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    It’s time for Europe to adopt a policy of decisive action against the Iran’s mullahs regime instead of appeasing it. Look at an excellent analysis of this topic. 

    Masoud Dalvand(Freedom Star): I read an excellent analysis of the recent EU action against the mullahs regime in Iran because of the terrorist activities of this regime in Europe on the official website of the PMOI.

    In this article, while reviewing the records of the terrorist activities of the Iranian regime in Europe, it is necessary to adopt a firm policy against the mullahs, instead of continuing the policy of appeasement with them for decades with the neglect of the fundamental rights of the Iranian people. This piece ends with an interesting reference to History of appeasement policy in Europe before World War II .

    When the policy of appeasement with Nazi Germany and Hitler resulted in nothing but encouragement of the Nazis and the war on all of Europe, but after a failed policy, the appease of Hitler turned into a policy of determination and resistance to him.

    The basic question is whether the time has come to end the policy of appeasement with the terrorist regime and the dictatorship of the mullahs in Iran?

    I invite you to read this highly informative article.

    Europe finally determined to take a stance against the Iranian regime?

    The mullahs’ regime terrorism around the world and in Europe

    Analysis by PMOI/MEK

    Jan. 14, 2019 

    • By sanctioning the intelligence ministry of the ruling theocracy in Iran, the European Union has improved its security.
    • While trying to help the Iranian mullahs in the face of new U.S. sanctions, Europeans were caught flatfooted as the Iranian regime used their soil to plot terrorist attacks
    • Maybe Europe’s understanding of the true nature of the ruling system in Iran is evolving in the right direction.

    While the Iranian regime was counting on Europe’s support in the face of new U.S. sanctions and was developing its relations with the European Union, the January 9 sanctions by the Council of the European Unions—representing the executive governments of the EU’s member states—against the Iranian intelligence ministry was a wake-up call and slap in the face of the mullahs.

    Years of appeasement and petrodollar-first policies by some circles in the European Union—currently incarnated in EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini—led the Iranian ruling mullahs to believe that they had a free hand in conducting terrorist plots on European soil without ramifications.

    Iranian terrorist activities in Europe over the past four decades, excluding two recent assassinations in Netherlands (Source: U.S. Department of State)

    The Iranian regime’s record of terrorism around the world and in Europe is as old as the Islamic Republic itself, but a flux of Iranian terrorist activities on European soil over the past few years is particularly concerning.

    Last year in June, Iranian agents plotted to bomb the annual gathering of the main organized Iranian opposition group, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), in Paris. Two Iranian agents disguised as members of the opposition were arrested in Paris, while an Iranian diplomat and a high-ranking member of Iran’s Quds Force, responsible for foreign terrorist activities, was later arrested in Germany. The high-ranking Iranian official, Assadollah Assadi, who was at the time a diplomat in Iran’s embassy in Vienna, was later extradited to Belgium and awaits trial.

    Last year, the Iranian intelligence ministry also plotted to assassinate an Iranian Arab dissident in Denmark. The attack was thwarted, and Denmark publicly accused Tehran of plotting the attack.

    In 2015 and 2017, local thugs hired by the Iranian intelligence ministry assassinated two other Iranian dissidents in the Netherlands. Dutch officials have publicly connected the attacks to the Iranian regime.

    While the Iran lobby in Europe and around the world is still trying to save the ruling criminals in Iran by normalizing the endless stream of crimes and misconduct coming out of the Islamic Republic, it seems that cooler heads, who put their country’s long-term interests before political short-term gains are prevailing.

    EU foreign relations chief Federica Mogherini with Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif during her visit to Iran in 2016. During this period, when the nuclear deal was reached with the P5+1 countries and sanctions against Iran’s economy were lifted, Iranian terrorists were stepping up their nefarious activities around the world.

    Catching the Iranian regime four times with a smoking gun just on European soil over the past few years while the so-called moderate president Hassan Rouhani was incumbent makes it extremely difficult for apologists to paint a reasonable picture of the ruling mullahs in Iran.

    Especially when all four attacks were planned or carried out before the current U.S. administration pulled out of the nuclear deal. How can you honestly defend a deal when its inevitable outcome was an emboldened terrorist state that—enriched by petrodollars—increased its terrorist activities around the world instead of investing in its collapsing economy and impoverished people?

    Comments by Iranian officials after Europe’s latest decision to firmly respond to Iranian terrorist activities on its soil clearly show the surprise and shock they feel.

    Javad Zarif, the Iranian regime’s foreign minister, criticized European countries for giving refuge to supporters and members of PMOI/MEK, which the regime considers a terrorist group. “Accusing Iran won’t absolve Europe of responsibility for harboring terrorists,” Zarif wrote in a tweet.

    Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, former Deputy FM for Arab and African Affairs, and current assistant to Iranian parliament speaker—who by the way is very close to the Quds Force and IRGC—warned Europe about a “shocking” message and said: “The west needs to face a “shock” so it knows that we won’t stay in the one-way tunnel of the JCPOA at any cost. Currently, Europe, which has become a refuge for terrorism and the hypocrites [the Iranian regime’s official term for the PMOI], needs to receive a reasonable, wise, but [also] ‘shocking’ message.”

    Going through the official comments about Europe’s recent response to Iranian terrorist activities on its soil—which was quite mild considering the situation—one can only conclude that the JCPOA did work but only in contrast to its original intentions by emboldening an already expansionist regime that considers its terrorism on the streets of Baghdad and Beirut its strategic depth that helps it to avoid an internal crisis that has accumulated over four decades through mismanagement, blatant corruption, and nepotism.

    But it also shows that the Iranian regime still hasn’t learned that Europe isn’t just made up of appeasers.

    It wasn’t just the fanatic German Nazis who created the world war two. Chamberlin and his apologists are as much responsible for paving the way for the rise of the Nazis and the ensuing catastrophe.

    And as history shows, after Chamberlain comes Churchill.

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    Maryam Rajavi: Terrorism is the regime’s strategy to thwart its own overthrow, and all its leaders are involved. 


    Entering Maryam Rajavi to the international conference of Iranian Communities

    Iranian Communities Hold Joint Video Conference in 42 Cities in Europe, North America and Australia

    Maryam Rajavi: Terrorism is the regime’s strategy to thwart its own overthrow, and all its leaders are involved 

    The Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Ministry of Intelligence, and the state propaganda machine must be placed on the US FTO list and the EU terror list, the regime’s financial lifelines blocked, the dossier of the regime’s crimes against humanity be referred to the UN Security Council and its leaders brought to justice


    A number of international figures attending the conference with Maryam Rajavi

    In a video conference of the gatherings of Iranian communities simultaneously held in 42 cities and capitals of Europe, North America and Australia on Saturday, December 15, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi addressed the Iranian communities taking part.

    Referring to the Iranian regime’s terrorist activities in 2018, the President of the National Council of Resistance of Iran said, “The regime’s recourse to terrorism is not a transient or tactical reaction, but a strategic outlet for it to confront the uprisings and its overthrow. Today, the regime makes use of terrorism to confront the Iranian people’s uprisings. The arrests and expulsions of the regime’s diplomat-terrorists and terrorists with ties to their embassies show that the regime’s Supreme National Security Council, the Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), the terrorist Quds Force, the Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS), the Foreign Ministry, and the regime’s embassies are all parts of the clerical regime’s terrorist network.”

    Expressing regret that the regime’s appeasers are still trying to find a way to deal with the clerical regime and aid the murderers of the Iranian people, Mrs. Rajavi added, “If you don’t want to stand by the people of Iran, at least do not victimize your own citizens’ security. Why do you aid a regime that poses threats to European capitals? This is our word: Respect the Iranian people’s desire to overthrow the regime and establish freedom and democracy. Let the hands of this criminal regime be cut off from Iran’s oil revenues which is our national asset. Every barrel of oil the regime sells, is a lash on the back of the people of Iran and a bullet piercing the heart of the people of the region. The regime’s successive missile tests aim at nothing but blackmailing and threatening regional and global peace.”

    Speaking to the gathering of PMOI members in Ashraf 3 in Albania, Maryam Rajavi called for the adoption of a firm policy vis-à-vis the Iranian regime. In this speech which was being broadcast in the gatherings of Iranians in cities across the world, she stressed, “The IRGC, the MOIS, and the regime’s state propaganda machine must be placed on the U.S. List of Foreign Terrorist Organizations and the terror list of the European Union.

    The regime’s financial lifelines which fund Khamenei’s apparatus, the IRGC, and the terrorist Ouds Force must be blocked. And the dossier of the regime’s continuing crimes against humanity must be referred to the UN Security Council, and Khamenei, Rouhani and other regime leaders must face justice.”

    Mrs. Rajavi noted the regime’s failure in quelling the uprisings and protests, restricting the activities of resistance units, plotting terrorist attacks against the Iranian Resistance, reining in its economic bankruptcy, and seeking collaboration of European governments as a way to get around the sanctions. She stressed, “The regime has no way out, and any solution it finds ends up firing back on them. The product of such a political impasse has been a dramatic fall in the regime’s political, economic, social and international status.”

    Addressing the resistance units and youths in Iran, she said, “Today, the regime’s existence is more than ever in danger. Iran’s society is also more prepared than any other time and simmering. The establishment of a free Iran is on the shoulders of the Iranian people and Resistance. It is your willpower that is going to determine how the present volatile conditions will evolve into the overthrow of the mullahs’ dictatorship. The secret to victory is the united struggle of the people of Iran and the evolution of uprisings pioneered by resistance units and councils.”

    The gatherings of Iranians were held simultaneously in 42 cities in Europe, North America and Australia including in Ashraf 3 (Albania); Brussels (Belgium); Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Winnipeg (Canada); Copenhagen, Arhus (Denmark); London, Liverpool, Bristol, Sheffield and Birmingham (U.K.); Helsinki, Turku (Finland); Paris (France); Berlin, Cologne, Stuttgart, Frankfurt (Germany); Rome (Italy); Luxembourg (Luxembourg); The Hague, Zwolle, Eindhoven (The Netherlands); Oslo, Kristiansand (Norway); Bucharest (Romania); Zurich (Switzerland); Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo, Boras, Solleftea (Sweden); Washington, D.C., Berkeley, Orange County, Atlanta, Dallas (U.S.); Vienna (Austria); and Sydney (Australia).

    Patrick Kennedy, former member of the House of Representatives (U.S.); Pandeli Majko, Minister of State for Diaspora and former Prime Minister (Albania), Fatmir Mediu, leader of the Republican Party and former Defense Minister (Albania); Syed Ahmad Ghozali, former Prime Minister of Algeria; Ingrid Betancourt, former presidential candidate (Columbia); Lord Navnit Dholakia, deputy leader of the Liberal Democratic Party (U.K.); Yves Bonnet, governor and former director of DST (France); Senator Gerry Horkan, deputy chair of the Financial Committee in the Senate of South Ireland; Antonio Tasso, member of Parliament (Italy); Peter Eide, member of the parliamentary judiciary committee (Norway); a number of other lawmakers, European elected representatives, as well as political, legal and religious personalities were among the participants and speakers in this conference.

    Mr. Patrick Kennedy said, “Contrary to the Iranian regime’s propaganda, both Democrats and Republicans in the US are united in supporting a firm policy on Iran and to stand with the Iranian people in their desire for change and to have a republic based on free election, separation of religion and state and gender equality. It is within this context that we support Maryam Rajavi and her ten-point declaration for a free Iran. The regime’s propaganda against the MEK, echoed sometimes in the Western media, is the best sign of regime’s fear of the MEK’s popularity in Iran and its role in the anti-regime protests. It is time for Europe to also stand up to regime’s growing terrorism in Europe and its malign activities in the region.”

    Senator Ingrid Betancourt said in her speech, “Over the past year the Iranian regime has increased its terrorist activities in Europe and simultaneously, intensified its propaganda against the MEK. This clearly shows the fear of the regime from the MEK and its decisive role in the continued anti-regime protests in Iran and their desire for regime change. It is time the European governments adopt a firm policy against the regime and side with no ambiguity with the Iranian people. Finally, free Western media has to be alert in order to avoid spreading the dictators propaganda against democratic opposition.”

    Dozens of representatives of more than 300 Iranian associations and communities in various countries spoke in this video conference which started at 3 p.m. local time in central Europe. They reiterated their support for the National Council of Resistance of Iran, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran, and the Ten-Point Plan of the Iranian Resistance’s President-elect Maryam Rajavi. They said the only solution to the current crisis in Iran which has driven the entire region to the edge, is the overthrow of the clerical regime and the establishment of popular sovereignty and democracy.

    Declaring their readiness for lending all-out support for the PMOI and the resistance units inside Iran in the final phase of the clerical regime’s rule, they said, “The Iranian Resistance led by Mr. Massoud Rajavi, enjoys a broad social base of support in Iran, has a strong organization, offers a clear platform and has adopted progressive and democratic plans for future Iran. It is able to bring about regime change and is capable of transferring the sovereignty to people. They have unique capacities and potentials for rebuilding the future Iran, offer social justice, and returning hope and trust to a nation which has suffered numerous treasons over the past 100 years and has been viciously suppressed and discriminated against under the dictatorships of the shahs and the mullahs.

    The Iranian communities’ representatives reiterated, “It is because of these capacities that the clerical regime considers this Resistance as its only existential threat, and in addition to brutal suppression inside Iran it is resorting to terrorism and carrying out extensive demonization and misinformation campaigns against the Iranian Resistance to justify and prepare the grounds for domestic suppression and terrorism abroad.”

    They added that in line with the uprisings in Iran and the overthrow of the regime, they see it as part of their duty to reveal the schemes and conspiracies of the Ministry of Intelligence, the terrorist Quds Force, and other agencies of the clerical regime against the only democratic alternative to the clerical regime in Iran.

    Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
    December 15, 2018

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    More than 100 Members of US Congress condemn terror plot targeting Iranian opposition. 

    Members of U.S. Congress condemn Iranian regime_s terror plot targeting the June rally in Paris

    More than 100 Members of َََUS Congress condemn terror plot targeting Iranian opposition

    On the verge of the 2018 nationwide uprising against the mullahs’ regime in Iran, senior members of the United States Congress participated in a conference on December 11 held in solidarity with the Iranian people’s uprising for freedom.

    Moderated by Ambassador Adam Ereli, former U.S. envoy in Bahrain and former U.S. State Department deputy spokesperson, the Members of Congress who participated expressed their support for the Iranian people’s uprising and ongoing protests across the country while condemning the regime’s domestic crackdown and foreign support for terrorism. These speakers called for increasing decisiveness in the face of the mullahs’ regime in Iran.

    More than 100 Members of the U.S. Congress took part in this session, also voicing their support for the bipartisan Resolution 1034 condemning the Iranian regime’s terror plot targeting the massive June 30th rally held in support of the Iranian opposition coalition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) seeking to establish a democratic republic in Iran.

    The Members of the Congress participating included Eliot Engel (D), Ranking Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee; Judge Ted Poe (R), Chair of the Terrorism Subcommittee; Sheila Jackson-Lee (D); Brad Sherman (D); Judie Chu (D); and Steve Cohen (R).


    U.S.Congress Members Support Iranian Protests

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    150 MEPs Call for Expelling Iran Intelligence Agents From EU 


    Statement on Iran 
    (November 2018)

    We are very worried about the deteriorating situation of human rights and repression of women in Iran. The country has maintained the highest number of executions in the world per capita during the presidency of the so-called “moderate” Hassan Rouhani. According to Amnesty International’s Global Report on the Death Penalty, more than half of all recorded executions in 2017 took place in Iran. It is also the leading executioner of underage offenders.

    Women are frequently harassed by morality police for the way they dress, and hundreds of women are arrested every day for improper veiling or “bad hijab”.

    Since late December last year, Iranian cities have been the scenes of major uprisings and anti-regime protests. The social atmosphere is volatile, and people demand fundamental change. The regime’s officials have acknowledged the role of “resistance units” of the opposition PMOI in organizing protests and nationwide strikes.

    Unable to defeat the protesters at home, the regime launched a new wave of terrorism against the democratic opposition activists in Europe and in United States. In March 2018, a car-bomb plot targeting the Persian New Year gathering of Iranian dissidents in Tirana was foiled, and two men were arrested by the police. The Albanian government, host to nearly 3000 Iranian opposition refugees, should not permit Tehran’s agents on its territory.

    On 1 July 2018, German police arrested an Iranian diplomat from the embassy in Vienna and charged him with terrorist offences. He was later extradited to Belgium, and he is on trial accused of handing over a highly-explosive device to an Iranian-Belgian couple who were planning to bomb the opposition NCRI’s Free Iran gathering in Paris in June. In August 2018, two Iranian agents were arrested by the FBI and charged with spying on the PMOI in the US and preparing assassination plots.

    In October, the French government officially sanctioned Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and accused it of being behind the Paris bomb plot. French ministers stressed: “This extremely serious act, which was intended to take place on our soil, cannot go without a response”.

    Denmark foiled a new Iranian terror plot on its soil in October. The EU’s silence in the face of brutal human rights violations in Iran and lack of any response to the serious terror plots in Europe is unacceptable.

    We must hold the Iranian regime accountable for its terror plots and expel Iranian Intelligence Ministry operatives from Europe. We must also condition our relations with Iran to an improvement of human rights and women’s rights, and a halt to executions.

    MEP Signatories:
    Gérard DEPREZ, Chair of Friends of a Free Iran,…

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      What plugin do you use?
      Please reply in my website, so I can upload the same plugin.
      Thanks in advance.


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      We must hold the Iranian regime accountable for its terror plots and expel Iranian Intelligence Ministry operatives from Europe. Thanks Dalvand for the Iranians update.. Prayer going on for the nation of Iran.. Thanks again – Israel

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      Thanks dear friend, God bless you.


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      You’re welcome Dalvand!

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    Iran Mullah’s Regime, Godfather of Terrorism, This Time in Denmark! 

    The Iran government sponsors terrorism

    Masoud Dalvand: I read a good and informative article on Iran Freedom website about the terrorism of the Iran mullahs regime, which also invite you to read it.

    Indeed, the failure of another terrorist plot planned by Khamenei’s dictatorship (the godfather of terrorism) in European soil, not only does not surprise any observer but also proves that the mullahs regime is truly the godfather of terrorism in the world.

    In this regard, the DW website quoted the Danish foreign minister in a report of the foiled terror plot on Oct. 31, 2018:

    “I decided to recall the Danish ambassador to Tehran for consultations. The plot of an Iranian intelligence agency to assassinate a person on Danish soil is completely unacceptable.”

    The European Union, sunk in its malign appeasement policy, did not show much tendency to confront the terrorist acts of the regime before Assadollah Assadi, regime terrorist diplomat was arrested in Germany in relation to a foiled bomb plot in Paris against the grand gathering of the Iranian Opposition in Villepinte.

    For this reason, Khamenei considered this unconcerned state as a green light for continuing the regime’s terror policy, which has always served as a “crutch” for the clerical regime as the godfather of terrorism, a policy that is still on its agenda.

    The arrest of two terrorist agents of the mullahs in Albania who tried to target the MEK headquarters by an explosives truck, as well as two assassinations in the Netherland carried out by the mercenaries of this godfather of terrorism in recent years, and the discovery of half a kilo of explosives and detonators in Belgium, which was supposed to target the largest gathering of Iran’s resistance in Paris, are fully affirming this fact.

    DW report also quoted the Denmark prime minister saying Denmark is trying to put the issue of the mullahs regime’s terrorism on the agenda of the European Union.

    In this regard, Rasmussen emphasized in a tweet: “Further actions against Iran will be discussed in the EU”.

    Rasmussen, who had partaken at Nordic leaders meeting in Oslo and met his British counterpart, Theresa May, said: The United Kingdom will support Denmark in this case.

    He added: “In close collaboration with the UK and other countries we will stand up to Iran”.

    In a tweet, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi once again called on the European Union to place the mullahs’ Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) on its terror list immediately.

    Pointing to the deception campaign by Iran regime’s lobbies abroad, the president-elect of the Iranian resistance, emphasized:

    “The Iranian regime has already carried out hundreds of extra-territorial terrorist operations. Do not believe the fallacy of rogue groups. The people of Iran rose up and cried out, “Hardliners, reformists, the game is over”.”

    Watch the video below to remember the wild terrorism of the mullahs in the Middle East.


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    WTOP(Radio FM) Interviews with Alireza Jafarzadeh about the Iran regime’s plot to bomb the Free Iran 2018 Gathering in Paris 

    Interview with alireza jafarzadeh

    J.J. Green, Wtop, 11 July 2018

    WASHINGTON — An alleged Iranian government plot to attack an opposition conference in Paris on June 30 appears to have been a long-planned attempt kill high-profile Americans and Iranians. In this edition of The Hunt with WTOP National Security Correspondent JJ Green, Alireza Jafarzadeh, deputy director of the Washington office of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, said a sophisticated sleeper cell planned the attack.


    Listen to the interview with @NCRIUS Deputy Director @A_Jafarzadeh about the Iranian regime’s plot to bomb the #FreeIran2018 Gathering in Paris



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    US State Dept: “Iran uses embassies as cover to plot terrorist attacks” 

    The U.S State Department

    The U.S. Department of State

    July 11, 2018 – Less than two weeks after the Iranian opposition convention in Paris where a massive crowd and a large number of international dignitaries joined to express their support for the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) coalition as the alternative for the mullahs’ regime ruling Iran, and the following foiling of a terror plot blueprinted by Tehran involving the arrest of an Iranian diplomat and five other individuals in Belgium, Germany and France, the U.S. State Department held a briefing on Tuesday specifically saying the Iranian regime is using its embassies “as cover to plot terrorist attacks.”

    This briefing also covered meetings between State Department officials and their counterparts abroad.

    “We discussed new ways to deprive the regime of revenues to terrorize people and to terrorize other nations. We discussed how Iran uses embassies as cover to plot terrorist attacks,” the senior State Department official explained.

    “The most recent example is the plot that the Belgians foiled, and we had an Iranian diplomat out of the Austrian embassy as part of the plot to bomb a meeting of Iranian OPPOSITION leaders in Paris. And the United States is urging all nations to carefully examine diplomats in Iranian embassies to ensure their countries’ own security. If Iran can plot bomb attacks in Paris, they can plot attacks anywhere in the world, and we urge all nations to be vigilant about Iran using embassies as diplomatic cover to plot terrorist attacks,” the official added.

    The Iranian regime has a history of plotting and staging terror attacks in the Green Continent.

    “The most recent plot in Europe by Iranians is another chapter in a long history that dates back to 1984, when Iran was starting these hijackings on commercial airliners, bombings, assassinations,” the official continued.
    “So, when you look at what Iran has done just in Europe since 1984 and continuing up to the present, all nations need to exercise vigilance to protect themselves against the Iranian threat. And this is only the most recent example of Iran using diplomatic cover to plot terrorism. And we certainly want all countries to make good decisions about their own security, and we think Iran presents an enduring threat to nations, and they need to be vigilant.”

    When asked if the State Dept. takes the arrest of an Iranian regime diplomat seriously, the official confirmed and added, “We are working very closely with the Belgians and the Austrians and the Germans to get to the bottom of this plot to conduct a bomb attack in Paris that had two Americans speaking, attending.”

    In reference to a question on the party responsible the State Dept. officially explicitly said Washington believes the Iranian regime was behind this plot and described as “ludicrous” Tehran’s claims of this being a “false flag” plot carried out by the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).

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