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    Demonstration by 3000 Iranians in London 

    On Saturday, July 27, 2019, some 3000 Iranians demonstrated on the streets of central London and demanded comprehensive sanctions against the mullahs’ regime and the terrorist listing of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), the Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS) and the Office of the Supreme Leader. They supported the Iranian Resistance and its president-elect, Maryam Rajavi, and her 10-point plan for the future of Iran.

    They emphasized that while the clerical regime was at risk of being overthrown by the people and the Resistance, the Ministry of Intelligence and the terrorist IRGC Quds Force, more than ever, try to demonize the Iranian Resistance through “mullah-friendly reporters” in various countries especially in the UK in publications such as The Guardian, by spreading fake news. But investing on this faltering regime is doomed to fail. Appeasing the mullahs, the most important source of terrorism and warmongering in the region and in the world, on the pretext of preventing war is as harmful and dangerous as the 1938 agreement with Hitler.

    Mrs. Rajavi told the demonstrators: “Your demonstration today in London, marks the peak of a series of Free Iran rallies taken place over the past one-and-a-half months in Brussels, Washington D.C., Berlin, and Stockholm. It is also an extension of the Iranian Resistance’s 5-day annual gatherings, two weeks ago, at Asharf-3.”

    Demonstration of 3000 Iranians in London

    She added peace and freedom peace and freedom can only be earned through fighting the mullahs’ religious dictatorship. This is in diametric opposition to the proponents of appeasement who defend the regime under the guise of peace. The result of the policy of appeasement, the clampdown on the PMOI, and overlooking the violations of human rights in Iran in the nuclear deal can be seen in the regime’s attacks on shipping in the Persian Gulf, jeopardizing regional and international security and its terrorist and espionage operations in Europe and the United States.

    Emphasizing that the mullahs understand no language except the language of force and firmness, Mrs. Rajavi called on Britain and Europe to halt giving concessions to the mullahs, to not help them decrease the sanctions, and to place the IRGC and the MOIS, Khamenei’s office and Hassan Rouhani on the terror list, and instead of shaking hands with the religious fascism, to stand on the side of the people of Iran for regime change… She specifically urged the new UK government to support human rights and to take action to send an international fact-finding mission to Iran to visit the regime’s prisons and the political prisoners particularly, the women.

    “The ruling regime is surrounded by an impatient nation confident that her liberation will not be realized unless the mullahs are overthrown. The clerical regime has no more strength or resources and is struggling in a quagmire which will lead to its overthrow. The era of religious fascism is coming to an end; Iran will be free,” Mrs. Rajavi concluded.

    Prominent politicians such as Matthew Offord MP, chairman of the British Committee for Iran Freedom; Struan Stevenson, coordinator of the Campaign for Iran Change; Senator Catherine Noone, Deputy Leader of the Irish Senate; Jim Higgins, former Member of the European Parliament; Senator Gerry Horkan of Ireland; Roger Godsiff MP; Paulo Casaca, former MEP; Brian Binley, former MP; Roger Lyons, former President of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) in the United Kingdom, members of The Law Society of England and Wales, Dr. Mohammad al-Sheikhli, jurist and lawyer of the People’s Mojahedin in Ashraf; Mrs. Dowlat Nowrouzi, the representative of the National Council of Resistance of Iran in the UK; and the NCRI’s Hossein Abedini spoke at the rally.

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    MEK is the alternative to Iran’s regime, Rudy Giuliani tells Hannity on FOX NEWS 

    Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani told Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” on Friday that the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), also known as the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), represents the democratic alternative to the mullahs’ regime in Iran.

    “There is an alternative. The MEK is an alternative. The NCRI … is an alternative to the government. And they’re willing to go in there and do the tough work. All they need is our support,” Mayor Giuliani told Sean Hannity on July 19, 2019.

    Earlier in the day, the Iranian regime seized a U.K. flagged vessel, and according to Mayor Giuliani, the United States could respond in a way to make it very difficult for the regime to survive.

    “If we could make it impossible for them to develop nuclear weapons in the next five to 10 years, I’m convinced there’ll be regime change there,” Mayor Giuliani said.

    “I mean, it could happen this year or next year. The other thing that’s underestimated – and I saw significant video evidence of this, and I have a couple of interviews I want to show you. The protests in Iran are very significant. I saw the video evidence of thousands of people in the street. And it’s gone beyond just political protests. Taxi drivers, all the teachers in Iran, went on strike, and they are carrying posters ‘Down with the ayatollah.’ That’s in risk of their lives. ‘Down with Rouhani.’ And they’re chanting support for Madam [Maryam] Rajavi and the people in the coalition government. And this is fact. You can see it,” he said.

    “You also see signs [in Iran]. I saw several signs of men selling their kidneys for $500 in order to feed their families,” he continued. “So, they’re in significantly difficult trouble.”

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    Free Iran March for freedom in Stockholm on July 20, to urge European government to end appeasement towards Iran’s regime. 

    Supporters of the main democratic Iranian opposition group to the mullahs’ regime, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), also known as the Mujahedin e Khalq (MEK), will rally in Stockholm on Saturday to urge European government to end their appeasement policy towards the mullahs’ dictatorship in Iran and instead recognize the right of Iranian people to overthrow their dictators.

    Mujahedeen-e Khalq (MEK) supporters in Europe and the United States are urging world powers to impose sanctions on the mullahs’ regime in Iran. The MEK supporters are in particular demanding sanctions against the Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani.

    The MEK supporters in Sweden support opposition leader Maryam Rajavi’s 10-point plan for a future free and democratic Iran.

    The MEK supporters will say that any government that partners with Iran’s regime to circumvent sanctions is complicit in preserving an inhumane dictatorship. Imposing sanctions on the mullahs’ regime aids the people of Iran in their struggle against this dictatorship, the MEK supporters will say.

    The International community, and specifically the EU, must recognize that resistance is the Iranian people’s right to establish the sovereignty of the people of Iran, the MEK supporters will say in the demonstration in the Swedish capital on Saturday, July 20, 2019.

    Prominent Swedish dignitaries and lawmakers are scheduled to speak at Saturday’s march and rally.

    The march is being held against a backdrop of international tensions over the Iranian regime’s violations of the 2015 international nuclear deal and its recent spate of terrorist attacks in the region.

    The march by supporters of the MEK (PMOI) will follow ‘Free Iran’ marches in June and July by MEK supporters in BerlinBrussels and Washington in solidarity with the anti-regime protests that have rocked Iran since December 2017.

    The Iranian opposition held its annual ‘Free Iran’ conference on July 13, 2019 at ‘Ashraf 3’, the headquarters of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (Mujahedin-e Khalq, MEK or PMOI) in Albania. Hundreds of lawmakers, officials and dignitaries from around the world flocked to Albania to join the 2019 Free Iran conference.

    Iranian opposition leader Maryam Rajavi was the event’s keynote speaker.

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    Understanding the Current State of the Iranian Regime 

    Crises are engulfing the regime ruling Iran

    These days, the fascist regime ruling Iran is in the worst state of its 40-year history, surrounded by a multitude of political, social and economic crises. Iranian officials are regularly confessing to their regime’s deadlock and their incapacity to find a way out.

    In contrast, the Iranian resistance and the people of Iran are gaining momentum with every passing day, especially after putting behind one of the greatest political acts of their history.

    In this short piece, we will briefly examine the current status of the Iranian regime.

    To understand the current state of the Iranian regime and its supreme leader Ali Khamenei, one must not listen to the official statements of the regime’s officials and its media. The real state of the regime is reflected in undisclosed discussions and developments that are happening within the regime.

    Iranian regime president Hassan Rouhani regularly says that the current state of his regime is even worse than the time of the eight-year Iran-Iraq war.

    Ali Rabiei, the spokesperson of Rouhani’s government and a veteran torturer and interrogator in the 1980s, stated it more clearly. “The current sanctions can’t be compared to the previous round of sanctions. I’ve seen that sometimes their comparing these two eras, but it’s incomparable,” Rabiei said on July 14.

    Meanwhile, analysts with ties to the regime constantly try to find evidence and documents to prove that the regime is on the right side and the U.S. is on the wrong side of the history, and thus try to boost the morale of the regime’s troops and prevent its shaking ranks from collapsing.

    In this regard, on July 15, the state-run Mehr news agency ran a piece on a supposed interview with one of the former members of the U.S. nuclear negotiations team. “One of the former members of the nuclear negotiations teams from the U.S., Richard Nephew, who is renowned for being the architect of sanctions [against the Iranian regime] during Obama’s presidency, said, ‘The U.S. can’t return to the trigger mechanism, and therefore the reinstatement of the sanctions will be difficult,'” Mehr wrote.

    On the other hand, other state-run newspapers, while trying not to portray a critical situation, can’t paint a better picture.

    For instance, Arman, a newspaper that is closely tied to Rouhani’s faction, wrote on July 15, “Currently, the U.S. is effectively rallying the international community in its favor. Tehran is no in difficult conditions. The Europeans have shown that they can’t stand up against the U.S. Therefore, with the current situation, the main concern is to settle the issue in a way that doesn’t lead to military confrontation.”

    Meanwhile, Keyhan, which reflects the views of Khamenei, also on July 15 ran a piece that caused much concern within the regime. Keyhan wrote, “For 12 years, world powers accused [the regime] for developing nuclear bombs. After years this illusion had faded due to the negotiations, yet the case of the Possible Military Dimension of Iran’s nuclear program was not closed. In recent days we witnessed the session of the IAEA at the demand of the U.S., in which they issued a resolution, stressing that instead of PMD, the [regime’s] nuclear program has military dimensions and our activities in the past were illegal. Signing the nuclear deal turned these allegations to a credible and lawful international document. Therefore, the tension is interminable.”

    Keyhan Also pictured regime’s isolation: “We are not having problems only with world powers. We face problems in dealing with countries in the Middle East such as the Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE.”

    These tensions have pushed the regime to edge, causing constant panic for its authorities, therefore it is looking for a credible mediator in order to defuse tensions. 

    Whether the news is right or wrong, engineered or not, picture one hard reality:  the Iranian regime is at a dead end and cannot get out of it unless it backs down from its so-called “principals” and yields so the demands of the international community. However, doing so will irreversibly damage the entire regime; right at a time when its viable alternative, the NCRI and MEK, are gaining momentum with their series of massive gathering and marches from Brussels, Washington, D.C. to Berlin, with Stockholm and London still on schedule.

    And at its peak in Ashraf -3, as well as the activities of the MEK Resistance Units inside Iran. 

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      “The Iranian resistance and the people of Iran are gaining momentum with every passing day, especially after putting behind one of the greatest political acts of their history”. Thanks for the Goodness of the LORD. God reign in the city of Iran Amen!

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      Thank you so much dear friend Israel for your great support. God bless you.


    • wizzymedpower 10:22 am on 20 Jul 2019 Permalink

      You’re welcome Dalvand!

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      Thank you.


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    Conference, “1988 Massacre in Iran, Perpetrators must be TRIED” 

    Litigation for the 1988 Massacre Political Prisoners. Trial of Perpetrators of Massacre.

    Iran’s regime executed some 30,000 political prisoners in the 1988 Massacre. We will urge the world community to hold the perpetrators accountable.

    At the Call-for-Justice for #1988Massacre Conference demanding prosecution of its perpetrators and masterminds at an international court – Ashraf 3.

    The massacre of political prisoners was a blood-drenched encounter between the Middle Ages and a generation which created the 1979 revolution, a generation resolved to achieve a society based on freedom & equality, but encountered the monster of religious fascism.

    The 1988 Massacre was the horrifying scene of such historic confrontation, but it was not the end. It was the beginning a new confrontation which still continues and will write the fate of the Iranian nation in freedom.

    The time has come for the international community to end 3 decades of impunity for the leaders of the regime in Iran, holding Khamenei and his accomplice accountable for their crimes against humanity and the genocide committed in the 1988 Massacre at an international tribunal.

    You can see the conference at the links below:

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    “Women in the Iranian Resistance – Defying the Misogynist Regime, Paying the Price of Freedom” 

    Women’s conference in Ashraf 3 in support of a free Iran – July 14, 2019 – Tirana, Albania

    An international conference was held, with the theme: “Women in the Iranian Resistance – Defying the Misogynist Regime, Paying the Price of Freedom”.

    Women’s rights activists and dignitaries from across the world were attending the conference in Ashraf 3, home to members of the main Iranian opposition group People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI, Mujahedin-e Khalq or MEK) in Albania.

    These prominent figures were voicing support for women of Iran, who have been leading the struggle for freedom in the past decades. The event’s keynote speaker is Iranian opposition leader Maryam Rajavi.

    Attendants were expressing support for Maryam Rajavi’s 10-point plan for a future free Iran.

    The first and keynote speaker of the event was Maryam Rajavi, the president-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI).

    Maryam Rajavi said: The common answer to all these problems, ranging from poverty and discrimination to lack of free choice, lies in freedom and equality. Not just equality and not just freedom. But both freedom and equality. Discrimination against women in Iran and in any society, at any juncture of history, have meant to subjugate the people, to suppress them, to plunder them and to strip them of their political rights.

    You might have heard claims that if the mullahs were to be overthrown, Iran would experience chaos, disasters and destitution. But aren’t Iranian women living in conditions even worse than war-torn countries? Aren’t they suffering from poverty, unemployment and homelessness?

    You can see 1,000 pioneering women at this place coming from various cities of Iran, from Khomeini’s prisons, or from universities in the U.S.,Europe & Iran. You see 3 generations side by side.They are members of the Central Council of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran.

    Most of the victims of rampant poverty and destitution in today’s Iran are women. Over 62 percent of women above 10 years are housewives. The average economic participation of women in the Middle East is 22 percent, but only 12 percent in the cities of Iran.

    If our movement was not deeply against exploitation and all of its political, social, theoretical, and cultural conducts, women could not hold such positions for a long time.

    To be a woman and not surrender, to be a woman and persevere in struggle, to be a woman and instead of thinking about yourself, think about the liberation of your enchained people, this is something that has driven the mullahs crazy.

    I would like to salute Iran’s political prisoners especially my sisters who have been resisting and defying the regime in Khamenei’s jails across Iran.

    Inspired by the 1,000 women of Ashraf, this is a tradition that Iran’s enlightened women and rebellious girls are following, which is an emancipating struggle.

    I would like to briefly review the status of Iranian women in a few realms:

    You can see the conference at the link below:

    • Laila Jazayeri 7:15 pm on 14 Jul 2019 Permalink

      Indeed, women in the MEK have captured all arenas in Resistance against mysogynist regime ruling Iran.
      In Iranian Resistance, we are not talking about a few women reaching high profile levels here and there but in their thousands taking key positions.
      The entire leadership of this liberation movement comprises of women.
      I salute them!

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    • Masoud Dalvand 9:18 am on 15 Jul 2019 Permalink

      Thank you so much Ms Laila for your great words! absolutely you’re right.


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    Iran, Support People’s Uprisings and Resistance. No to Mullahs’ Terrorism, Nuclear and Missile Program. 

    Today, July 14, 2019, on Day 3 of the Free Iran convention at the compound of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI, Mujahedin-e Khalq or MEK) in Albania, there’s a major international conference on the Iranian regime’s terrorism, nuclear and missile programs and the role of the Iranian opposition in bringing about regime change in Iran.

    Today’s conference is titled:
    Iran: Support People’s uprisings and Resistance. No to Mullahs’ terrorism, Nuclear and Missile program.

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    Live Stream-Solidarity with the Iranian Resistance for a Free Iran. 

    Solidarity with the Iranian resistance for a #FreeIran.

    The annual ‘Free Iran’ conference of the Iranian opposition is underway today, July 13, 2019. The event is being held for the first time at ‘Ashraf 3’, the headquarters of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (Mujahedin-e Khalq, MEK or PMOI) in Albania. Hundreds of lawmakers, officials and dignitaries from around the world have flocked to Albania to join the 2019 Free Iran conference. Iranian opposition leader Maryam Rajavi is the event’s keynote speaker. We’ll be updating this page with the latest reports from the event.

    Follow #Live on @iran_policy

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    The Iranian Opposition Coalition NCRI is Holding a 5-Day Event in Ashraf 3, Albania 

    The Iranian opposition coalition NCRI is holding a 5-day event in Ashraf 3, Albania

    In the past month we came together to call for an end to the policy of appeasement at the European capital, Brussels; we then marched the streets of Washington D.C. emphasizing the Iranian people’s cry in the #March4RegimeChangeByIranians; and last Saturday Iranians flooded the streets of Berlin, at the very gates where the people of Berlin stood for their freedom and the world joined them in solidarity and as Patrick Kennedy reminded, if his uncle John F. Kennedy stood by Berliners saying “Ich bin ein Berliner!” today we stand in solidarity with people of Iran and the Iran uprisings “Man Irani hastam!” “Man Ashrafi hastam!”

    Now we come together once more in a 5 day congress in support of a #FreeIran and in solidarity with the Iranian resistance.

    We would like to take this opportunity to share with you some details of the 5 day congress; and as supporters of a free Iran gather to share with the world their aspirations for a free Iran, and show case the true viable alternative capable of bringing freedom and democracy in Iran, to the world. Alternative represented by the NCRI and the 10 point plan put forth by Maryam Rajavi. Join our campaign to make the message more vocal and resonate the hopes and aspirations of the Iranian people and the world for a #FreeIran.

    1. Online campaign kickoff

    To better resonate the message of the Iranian people, and freedom lovers from across the globe a campaign will be launched on Friday, July 12th at 9:00 pm CEST to kickoff the gathering. The campaign will be concentrated on why we stand by the Iranian resistance as the viable alternative for a free Iran.

    Tune intoIran Freedom at 9:00 pm CEST for the campaign hashtag!

    Let’s keep the glimmer of hope lit for millions of Iranians, those who’ve took to the streets, and youth of Iran yearning to see a Free Iran! and as Maryam Rajavi always states, remember, that “we can & we must!”

    2. Panel discussion on Iran Policy

    On Thursday July 11th a panel discussion was being held entitled, “Policy on Iran & a Viable Alternative”.

    The program consists of a panel discussion, with insight of distinguished personalities and experts on the issue. Watch the program live and follow the debate!

    3. Free Iran: 120 year Struggle of the Iranian People for Freedom

    The price for freedom has always been high, but there are those who take it upon themselves to pay this price, people who sacrifice their lives for the freedom of others, those who have an eternal place in the history of mankind. We will be paying tribute to those who have fallen for freedom in Iran and addressing the struggle of the Iranian people for freedom and democracy. The program will be broadcasted live on social media. You can follow the event live NCRI-FACon Twitter or Facebook

    follow live: Friday July 12th, 15:45 CEST

    4. Free Iran: Solidarity with the Iranian Resistance

    Join the live broadcast of the event taking place in the heart of the Iranian resistance on Saturday July 13th.

    Join us in echoing the voice of the Iranian people. 

    Live broadcast will start at 2:00 pm CEST

    5. Women in the Iranian Resistance: Defying the Misogynist Regime Paying the Price of Freedom

    Women have been the vanguards in the fight against the misogynist regime ruling Iran. We salute the brave women of Iran and come together to hear their experiences in the struggle for freedom

    Join the event live on NCRI Women’s Committee and also on Twitter and Facebook


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    In the media : Talking about Maryam Rajavi; Our Mission: ‘Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights for Iran’ 

    By Mrs. Maryam Rajavi

    Yes, we do not want anything more than freedom and human rights, which will of course also open the way for us toward development and justice. This will ensure peace and security in Iran and the Middle East; an Iranfree of religious fascism, a non-nuclear Iran and an Iran without terrorism and belligerence.
    The religious dictatorship is a paper tiger when it comes to facing off with the Iranian Resistance. And its fate is no different from the fate of the Shah’s dictatorship. This is the verdict of history and the yearning of the people of Iran.

    Our Pledge: ‘To resist and fight until victory’

    To fend off the people’s fury for 40 years, the murderous mullahs have pointed their fingers at the U.S. as the enemy. But we were not deceived.
    Now, the people of Iran cry out in every street and alley that “our enemy is right here; the mullahs lie when they say America is the enemy.”

    The absurd comments made by the mullahs and their foreign minister about the so-called “B Team” in the United States was a bid to hide their own “Bomb team”: From developing a nuclear bomb to bombing plots in Albania and France, to bombings and planting of mines on oil tankers in the Persian Gulf, to the explosions, drones and missile attacks on Saudi Arabia and targeting of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, the evidence is clear.

    When the mullahs are not held accountable and do not pay a price for their actions, they become more emboldened and intensify their belligerence. Launching Katyusha missiles in Mosul and Basra and the missile attack against a U.S. drone are very telling examples of this fact.
    For the past 40 years, the regime has persistently waged wars against the people of Iran and the world. Still, regime apologists and those who benefit from its continued rule feign concern for war. They use this as a pretext to dissuade the world from adopting any form of decisiveness, and instead urge appeasement of the ruling murderers in Iran.

    The main victims, however, are the people of Iran. The experience of the past 40 years has demonstrated that the mullahs’ theocratic regime is incapable of any reform or change of behavior. Indeed, as a (Persian) saying goes, “a viper will never give birth to a dove.”
    Khamenei says that change in the regime’s behavior is tantamount to regime change.
    Consider the American Declaration of Independence. The question before George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and their comrades and supporters was the same. And, similarly, our answer is the same: To resist and fight until victory.

    Three months ago, for the first time in the past 70 years, the President of the United States in his Nowruz (Persian New Year) message to the people of Iran attested to the fact that: “The Iranian people desire to reclaim their country’s proud history, expressive culture, and rightful place on the world stage. They deserve a government that is accountable to them and that treats them with dignity and respect.”
    He emphasized: “We pledge never to turn a deaf ear to the calls of the Iranian people for freedom, and we will never forget their ongoing struggle for human rights.”

    Yes, we do not want anything more than freedom and human rights, which will of course also open the way for us toward development and justice. This will ensure peace and security in Iran and the Middle East; an Iran free of religious fascism, a non-nuclear Iran and an Iran without terrorism and belligerence.
    The religious dictatorship is a paper tiger when it comes to facing off with the Iranian Resistance. And its fate is no different from the fate of the Shah’s dictatorship. This is the verdict of history and the yearning of the people of Iran.


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