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    Reporting the status of children in Tehran’s waste separation centers. 

    Reporting the status of children in Tehran's waste separation centers

    Iranian children who are exploited every day from morning to night at garbage collection centers by the Iranian regime’s affiliates and repressive agents of the municipality, are deprived of the most basic rights.

    They ransom half of their insignificant income to government agents

    These Iranian children who are exploited every day from morning to night at garbage collection centers by the Iranian regime’s affiliates and repressive agents of the municipality, are deprived of the most basic rights.

    Wednesday, August 15, 2018 – Capital city of Iran, Tehran
    The average age of “waste finders’ children” is 12 years, and on average these children work up to 10 and a half hours a day. These children suffer from severe skin disease, AIDS, hepatitis, bloody diarrhea, tuberculosis, tetanus, skin lesions, intestinal parasites, polio and spinal flexor because some of them have more than 70 to 80 kilos of garbage per day. They cannot use a cart. Because the municipality agents take their carts.
    For these children, illegal cards are designed that the municipality says is not on our side, but the agents charge between 200 and 400 thousand Tomans to allow these children to separate the garbage, and if they don’t ransom, these children will not be allowed to work.
    We have not forgotten 2 children who were alive in one of the garbage collection garages. They had named Ahad and Samad. They collected waste with their father. On the winter day, the explosion of gas capsules at the waste site took the lives of the two children.
    After the bitter narration of these two brothers, 7 and 8, a research was conducted on children who find waste. Children who are the main forces of separation of garbage. Beside each waste tank, one of them is bent up, these children work on average 10 and a half hours a day. Some of them work for up to 20 hours. Their waist is bent under the burden of rubbish, and their small body is full of disease.
    Susan Maziarfar, a member of the so-called Imam Ali society, on the research results from a questionnaire from 600 to 700 “waste finders’ children”, said: “The use of these children in the waste disposal centers is a clear crime. So entering these centers was hard and difficult, but in Tehran and several other cities we filled about 600 to 700 questionnaires. The average age of these children is 12 years old, among them a 4-year-old child. ”

    She says about how children are entering the cycle of garbage disposal, an example of areas that have more wastes, and says: “In 2 areas with higher wastes , such as districts of 2 and 6, the municipality is bidding for separation. And the contractor wins. This contractor either hires directly children or gives away the owners of garages that are used for the separation of wastes. The owners of these garages pay 800 thousand Tomans per month for each child, without gloves and mask. 50 to 60 percent of the kids in the garbage collect at the same place where they eat and sleep, the cases they have been picked up by insects like mice. ”
    “40% of these kids are illiterate,” she continues. 37 percent left education, 21 percent had one to two classes, and only those who were studying were either Iranians or Afghans who lived with their families, and most children had education dreams. 52 percent were in the garbage dumps, 48 percent in their homes, where their houses are also a mountain of rubbish. 59% of these children are involved in garbage collection, 40% are the only family members who collect garbage, some of them work for up to 20 hours, but the average work of these children is 10.5 hours, 62% without Gloves do the job of separating garbage and because gloves are torn too early, they prefer to spend their gloves on the hunger of their siblings. ”
    The story gets bitter here, when they realize that they are older than the age of 12, they collect up to 80 kilograms of garbage daily. Maziar Farf: Even for a small income, a 9-year-old child collects 60 to 70 kilos of gun daily Trustworthy to earn a little more.

    With such a situation in Iranian society, in the country with the highest gas and oil reserves in the world, this question arises for everyone, what is the reason for such catastrophes in Iran? Why, after 40 years, there is such a terrible violation of children’s rights in a country where its rulers claim to support and support the poor? The answer is clear to everyone. From here, the roots of nationwide protests can be found in various Iranian cities.


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    Let’s get the Mahnaz to sleep! 

    گلهای پرپر شده میهنم

    Let’s get the Mahnaz to sleep!

    Perhaps she dreams rainbow in sleep?

    For a few moments, let’s get away her from the bitter world of the reality that made her childhood!




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    “The little garbage scavengers” innocent victims the Waste Business Mafia in corrupt Mullahs regime of Iran. 

    Garbage Children

    On the eve of May 1st, the International Labor Day, I will present this article to children labor, the most vulnerable people in my homeland. Innocent children, who in the anti-humanitarian regime of Velayat-e faqih, are forced to search among the city’s wastes from morning to night in highly inhumane conditions, instead of the classroom and the family’s warm arms, because corrupt and criminal Mullahs, IRGC and their accomplices want add to their wealth. But it’s not far off the day that by Iranian Uprising, this corrupt and criminal regime, will be thrown to the dustbin of history forever.

    Aziz is a 12-year-old boy, who has no part of his life like ordinary children, he gathers up to 19 hours a day and earns just 300 to 400 thousand Tomans a month.


    The existence of child labor in Iran’s capital and metropolitan areas has long been a phenomenon and undeniable crisis, ILNA correspondent reports. The work of a child is a complex, multifaceted complex that has economic, social, cultural and racial dimensions, no matter how unpleasant the child’s work is. The profiteers of this cheap labor force try to hide this phenomenon from the face of the city, and take this out of the watchful eye of observers.

    Various types of child labor have been identified in Iran, from vending to work in aviculture and brick-making furnaces. Each of the types of child labor has its own particular difficulties and is considered to be forced labor, but one of the most difficult forms of child labor is searching and separation of garbage.

    Just take a short trip on the streets of the capital to see the lives of these children, how they are tucked in the trash bin, this is just part of the lives of these children, they are separating wastes in the garages at night to morning then they are collecting garbage in the morning until night.

    Garbage children collect 60 kg of garbage daily

    Investigations from the Imam Ali Association show that average daily garbage children collect 60 kg of garbage and often live in workshops of separating garbage.

    In the meantime, there is no precise information on the financial relationships that exists between garbage children, contractors and intermediaries. Elham Fakhari, a member of the Tehran City Council, in an interview with ILNA‘s correspondent in describing the living conditions of these children, said: “Some of the waste disposal workshops gave dormitory to the children, and it should be clear that these dormitories have been provided by contractors to these children.” »

    The workshops that this city council member talks about, are lack of any health facilities and children are exposed to all types of infectious diseases, including hepatitis, AIDS, and so on. According to Fakhari, most children are also exposed to sexual abuse and experience the worst kind of life.

    These garages are without a sanitary services and these children have to live with adult males and garbage in a space full of mice and lizards.

    Aziz, who only has 12-year-old, is one of those kids. I saw him at Beheshti Street at 22 o’clock, he collected and disassembled garbage for a month and live at Qasim Abad garage in a place without any health facilities at night.

    Aziz spoke to us and said of his working conditions: “At 10am, we wake up and look for waste from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm. At 12 midnights, the car returns us to the garage and we have to stay awake and clean the garbage until 6am. We can only sleep from 6 to 10 in the morning, then we’ll eat lunch and look for waste again.”

    This 12-year-old boy, who has no part of his life like ordinary children, works nearly 19 hours a day, earning a salary of 300 to 400 thousand Tomans a month, like other children cannot study or play. His life is summed up with garbage.


    Can I be your kid? So send me a school!

    Reza, a boy, is another garbage child, who I saw him at midnight beside one of Vali Asr‘s luxury stores, with a carriage bag that was as high as its height., and was combed his hair carefully. He, who is eight years old, needs to collect waste every day from 3 pm to 12 pm and send his salary to his parents. Reza abandons his bag and gets us off. In a moment he looks at us and says: “I come with you, can I be your kid? So send me a school! “The story of Reza and Aziz, and almost all of the garbage children are similar.

    The Tehranians produce 9,000 tons of garbage daily, the municipality spends about 800 billion Tomans a day to collect the garbage from the city. Of these, only 3% of the waste is segregated from the source, and the remainder is separated by children, among whom are children aged 6 to 18 years old. In this profitable business, nothing more valuable than the cheap worker who works in the toughest conditions and cannot to sue. A child whose family is dependent on him and afraid of being unemployed, which is why contractors prefer to keep children of garbage as a worker at any costs.


    Garbage Mafia and billions of profits

    The economics of waste, the economy is several billion Tomans. According to Hashemi, the chairman of the city council; the municipality can earn 400 trillion Tomans a year from these wastes. The numbers spoken in this area are several billion, and the garbage Mafia, which is repeatedly replicated by members of the city council, continues to remain in the silent media and news space of this profitable and billion-Toman industry.

    The main victims of this mafia, after the Tehran’s environment, which no longer has life, are children who are being used by contractors or their intermediaries to collect and dispose of dry wastes. In this case, the municipality of Tehran, which is always fingering to it, alleges that he will deal with any violations in this regard.

    The waste management organization is in charge of super-monitoring in the waste sector, and Abdoli, the managing director of the organization, in justifying the use of child labor by contractors and intermediaries in response to ILNA, says: “The use of these children is not with the municipality and the private sector is in violation. »

    “The mayors of the region are directly contracting with the contractors for garbage collection,” he says about the waste Mafia. The supervisor is the mayor of the district; we are just high supervisor. The employer is the district itself and if they do not control, you should ask themselves.”

    Despite the words of Abdoli, has been published on the site of the Waste Management Agency, the names of contractors and how to conclude a contract. Following these remarks, the director of public relations of this organization contacted ILNA’s correspondent and says: “The use of children based on contracts that the municipality concludes with contractors, it’s completely unlawful, but unfortunately this happens. ”

    Nobody is willing to accept responsibility

    It is illegal for children to collect and dispose of garbage, and nobody can deny the phenomenon of garbage children, however, there is no official data on the number of children who are forced to work in waste trash factories only in the province of Tehran to pay for their families. Nobody is willing to accept responsibility so they return all the sins to a monster that called “waste Mafia”.


    This report is only a small part of the huge tragedy that is happening in our homeland. Street girls, young people who sell their organs just for livelihoods and hundreds of other ugly and disgusting phenomena that have been the product of 40 years of shameful Mullahs rule in Iran, have made our country ruinous. While billions of dollars are spent annually from the wealth of the Iranian people to export terrorism and fundamentalism to the countries of the region, and billions of dollars are stolen by the Mullahs and IRGC commanders.

    In the wake of the big uprising last January, and with the nationwide protests throughout the cities of country that are taking place every day in Iran, under lead by rebellion centers with overthrow this rotten dictatorial regime, will end to all suffering of these children and workers, farmers, women, youth and other social classes of Iran.

    At the end of this article, I offer a poem titled ” Give me your pain ” and a video describing the pain of child labor in my homeland to all these children with this definite hope that freedom and justice are coming to Iran soon.

    “Give me your pain”

    You don’t need to have it,

    For you don’t deserve it.

    May the stars carry away your sadness,

    May hope forever wipe your tears away,

    Wipe the tears,

    That cover your innocent face May your future be built with your strength

    May all your pains forever go away.

    Video: The story of my homeland children


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      Beautiful writing on such a difficult and sad topic. They should be in school, not collecting garbage to survive. You cover the people that others don’t and made sure they’re not forgotten. Children are always caught in the middle.

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      This is situation in my country, but you know Iranian people no longer can’t continue with such terrible condition, so protests spread all over the country. Thanks Danielle for comment and great support.


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      It’s a very important story to tell and one that must be shared. There’s too much ignorance in the world about how things truly are. You put so much in your articles that anyone reading them can’t help but know what’s happening and be moved by your words.

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      Thanks again Danielle, Good people like you can help spread the bitter facts that are going on in Iran.


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      Ma’am this is a very good article, I enjoyed the read so I am going to reblog it for you.

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      Thanks dear friend for sharing.


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      Thank you.


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    A glance at the abysmal human rights situation in Iran 


    By Masoud Dalvand

    Iran’s Human Rights Monitor has issued a comprehensive annual report of the shameful human rights situation under the rule of criminal mullahs. Referring to the report of Ms. Jahangir, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran, explains about the lack of an independent judiciary in Iran and numerous violations of the basic rights of the Iranian people and the suppression and increase of oppression in Iran.

    In this report, the latest criminality of the Iranian regime can be seen in the deliberate neglect of the state of the earthquake in the west of the country.

    Also, with regard to the right to life for humans, the increasing number of executions and arbitrary murders in Iran has been addressed.

    The report provides good information on the situation of Iranian prisons and prisoners in general, in particular political prisoners and women imprisoned, and the intensification of suppression and the very inhuman situation of detainees.

    Another part of the report describes the retaliation against human rights activists in Iran by the mullahs regime.

    Non-human punishments and punishments, such as flogging in public and amputations, are another part of this comprehensive report.


    Violations of freedom of expression, the press, religious minorities and ethnic minorities are another part of this annual report.



    The violation of the economic, social and cultural rights of the Iranian people, such as workers and child laborers, has been described by the Iranian regime in this report.

    child laborers


    You can read this comprehensive report on the link below:

    A glance at the abysmal human rights situation in Iran



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    Child labor in Iran 

    child labor in Iran

    child_labour in the Mullahs government in Iran


    American thinker, July 10, 2017 — Iran is currently one of the youngest countries in the world. Seventy percent of the current population of 80,957,894 are under 35.
    Children in Iran suffer from poverty, where government affiliated elites steel millions of dollars
    Despite having rich oil and gas fields, culture, and civilization, the youth and especially children in Iran are still deprived of basic human rights.
    Instead of going to schools, children in Iran have fallen victims to injustice
    An Iranian child has to grow fast to learn the harshness of the life of poverty
    Today in Iran, the common belief is that child labor is ‘normal.’ Parents regard their children as additional sources of income. Some families attempt to combine school attendance with excessively long and heavy work.
    These are the hands of Iranian children that have fallen victims to injustice
    This sweet little girl is force to sell cigarrets and match boxes for living
    At a very early age, children often separate from their families to earn a few cents per hour and are consequently exposed to serious hazards and illnesses. You may find them on the streets of large cities like Tehran, Esfahan, and Tabriz in large numbers. They simply do not have enough time to go to school and improve their future prospects.
    Recently, Iranian media published reports on seven million child laborers, as well as a significant number of children abused in the drug trade.
    Instead of going to schools, children in Iran have fallen victims to injustice
    These are the children of injustic
    The state-run ISNA news agency quoted three officials of the Iranian regime on June 2, 2017.
    Sarah Rezaie, a member of the so-called Imam Ali population, reduced the dimension of this social problem by claiming that there are two million working children in Iran, but unofficial statistics show the number of child laborers at seven million.
    Instead of going to schools, children in Iran have fallen victims to injustice
    She announced that these children are between 10 and 15 years old and added: ‘There are some pieces of evidence that show even 5-years-old children and babies are also caught in forced labor.’
    She described the situation of children working in some of the metropolitan areas of Iran as ‘disastrous … and this has become a kind of norm.’
    Instead of going to schools, children in Iran have fallen victims to injustice
    Rezaei pointed to the existence of shops where adolescents, often addicted themselves, sell addictive substances such as nas, pan, glass, and crack, adding that ‘these children are used in other cities of Sistan and Baluchestan province.’
    These children swallow these drugs, and after they crossed the border, they expel them. Many have died in the process.
    Instead of going to schools, children in Iran have fallen victims to injustice
    Sousan Maziarfar speaks of the children who search in garbage dumps for food and said the average age of these children is 12 years. ‘Forty-one percent of these children are illiterate and 37% of them have dropped out of the school in order to work,’ she added.
    Instead of going to schools, children in Iran have fallen victims to injustice
    Maziarfar revealed that many of these children face not only disease, but also having their faces, fingers, and toes chewed and wounded by rats.
    Soraya Azizpanah, a member of the association for the protection of the rights of the children, also quoted the Iranian regime parliament’s research center, which, according to ISNA, indicates that 3.2 million children have dropped out of school to work.
    Help The Poor Iranian Children
    CPWB recovers 11 children, 4 of them were serving as ‘agents’ for local drug dealers.
    In Iran, child victims of exploitation have the right to protection from all forms of ill treatment, abuse, neglect, and violence.
    Every child has the right to live, learn, and play, to be happy, safe, and free.
    Iranian media published reports on seven million child laborers, three million and 200 thousand children dropped out of school
    But under the tyrannical rule of the mullahs, children in Iran are deprived of basic human rights.
    By spending its treasure and time on foreign adventures in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Lebanon, the Iranian regime paved the way for the sale and trafficking of children and forced or compulsory labor, including use in war.
    Situation of 100,000s of children in Iran Working 2 support their families to help make ends meet
    In the 1980–1988 war with Iraq, Iran used child soldiers extensively, with estimates of up to 100,000 killed.
    They sent the children into battle with a plastic ‘key to paradise’ around their necks, issued personally by the ayatollah. That’s childhood in the theocracy of the mullahs.
    Hassan Mahmoudi is a human rights advocate, specializing in political and economic issues relating to Iran and the Middle East.

    Originally published at http://www.mojahedin.org.

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    Iran’s Children: Victims of Early Labor 

    By Heshmat Alavi

    Innocent little lives destroyed due to poverty imposed by the regime ruling Iran

    What is the definition of child labour? These are small #Childrenwho are constantly placed at work and mostly deprived of going to school and enjoying their precious childhood. Child labour is banned in many countries and considered so by many international organisations due to the physical and psychological damages inflicted.

    “The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (commonly abbreviated as the CRC or UNCRC) is a human rights treaty which set out the civil, political, economic, social, health and cultural rights of children,” as described by Wikipedia. This text aims to defend children’s rights and was adopted in 1990 after ten years of negotiations amongst the UN Member States.

    June 12th is commemorated as Child #Labor Day to raise awareness annually on this issue and prevent the spread of this deplorable phenomenon.


    The situation in Iran

    In #iran under the mullahs’ rule, however, there are cases of children being sold or families having no choice but sending them off to work. Poverty imposed by the mullahs’ regime is forcing parents to such measures in order to make ends meet.

    There are no exact statistics of how many labour children can be found in Iran.

    “Around 3 million children are working across the country, according to government organisations. However, investigations carried out by popular organisations indicate over 7 million such childrenspread throughout Iran. Government statistics show around 20,000 such labour children in Tehran alone. In various areas, these children lack any official identification papers and small girls are also seen working as maids.

    Most labour children are forced to accept arranged marriages once they reach the age of 10 to 12, according to Tehran’s City Council Social Committee Chairman.

    Most of these children are deprived of any education as official numbers show at least 30% of these children don’t go to school, 31% are aged between 6 to 11 and 9% are actually below the age of 6. Unbelievably, 60% of these children are their families’ only source of income.

    With each passing day reports show such labour children are involved in a variety of different areas of work. Some are even used to clean the carcases of animals killed for meat. Some are involved in household jobs, others in factories and even carrying heavy loads in provinces bordering neighbouring countries where smugglers are active.

    Contracting firms are known to use Afghan migrants’ children to search trash fields for a variety of goods that may be found for sale.


    Even more numbers

    Research shows 45% of labour children and those living on the streets are suffering from illnesses such as AIDS, hepatitis and others. These children are also known to be suffering from malnutrition, being short in height, low weight, skin illnesses and psychological disorders.

    Many such children work at least 6 hours a day and don’t eat even a single decent meal, providing the grounds for these children to obtain even more illnesses.

    A large number of these children are seen carrying heavy loads and begin suffering from back problems at a very early age. And since they have no access to medical care, such an illness paves the path for even more problems further down the road.

    Despite enduring all this suffering these children only receive one fifth of a normal worker’s salary. However, a long slate of risks continuously threatens their lives. If they suffer any injuries, there is no entity willing to provide any support at all.

    Those children who are obligated to help their families make ends meet, those who do not have proper IDs, find themselves being sold by their families, not knowing where they will end up.

    Iran’s children are suffering from such conditions while year after year the regime provides huge budgets for its vast security, military, political and propaganda machine. For example, 150 trillion tomans (around $42.86 billion) is allocated to state-run TV and radio stations.

    A picture is a thousand words…


    via  Iran’s Children: Victims of Early Labor — Iran Commentary

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