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  • Masoud Dalvand 4:41 pm on 25 Jun 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    A massive wave of Iran Protests has started this time from the capital of Tehran, Iran regime change is coming! 

    Tehran Protests June 25, 2018

    Tehran Protests June 25, 2018 against Mullah’s regime

    On Monday, June 25, Tehran continued for the second day of protests and strikes against the mullahs regime. On Sunday June 24, protests began to protest the unprecedented rise in dollar exchange rates in Tehran, and today, other sections of the public, especially the youth, joined the rally.

    People chant:

    ” Death to Khamenei”

    “Death to Dictator”

    “Leave Syria alone” “Think of us instead”

    “Let go of Syria, think about us” “Not Gaza, Not Lebanon, My life for Iran”

    “Beware of the day that we become armed” “Reformist, Hardliner the game is over”

    Similar protests have been reported from other Iranian cities such as Shiraz, Mashhad, Qeshm and Shahriyar, Bushehr and other cities that there has been a series of demonstrations against the regime, and many videos on social networks have been broadcast on nationwide protests against the mullahs.

    A recent two-day protests and strikes shows the inflamed state of Iran’s society and the readiness of the people to change the regime and overthrow it, and to replace this religious dictatorship regime with a democratic alternative.

    Maryam Rajavi, President of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, in a message supporting the demonstrations by marketers and other sections of the population in Tehran, called on the Iranian youth to join the rally.

    Maryam Rajavi, saluted the brave marketers for their uprising in protest against high prices, corruption and looting of the Iranian nation’s assets by the mullahs’ regime, and called on all shopkeepers, tradesmen and merchants throughout the country to support and join the protesting marketers. She said: the exchange crisis and unprecedented high prices, which has imposed a burdensome pressure on the overwhelming majority of the people of Iran, is the outcome of the policies of the ruling religious fascism from the beginning that have wasted the assets of the Iranian people, either by spending on domestic repression, nuclear projects, export of terrorism and fundamentalism and warfare in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon and other countries in the region, or have been looted by the regime’s corrupt leaders. The policies that are tied to the existence and benefits of all the gangs of this regime.

    It seems that after the massive protests in January 2018, much earlier than what some sources thought, the prediction and analysis of Iranian Resistance to has become reality. Yes, this is the will of the people of Iran, which will soon determined everything. Iran Regime Change  is coming! , so prepare for a Free Iran in 2018!


    • wizzymedpower 8:09 am on 26 Jun 2018 Permalink

      The Iranians Nations shall experience freedom and be free from every limitations and obstructions hindering them.. The glory of the Almighty God shall cover every inhabitants of the nation in Jesus name amen!

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    • Masoud Dalvand 9:00 am on 26 Jun 2018 Permalink

      Amen! thanks.


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    What do Iranian dissidents seek? 

    A large segment of the Iranian diaspora will be at the Paris Grand Gathering

    June 23, 2018 – We’re just a week away from the annual Iranian opposition convention in Paris. In this rally, a large segment of the Iranian people, either living in exile or those who have amazingly been able to escape the Iranian regime’s siege and reach countries abroad, will be gathering to inform the world once again about the very tumultuous situation in Iran.

    Why the Iranian dissidents’ rally?

    Following the U.S. elections and Donald Trump becoming President after tracing his line in the sand from day one of his campaign, the Iranian people poured into the streets in December 2017 and launched a wave of nationwide protests.

    The city of Mashhad in northeast Iran witnessed locals begin massive demonstrations, protesting difficult living conditions. The fire of these rallies quickly spread to over 140 cities across the country.

    The slogans heard, first focusing on skyrocketing prices and unprecedented poverty, quickly evolved into protesting the Iranian regime’s meddling in regional countries, the security atmosphere imposed throughout the society, corruption, cruelty, lack of social freedoms, and the rights of minorities and women.

    Protesters were seen describing the Iranian regime leader as a “dictator” and “murderer,” demanding Ali Khamenei step down from power. U.S. President Donald Trump immediately sent a series of tweets supporting the demonstrators and expressing his support. This backing by Trump and his administration continues to this day.

    U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has also sent a series of tweets describing the Iranian regime as “criminal,” adding 5,000 people were arrested in the country’s popular protests.

    “5,000 Iranians arrested in January’s protests. 30 women jailed for protesting the hijab. Hundreds of Sufi dervishes, dozens of environmentalists, 400 Ahwazis, 30 Isfahan farmers – all imprisoned by #Iran’s criminal regime. Iranian people deserve respect for their human rights,” Pompeo wrote in one tweet.

    What is the Iranian opposition seeking?

    Iran’s religious dictatorship lacks the tolerance of any voice of dissent. In Iran, all such dissent will be responded with bullets, imprisonment, torture, persecution, and arrest.

    The Iranian people, of which more than 80 percent live in poverty, do not wish to see their national treasures wasted on a nuclear program, ballistic missiles or exporting terrorism to Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Lebanon.

    Iran’s neighboring countries are reaching their limits in regards to Tehran’s meddling, saying enough is enough with the mullahs’ intervention in the wars of Syria and Yemen.

    It is quite natural that the world must hear these voices.

    With this objective in mind, the Iranian opposition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), along with various sectors of Iran’s society will be reiterating their demands in the upcoming Paris convention to garner further support for their ultimate victory of establishing and a free and democratic Iran, and providing the Iranian people the opportunity to realize their dreams.

    Visit this website for more information on the upcoming Iranian opposition convention.

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    What do you know about the Free Iran Gathering? 

    Grand Gathering of Iranians-for a FreeIran

    Iranian Gathering in Paris. International dignitaries taking part in Paris rally.

    June 30, 2018 – Every year, more than 100,000 people around the world gather in Paris for the Iranian opposition’s annual convention. The rally includes a keynote by NCRI President Maryam Rajavi as well as speeches by important political figures from the U.S., Europe and dozens of countries. Find out more about this very important event.

    The importance of the Iranian Grand Gathering in Paris

    Iranian Opposition Annual Gathering in Paris

    This very simple fact that there is an annual rally held by a resistance movement in the heart of Europe, shows the political strength countering the mullahs’ regime. This also shows the determination of an organized opposition movement standing out to bring about regime change in Iran.

  • Masoud Dalvand 5:05 pm on 22 Jun 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Who is the alternative to Iran’s regime? 


    Grand Gathering of Iranians-for a FreeIran

    June 22, 2018 – Following the ongoing Dec/Jan protests aimed at bringing freedom for Iran’s suffering people, there are two vital issues at hand:

    1. Overthrowing the mullahs’ dictatorship
    2. The alternative to this regime

    The more we trek forward, the question of who is this regime’s alternative becomes all the more imperative. In such sensitive circumstances it is quite natural to see many parties claiming to be the alternative to Tehran’s mullahs.

    It is also natural that all groups and individuals, associated or non-associated to a third party, those willing to sacrifice and opportunists seeking to jump at the opportunity, are surfacing and claiming to be patriotic in nature and opposing the ruling apparatus.

    This resembles the end of winter and the arrival spring, bringing about the birth of plants. Alongside flowers, however, we also witness the growth of weeds. Next to flowers we see tall and powerful trees full of leaves and blossoms.

    When the air speaks of a revolution and change, there are many parties seen rising from their sleep ready to hijack the ruling state, and willing to resort to any and all deceptive measure necessary.

    They begin to claim of having a long struggle history against the ruling regime, forging records of years in jail and enduring torture. Worst of all, through demonizing propaganda, they begin to hinder the efforts of truly democratic entities seeking to bring about real change.

    In such circumstances, the question is who is the true alternative to Iran’s regime?

    The history of revolutions across the globe provide the following realities:

    1) An alternative organ has members willing to sacrifice their all, and its enmity against the ruling regime is crystal clear for all parties.

    This entity, involved in a continuous war against  the enemy, has seen many of its members lose their lives fighting for their people.

    This entity also has seen many of its members imprisoned by different regimes ruling their country. These prisoners are resilient in the face of torture and harsh conditions, leading to their execution.

    This entity has complete faith in its objective, being freedom for its people.

    2) This alternative has roots in its nation and has risen for their cause.

    3) This alternative has access and relies on popular sources for its intelligence. When the enemy launches massive clampdowns, this alternative’s roots amongst the people allows it to obtain intelligence from the ruling regime and expose their true nature to the outside world.

    For example, the revelations made by the Iranian opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) regarding the Iranian regime’s clandestine nuclear program.

    4) A true alternative should not be associated to any foreign power. It must be independent to the very meaning of the world and especially rely financially on its people and supporters.

    5) This alternative must have a strong, democratic organization.

    6) This alternative must have a specific leadership established around the cause of opposing the ruling regime and through the years proving its honesty and competence. The leadership must be fully involved in the struggle against the ruling dictatorship, paying the very price of all the sufferings.

    7) This alternative must represent people from all walks of life in society and focus its efforts to establish a democratic state.

    8) This alternative must be recognized on a global scale and establish this recognition through years of struggle.

    Looking at Iran, the only entity fitting such criteria is the Iranian opposition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), a parliament-in-exile led by NCRI President Maryam Rajavi.

    The Iranian Diaspora is planning to hold its annual convention on June 30th in Paris to express their support for democratic change in Iran.

    Visit this website for more information about the Iranian opposition convention.



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    Freedom’s Voice TV interview with Alireza Jafarzadeh about #FreeIran2018 convention June 30th in Paris 

    The Debbie Aldrich Show

    Freedom’s Voice TV interview with Alireza Jafarzadeh about #FreeIran2018 convention June 30th in Paris

    Discussing Free Iran Conference on June 30th in Paris with my guest Alireza Jafarzadeh Providing a platform to dialogue, debate, high light candidates and individuals with a story and opinion on News here and abroad on Current Issues.

    We keep it real. Tune in to get to know some amazing individuals across the Globe.


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    Iran Will Be Free (2018), The Spring of Freedom Is Within Our Reach 

    Iran will be free 2018

    Maryam Rajavi: The Spring of Freedom Is Within Our Reach.

    Free Iran convention in Paris, June 30, 2018

    Through our solidarity, we can have a free country and a prosperous people.

    We can have equal rights, with different beliefs and ethnicities living side by side.

    We can have a society where religion and state are separate and where compulsory veiling for women is not acceptable.

    We shall realize our dreams and ideals.


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    A new factor emerges and takes center stage in Iran 


    By Nikoo Amini

    For more than four decades the Iranian regime has been investing heavily in increasing its influence in the region, interfering in the affairs of Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and even Yemen and North Africa. The US Secretary of State Mike Pumpou tweeted this, on, June 31: Iran’s corrupt regime has enriched IRGCHezbollah, and Hamas, and plundered the country’s wealth on proxy wars abroad while Iranian families struggle.

    In order hands, Pumpeo posted to other tweets yesterday as below:

    The wave of sanctions and the bankrupt economy has dropped the regime into the abyss and now Trump has told firms worldwide that they have three to six months to cut ties with Iran or face sanctions, too. Oil exports, which rose as a result of the deal, are already falling. While all these pressures are undoubtedly causing damage to the regime, it is the people of Iran and the Iranian resistance who will make the final statement about their country’s future. The change will be made in Iran by the Iranian people, and Western countries and the international community should be asking themselves whose side they will be standing on in this important development of history.

    via  A new factor emerges and takes center stage in Iran — Iran News Wire



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    What you should know about Iranian annual gathering in Paris. This year, on June 30. 

    Grand Gathering of Iranians-for a FreeIran

    The huge crowd of freedom loving Iranians in the grand gathering for a free Iran, July 1,2017 in Paris

    In early 2018, nationwide protests in Iran in over 140 cities rocked the nation, shaking the ruling dictatorship to its core, and taking the world by storm. As chimes of change ring throughout Iran a new chapter begins in the quest for freedom. The protests have gained new momentum as the Iranian people demand a Free Iran.

    On 30th June 2018 the Iranian diaspora will hold their largest gathering ever in Paris, while thousands of freedom lovers from around the world join to call for democratic change in Iran as the true solution to the religious fascism ruling Iran. Thousands and thousands of freedom loving individuals from five continents will gather with one simple message “Free Iran” and to voice their support for the democratic alternative represented by the NCRI and its President-elect, Maryam Rajavi, for democratic change.

    In recent months, with the continuation of protests and strikes throughout Iran, the people of Iran have shown their resolute in continuing their fight till the dawn of freedom and the overthrow of the mullahs. From the streets of Mashhad and Kazerun, to the merchants of Baneh, workers of Haft Tapeh and farmers of Isfahan; from Balochis and Kurds to Fars, Lors, Arabs and Turks, all of Iran is united in the cry for freedom. Their slogans of “Hardliners, Reformers, the game is over” and “Our enemy is right here, spuriously they say it’s America” have made clear that the Iranian people have no illusions about the nature of the regime and have no hopes in reform or moderation under the mullahs and to them it is clear that the source of all the misery of the Iranian people is the theocratic regime ruling Iran.

    During Hassan Rouhani’s tenure as the regime’s president, the human rights situation in Iran has been on a slippery slope and reform and moderation are as elusive as ever. Execution tolls rose to the highest level in the last quarter century, while Iran accounts for over 50% of reported executions carried out internationally in 2017. But suppression is not limited to executions, in recent months, images and footage of people being beaten by security forces and women being harassed on the streets have caught the attention of the international community, making clearer the calls for change by the Iranian people.

    In January it was reported that over 90% of protesters detained in the nationwide uprisings were youth under the age of 25. Youth who feel they have no future under this regime, this defiant generation has emerged as the face of the nationwide protests along with brave Iranian women who are fearless as they feel they have nothing else to lose in standing against the misogynist regime.

    On 30th June we will gather to stand in solidarity with the people of Iran and to present the true alternative to the theocracy ruling Iran. Hundreds of prominent personalities, elected representatives, political figures, and human rights activists will be participating in this rally, representing over 60 countries, five continents, and a range of socio-political backgrounds.

    I have a dread for free Iran 2018

    We are glad to welcome thousands of Iranian youth who have escaped the clutches of the Mullahs in Iran and will join us to resonate their message for change in this event.

    We cordially invite you to join us at this gathering, in echoing the voice of millions living under the rule of tyranny and to resonate a message of hope and solidarity to those on the quest for freedom and democracy.

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    New report of protests in Iran 

    New Protests

    City of Borazjan, Iran

    Iran, June 11, 2018 – New reports are incoming from a variety of cities throughout Iran indicating numerous protests staged by people from all walks of life.

    From early Monday morning, the cities of Ahvaz, Tehran, Shadegan, Borazjan, and Izeh have witnessed rallies by workers and other groups of people protesting poor living conditions, social crises, and theft by authorities and state companies.

    Employees of the Ahvaz National Steel Group staged a demonstration on Kianpars Avenue marching towards the governor’s office, once again demanding their overdue wages, the requests they have been seeking for the past few months and also the issue of this industrial unit’s ownership.

    On Sunday these workers had protested the authorities’ refusal to pay their paychecks and delayed demands. In response, they raised roadblocks on the Ahvaz-Tehran rail tracks.

    The protesting workers also blocked the city’s Lashkar Bridge outside the Halal Theater.

    In Tehran, car buyers from the Kerman Motor Co. rallied outside the firm’s office, protesting the company’s refusal to live up to their pledges and contracts. The Kerman Motor Co. has recently issued a letter to its buyers saying they are running low on auto parts and cannot deliver the vehicles these buyers were promised. This letter comes 10 days prior to the delivery dates and the buyers are extremely angry.

    The people of Shadegan staged yet another rally outside the Farabi Farming & Industries Co. State security forces attacked the protesters, arresting many of the those seeking jobs.

    In Borazjan, a number of people rallied outside the city’s water department building, protesting water shortages.

    Borazjan, Iran  City of Borazjan, Iran

    In Izeh, store-owners of the Anzan Par market held a rally protesting the authorities’ unfulfilled promises to provide loans.

    Izeh protest rallyIzeh protest rally

    On Sunday, bus drivers in Mashhad, northeast Iran, went on strike, protesting low bus fairs and other problems that have remained unanswered by the authorities.

    Truck drivers in this city remain on strike, protesting the authorities’ failure to live up to their own promises. The drivers are saying if the authorities refuse to answer to their demands, they will launch an even more widespread strike beginning June 22nd.

    In Shush, southwest Iran, retired employees of the Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Company are protesting how they have not received their retirement pensions for the past two years and the checks they have received being turned back by the banks. This rally was held for the second consecutive day outside the company’s management office.

    In Mahshahr, southwest Iran, a group of workers and expelled employees of the Kalay Petrochemical Co. rallied outside the governor’s office in this city.






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    Iran: What Options Remain? 


    Last month, US President Donald Trump announced that the United States is exiting the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, ending months of speculation. European leaders were calling on Trump to remain party to the deal, but he refused. In his speech, Trump pointed out that the nuclear deal was founded on lies and deception. Furthermore, Iran’s nuclear ambitions were not curbed and the billions of dollars that Iran benefitted from as a result of the lifting of sanctions was plundered on terrorist activities and the financing of proxy groups across the Middle East.

    The Trump administration is implementing a return of sanctions and very few international businesses and enterprises will dare to risk jeopardising their relationship with the United States – the biggest and most powerful body in the financial system. Major deals are already falling apart and numerous negotiations have ended. The Iranian Regime’s Foreign Minister has been taking measures to persuade the other signatories of the deal to remain in it. However, without the United States, many are saying the deal cannot be valid.

    If the deal was to fall apart, as many believe it will, can the Iranian economy survive? It is highly unlikely as the country’s economy is already in great difficulty and has been for quite some time. Add crippling sanctions to Iran’s finance and oil transactions and there is very little hope indeed.

    At the end of last year, the people of Iran took to the streets to protest against the Iranian regime’s mismanagement of the country’s resources and economy. The widespread protests turned into anti-regime demonstrations and calls for regime-change.

    It was not just one particular demographic or social class that took to the streets – it was all sectors of society.

    People in Iran want regime change and it is the only remaining option for them if they ever want to experience freedom, democracy and human rights.

    The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), the main opposition to the clerical regime, and the only viable alternative, is holding its annual gathering in Paris at the end of the month.

    On 30th June, dozens of foreign dignitaries, human rights activists, political figures and current and former officials will address tens of thousands of Iranians from around the world. Traditionally, the event has resulted in progress for the Free Iran cause and it certainly raises awareness for the issues.

    The Iranian regime is in danger at home – the public discontent is not something the regime can ever recover from, and it is losing its grip on power in the region too. Iran has committed a huge amount of resources to extending its influence in Iraq, but now Moqtada Sadr’s Saeroon alliance will knock the regime far away from where it wants to be.

    Furthermore, in Syria Iran has experienced military setbacks. It is reliant on its position in Syria. Faced with defeat from all angles, it is not a matter of if the Iranian regime will be overthrown. It is a question of when.

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