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    Solidarity of protests, promising of storm 

    Solidarity of protests, promising of storm

    On November 20, 2017, Iran’s Interior Minister said that in some days, have seen 150 protests in the country. Those protests that Khamenei’s interior minister said, just 37 days later, became a tsunami called the great uprising of the Iranian people. The uprising of December 28, 2017!

    These days, the rise of protest movements across Iran is a witness to the live and active volcano of January uprising. An uprising, which has experienced a few months ago, and more powerful than before, has opened a darker horizon in front of eyes of the regime with thousands of inflammatory societies centers, around the country.

    A look at a small portion of the protest movements, demonstrations and strikes in recent days, reflects the social status of Iran on the verge of another revolution.

    The main protest movements have been recorded in various forms of protest and strike in the cities of Isfahan, Ahvaz, Rasht, Kerman, Tehran, Khark Island, Kazerun, Javanrood, Damghan, Kohkiluyeh&BoyerAhmad province, Baluchistan and Baneh in the Kurdistan province.

    These moves have been formed by farmers, workers, employees, young people, Bazar merchants, students, depositors, porters and marketers in border towns, political prisoners and detainees’ families.

    The most prolonged and flaming protest movements have been organized by Isfahan farmers since the winter of 2018, With slogans that are getting hotter and more political day by day:

     “It’s a lie that our enemy is America, our enemy is here.”

    Courageous women played a significant role in the demonstrations of farmers in Isfahan and played a leading role in some demonstrations.

    In the Iranian new year of 1397 (spring 2018), we witnessed an intensifying fire of anger and disgust at the brave compatriots of Kurd from the Mullahs regime, and in recent days in various cities of Kurdistan, shopkeepers and Bazar merchants have been struggling to make widespread striking.

    In Ahvaz, Shush and HaftTapeh and other cities of Khuzestan, people, especially Arab nationals, rose up and protested against the fascist regime.

    Workers who are aware and tired of tyranny and inhuman exploitation Mullahs regime, provoked the flames of protest against the regime in different cities of the country.

    The plundered people by plunderer institutes of regime, in various cities of the country, students and other social classes also contributed to the recent protest movements. This is a small part of the people’s protest movement in just the last few weeks.

    The maturity of the slogans in this period has grown from the specific and guild demands to the slogans of the government’s negation, against the regime:

    Death to the Rouhani

    What have the hands behind the curtain done, with our money?

    Lies say our enemy is America, our enemy is here,

    We are men and women fighting for the right to water

    We fight We dye, to take Iran back

    Hossein Hussein is their slogan, but their honor is stealing,

    Student! get stand up! shout it out the cry has strangled in the throat

    Reflection of the anti-government slogans of the people can be seen in the statements of the leaders and government agents who warn against the social blast and the sinking of the regime’s ship.

    “It’s likely that there will be a series of incidents and threats this year,” said an IRGC head GholamReza Jalali, director of the regime’s passive defense organization April 17. “In a general look, the focus of the threats on the people’s axis is one of the main threats and the enemy seeks to create a problem in the Islamic Revolution in different areas, including social, political, economic and cultural spheres, and can be passed through the social network to the people and engage people”.

    “In late December 2017 and January 2018, we saw a pattern of this issue, the issue of people-centered, economic and social networks in the field of threats is being seriously influenced by the enemy’s efforts to pursue these issues in the security field.”

    What scares this IRGC member, is the multiplication of social movements in rebellion centers. The centers that represent the 1000 Ashraf (as guide of rebellion centers) and have raised the flag of overthrow of the regime with the slogan “Death to the principle of Velayat-e Faqih and the burning of Khamenei’s images in the cities of the country.”



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    Iran, Isfahan: Apr.13, Protesting Farmers Chant: “Our Enemy Is Here, It Is Absurdly Said America” 

    ISFAHAN, Iran. Apr.13, 2018. Protesting Farmers Chant:

    “Our Enemy Is Here, It Is Absurdly Said America”

    Protest rally and demonstrations of Isfahan province farmers against “water resources mismanagement” continued on Friday, April 13th.

    According to reports, the center of Friday gatherings was at the Kourasgan region of Isfahan and some surrounding areas. In these videos, in particular, the slogan “Our enemy is here, it is absurdly said American,” and the widespread presence of women in the march was remarkable.

    Reports also indicate the presence of riot forces with riot cannon equipped buses and tear gas rifles on the path to farmers’ march. In social networking films, the speaker of the police commander is also seen talking to the crowd, which in turn is faced with more protests.

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    Another day of Iran protests by farmers in Isfahan 


    On Wednesday, April 11, Iranian farmers and local people held a demonstration in Isfahan, central Iran.

    A mother in the demonstration shouted during the demonstration that was against lack of water:

    “Until water flows in the river we will not go home”.

    Local merchants in the Khorasgan district of Isfahan went on a general strike on Wednesday in support of the protesting farmers.

    The protest is related to the re-routing of the Zayanderud River by the authorities, which has destroyed the regional agriculture.

    The regime’s suppressive forces tried in vain to disperse the crowds. The protesters chanted slurs at a police commander who pleaded with people over the megaphone to leave the site of the rally.

    Among the protesters’ chants were:

    “Leave Syria alone, think of us instead”.

    “Today’s a day of mourning”.

    “Our enemy is right here, even though they claim it is America”.

    “Farmers are prepared to die, but they will not accept dishonor”.

    A separate anti-regime protest took place on Wednesday in Ziar, central Iran, after a local resident identified only as Ismail was arrested by the regime during the farmers’ protest in nearby Isfahan. The protesters in Ziar lit tires in the middle of the streets and chanted slogans including:

    “Farmers’ rights have been betrayed for 18 years.”

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    Iran, Apr. 10, 2018. Isfahan Farmers’ Protest Rally Continues 

    ISFAHAN, Iran, Apr. 10, 2018. Farmers’ Protest Rally Continues

    This morning, Tuesday, April 10th, according to the call made yesterday, protesters began their rally against their acquisition of their water – rights and waterlessness of their farms.

    The number of participants in the rally is more than one thousand and it is increasing continuously It is noteworthy that Farmers in Isfahan, who have been waging massive and contentious protests since March, are demanding their very legitimate rights to the water and asking for the flow of water in Zayandehrud.

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    Iran: Farmers’ Mass Protests In Isfahan, Continued Protests Across The Country 

    Iran Uprising – No. 133

    Mrs. Rajavi salutes the protesters and calls on the general public, especially the youth, to support them

    Farmers of Varzaneh and other Eastern cities of Isfahan province, and a large number of people of Isfahan especially the youth, continued the protests of last weeks, and demonstrated from Khorasgan Square to Jay Street and Ahmadabad Square. The presence of women in this protest rally was spectacular. A number of aged farmers participated in the rally with their shovels.

    They were chanting:

    “Rouhani the liar, where is our Zayandehroud”, “Today is the day of mourning, the life of the farmer is on the air”,Farmer dies, does not accept humiliation”, “Farmer dies; does not accept charity”, “Shameless authorities, they are thirsty for the blood of the nation”, “We are hungry, we’re not going back home”, “Who is tired? The enemy!”, “If you inept to serve, leave your post”.

    People said to the repressive forces that were stationed with cars and repression equipment on the protest path to prevent people from joining farmers:

    “Cannons, machine guns and tanks are no longer effective; shameless police”.

    In another development, looted victims of government scam institutions in various cities, including Tehran, Rasht, Ahvaz, Mashhad, Kerman, and Ardebil, protested.

    In Tehran, protesters gathered in front of the regime’s parliament, and chanted

    “Death to Saif (head of the central bank); Saif betrays, the government supports; May we never accept humiliation; Caspian has stolen, the government has supported.”

    The security forces and the police prevented the spread of this protest movement by arresting a number of protesters and collecting their banners.

    The looted members of the Arman Vahdat Institute in Ahvaz also gathered in front of the branch of this institute. They chanted:

    “Death to Rouhani; bankrupt government is sitting on our money; one less embezzlement and our problems are solved.”

    The looted people of the Caspian Institute in Rasht that consisted of mainly women, demonstrated chanting the slogans of:

    “Caspian has stolen, the government has supported; I will not leave until I get my right; this shameless government, is the cause of the nation’s poverty.”

    The looted people in Parsabad, Moghan (Ardebil province), protested at the site of the Caspian Institute. One of the looted people’s health deteriorated due to the severity of pressures on him and was transferred to the hospital.

    In Mashhad, the looted people held a protest rally in front of Soroush Branch, Vakil Abad Boulevard. They chanted:

    “We have been betrayed, our trust has been violated.”

    In Kerman, looted people held a sit-in protest at the office of Caspian in the city against the looting of their deposits.

    On Sunday, April 8, hundreds of looted people of the Alborz Development Institute also protested in front of the Rural Cooperative Organization on Valiasr Street in Tehran. They chanted:

    “As long as our money is in the air, it’s just the same every day; police be alert, we are victims not thugs; Police, be ashamed, be ashamed!”

    Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, saluted the deprived farmers and the people of Isfahan and the looted people in various cities of the country who, despite the widespread efforts of the repressive forces, continue to protest, and called on the public, especially the youth, to support them. She said poverty, corruption and the plundering of the people’s capital would only disappear by overthrowing the Valayat-e faqih regime and the establishment of democracy and the rule of the people.


    Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
    April 9, 2018

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    Iran: For the second consecutive day Farmers continue their protests in Isfahan 


    For the second consecutive day, the people of Isfahan gathered at the Khajou bridge to show their support for the protesting farmers of east Isfahan. The protestors at the Khajou bridge, who had called for the gathering the previous day, condemned the brutal suppression of Isfahan’s Varzaneh and Ersieh uprisings.

    via Iran: For the second consecutive day Farmers continue their protests in Isfahan — Iran News Wire

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