Free Iran World Summit 2021 - Day 2, July 11, 2021
Free Iran World Summit 2021 – Day 2, July 11, 2021

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

July 12, 2021—The second day of the three-day Free Iran 2021 World Summit, held on July 11, featured speeches and messages from politicians from Europe and the Middle East. In their remarks, the speakers underlined the role the Iranian regime has played to spread chaos and destruction in the region and across the world. They also praised the role of the Iranian Resistance and the people of Iran in countering the Iranian regime’s malign behavior and ensuring peace and stability across the world.

“Our message to the international community, especially after the regime has closed ranks and installed a mass murderer as its president, is that it should not make concessions to a nuclear-armed butcher,” said Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the president-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), in her address to the conference. “And not to provide assistance to the mullahs who are on the brink of collapse.” 

Mrs. Rajavi described the West’s policy toward Iran as “a vicious cycle of deception and appeasement.” 

“While the regime has been hiding its nuclear program by deceiving the world, the international community has been trying to stop or curb this project by granting concessions or by showing complacency,” Rajavi said. 

Mrs. Rajavi emphasized that “any agreement that does not completely close down the regime’s bomb-making, enrichment and nuclear facilities is unacceptable. And the Iranian people will not accept it.” 

The opposition president also the regime must also be obliged “to withdraw the Revolutionary Guard Crops (IRGC) from Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Lebanon.”  

And finally, any agreement that doesn’t take into account the brutal human rights violations in Iran and does not oblige the mullahs to stop torturing and executing young Iranians will be unacceptable, Mrs. Rajavi said. 

“Anything less, in any wrapping, is tantamount to caving in to the mullahs’ nuclear catastrophe,” she said, adding that the nuclear weapons program is “an important part of Khamenei’s strategy to escape his overthrow.” 

Maryam Rajavi, the president-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

Maryam Rajavi, the president-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

UK delegation calls for prosecution of Ebrahim Raisi

Lawmakers and elected officials from the UK expressed their support for the aspirations of the Iranian people and the Iranian Resistance.

“The people showed to the Iranian dictators and to the world that they want genuine change and not a masquerade of statesman,” said Baroness Betty Boothroyd, former Speaker of the House of Commons, referring to the nationwide boycott of the regime’s sham presidential elections in June.

“After Raisi emerged as president in Iran the United Kingdom, European Union, and United States of America must unite behind the NCRI, its president-elect Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, and the people of Iran because they are our best allies to secure a free Iran,” British MP Sir David Amess said. Amess emphasized the need for a firm policy toward Iran and said, “Raisi’s appointment brazenly displays the contempt the fundamentalist government has for any kind of positive dialogue or reform.”

British MP David Jones described Raisi’s presidency as a sign of weakness for the regime and underlined the need for an investigation into Raisi’s crimes. “The UK should now press the United Nations to launch an independent inquiry into the 1988 massacre. The families of the victims and the entire Iranian people deserve that justice,” he said.

“Madam Rajavi has reflected active leadership for the women of Iran’s most organized opposition the PMOI,” said Baroness Sandy Verma. “The future of Iran is determined by its people, and they have risen under the leadership of women to secure a free and democratic Iran.”

“We should have listened to the opposition years ago instead of practicing appeasement. We might have avoided giving so much in return for so little over nuclear weapons,” said British MP Steve McCabe. “We have a second chance. We’ve seen the farce of the latest presidential election in Iran. We’ve witnessed the treachery over the nuclear deal. Now is the time to stand with the democratic aspirations of the Iranian people.”

“Any honest observer today can see that the Iranian people want a different Iran, an Iran free from the religious dictatorship. This outcry for freedom is summarized by Madame Rajavi in her ten-point plan,” said MP Matthew Offord.

Speakers at the Free Iran World Summit 2021, Day 2

Speakers at the Free Iran World Summit 2021, Day 2

French delegation call for firm policy toward Iran

At the conference, French parliamentarians, mayors, and politicians reiterated their support for the people of Iran and the Resistance.

“The French parliamentarians are by your side,” said French MP Philippe Gosselin. “The people of Iran are suffering. It is important for the international community to show the way forward and support president Rajavi.”

“We are proud to call on our authorities to take action on Iran’s terrorist activities and its repression of its people. The recent election in Iran has confirmed there are no moderates in Iran,” said French MP Michèle de Vaucouleurs.

“The regime’s election is outrageous and an insult to democracy. We cannot qualify this regime as a democratic state,” said Jean-François Legaret, co-president of the Committee of French Representatives for a Democratic Iran. “There’s no room for freedom in this regime. The new head of state oversaw repression and executions in Iran.”

Jean-Pierre Muller, former mayor of Magny-en-Vexin and member of the Departmental Council of Val d’Oise, said, “The Iranians are going through an economic crisis and a health crisis. The people are revolting. They organized an uprising in 2019. The regime can’t escape its fate.”

Middle East stands in solidarity with the people of Iran

Many politicians from the Middle East spoke at the event. A common theme among their remarks was the destructive role played by the Iranian regime in the region.

“In Lebanon, Hezbollah with the backing of the regime in Iran, is destroying our country,” Ahmad Fatfat, Lebanon’s Interior Minister (2006) said. “It is destroying the economy, exactly as it has happened in Iran. To stand in front of the mullahs’ regime, we need cooperation between our people. We must refuse the mullahs’ rule. We must promote peace and collaboration.”

“This regime is supporting the Houthi militias in our country. It is instigating terrorism and killings in the region,” said Dr. Riyadh Yassin, Yemen’s Ambassador to France. “Today we are witnessing an increase in Iran’s meddling in our country. Our country is still suffering from the atrocities of the war started by the Iranian militias.”

“In Palestine, we are proud of our friendship and brotherhood with the Iranian Resistance, which goes back more than half a century,” said Azzam al-Ahmad, President of Fatah faction in the Palestinian Parliament. “Despite the suffering that is inflicting on you and us, we will triumph through our determination and organization. Your organization draws the jealousy of your enemies. You will be able to overcome the barriers. The Iranian Resistance, led by my dear brother Massoud Rajavi, will reach victory. The mullahs’ regime will never defeat you.”

“We are fighting a common enemy: the mullahs’ regime and its proxies in Iraq. We need to overthrow this regime that is creating danger and chaos in the region,” said Aiham Alsammarae, Iraq’s former Minister of Electricity (2003-2005). “This regime created and nurtured ISIS. They destroyed our country with sectarian violence. We support the MEK and will continue to have our brotherly relations. We will not forget your support.”