province Central Iran put up posters against Iran regime’s sham election :”No to Rouhani the imposter , No to Raisi the murderer

Iran, Uremia , in the run – up to the sham presidential election, activists of MEK in Uremia Azarbaijan province North- West Iran put up posters against Iran regime’s sham election written: Our vote is for Maryam Rajavi

Iran – Esfahan, May 17, 2017. in the run up to the sham presidential elections, people are chanting against Iranian regime and cry: ” Death to the Security Force, Death to Dictator”

Iran, Tehran and Azarbaijan, in the run – up to the sham presidential election, activists of MEK in the capital Tehran, and Azarbaijan province Notrh Western Iran put up posters against Iran regime’s sham election written: Our vote is for  Maryam Rajavi.

Iran: Wednesday night May 17, 2017. in a protest gathering against Iran regime’s warmongering policies and export of terrorism in the region, the youths chant:” My life is for Iran, neither Gaza nor Lebanon”

Iran – Tehran, youths clash with security forces in a major cross section in the capital city center (Vali Asr and Taleghani street), while chanting:” together we are not afraid”(May 18, 2017)

Iran – Tehran: Haghani cross section, activists of PMOI/MEK put up a poster in a major cross section : My Vote Overthrow, Big No of the People of Iran to Election Farce in Clerical Regime. Down With Khamenei, Hail to Rajavi.




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Security Increases as Iran’s Election Draws Near

The Media Express

As the Iran election looms closer and the economy remains the topic on the minds of the Iranian people, fear of social unrest and a potential uprising are clearly on the mind of the leaders of the regime. Security has increased, particularly on those considered supporters of the PMOI/MEK and those who are labeled as “enemies” or the opposition.

It is important to remember that this election is not truly a free election that allows the people to choose a president from among various political ideologies. All the current candidates are part of the ruling class of the regime, and they espouse the ideals of the regime Velayat e Faqih. Although there are factions, the ultimate goal is to maintain the strength of the regime by keeping Khamenei’s power base in tact. Various officials have been interviewed in recent weeks, and it is clear that security and oppression are top…

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Iran’s Election Lacks True Competition

The Media Express

For many living in Iran during the current election cycle, the reality is that whoever wins, the situation within the country is unlikely to change, but will be more of the same. According to the election regulations in Iran, all candidates must prove their loyalty in words and dead to the absolute rule of the Velayat-Faqih (supreme religious rule). Members of the Guardian Council, which is an unelected body that vets the candidates are appointed directly and indirectly by the Supreme Leader. Without the approval of Khamenei, no one can be a candidate.

When one examines the background of the candidates, all of them have been officials of the regime for many years. Even the two main contenders, Rouhani and Raisi, have held senior posts since the inception of the regime back in 1979.

What is currently happening in the election cycle is a power struggle between the factions of…

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