Farid Mahoutchi of NCRI Foreign Affairs Committee
Farid Mahoutchi of NCRI Foreign Affairs Committee

Updates on the turnout in Iran regimes sham election

With Farid Mahoutchi of NCRI Foreign Affairs Committee

Good morning everyone,
Welcome to our election briefing.

At the end of the clerical regime’s election masquerade, the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK/PMOI) announced that less than 10 percent of the eligible voters cast their vote in the sham presidential election. The assessment was based on the reports of more than 1,200 journalists and reporters of INTV (The Iranian Resistance Satellite TV channel) from 400 cities in Iran and more than 3,500 video clips from deserted polling stations.

The clerical regime is multiplying the vote tally by a factor of five in a futile attempt to lend legitimacy to a mass murderer as the regime’s president. Engaging in the astronomical fabrication of the tally in the so-called “Otaghe Tajmi’e Ara” (where the votes will be aggregated) has been a routine in the regimes’ elections in the past, especially in 2009.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), described the nationwide boycott of the clerical regime’s sham election as the greatest political and social blow to the mullahs’ Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and the ruling theocracy and worthy of a historic congratulation to the people of Iran. She added that the boycott proved and showed the world that the Iranian people’s only vote is to overthrow this medieval regime. She also said, the religious dictatorship is in a downward spiral and must be swept aside.

Mrs. Rajavi emphasized that the religious dictatorship will emerge out of this sham election more disgraced, vulnerable, and fragile, and the Iranian people’s uprising and the Army of Freedom will certainly overthrow it. Freedom and a democratic republic are the Iranian people’s inalienable rights.

Thank you for joining us. We will have more updates for you as the situation warrants.

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Iran Election 2021: Briefing No.1 On The Turnout In The Iran Regime Sham Presidential Election

Updates on the turnout in Iran regimes sham election With Farid Mahoutchi of NCRI Foreign Affairs Committee

Good afternoon everyone, 
Welcome to our election briefing 
Reports by the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) from thousands of polling stations in Tehran and various cities across Iran indicate an overwhelming boycott of the sham election.  
According to reports received by 2:30 PM Tehran time, many polling stations are completely empty or with few visitors. Reporting polling stations are: in Tehran, Tabriz, Isfahan, Mahshahr, Bandar Gaz, Mashhad, Karaj, Badar Abbas, Kermanshah, Shiraz, Qum, Arak, Iranshaher, Yasouj, Shahriar, Marvdasht, Ardabil, Zabol, Hamedan, Saveh, and many other cities.  
Repressive forces are busy intimidating the public to create an atmosphere of fear and to prevent any filming of polling stations. Anyone filming in Tehran risks arrest. The State Security Force, paramilitary Basij, and plainclothes police are heavily present in and around Enghelab Avenue, the Ministry of Interior, and the airport. Units of the IRGC, Basij, and special forces deployed to a disaffected suburb of Tehran, Islamshahr, during the night and early this morning, establishing checkpoints in the city’s various squares.  
The state ISNA news agency also announced repressive actions aimed at closing businesses to enforce presence of their employees at polling stations, with the closure of at least 155 business units, warnings to 5,073 businesses, orders to close for 1,073 businesses, and promises by 1,371 businesses to close in Gilan province alone. 
 In Tabriz, a high security environment has been created since early morning.  The repressive state security force (police) and the paramilitary Basij force, has been heavily reinforced on the sham election day by the IRGC who has deployed the Mohammad Rasoul-allah corps to Tehran, and the Seyedol Shohada corps to provincial centers. These two military formations are under the command of the Saraollah headquarters and the IRGC intelligence organization.    
Thank you for joining us and stay tuned for our next briefing. 

Iran Election 2021: Briefing No. 2 On The Turnout In The Iran Regime Sham Presidential Election

Updates on the turnout in Iran regimes sham election With Farid Mahoutchi of NCRI Foreign Affairs Committee
Good afternoon everyone,
Welcome to our second election briefing.
 In a message to the regime’s leaders at 2 PM, the Interior Ministry has warned about the unprecedented scope of lack of participation in the election and empty polling stations. It has been stated that if the current trend continues, even if the voting is extended until midnight, no more than 4 million people will take part.
Meanwhile, Ahmad Alam al-Hoda, Friday prayer leader in Mashhad and father-in-law of Ebrahim Raisi, said, “Those who come to the polls cast a vote that makes the enemy angry. Those who don’t come to the polls too cast a vote, but for the enemy, they vote for America, they vote for the Zionists, they vote for Bin Salman, they vote for the Mojahedin (MEK). Are you ready to vote for the Mojahedin (MEK)? If you did not vote in this election, then you voted for the enemy.”
According to numerous reports, pictures, and video clips of thousands of polling stations in 220 cities in 31 provinces, taken and sent by the MEK Social Organization, the sham election was met with the widespread boycott, and polling stations were empty with only a handful of participants.
Reports from polling station staff in many areas of Tehran, such as the Qamar Bani Hashem Mosque, Armaghan Alam, and polling stations in Tehran’s second district, which includes 64 polling stations, show participation has been very meager, with turnout estimated to be less than half of 2017.
In Tehran’s 9th district, which includes 147 polling stations, a total of 6,571 ballots had been collected by 11 AM, which averages to 45 ballots per polling station. A total of 37 ballots have been cast at the polling stations at the provincial school in Pamanar by 1 PM. In Isfahan, the city’s election headquarters announced “very, very little public participation” until 12 noon. In Zahedan, about 25 people voted in Jaleq station by 11:45 AM. In Zabul, at the Abolfazl Mosque station, only one person comes to the polls every few minutes.
The names and details of many other polling stations that were empty between morning and early afternoon are posted on NCRI’s website.  For more information, please visit NCRI’s website at WWW. NCR-Iran.org
Thank you for joining us, and stay tuned for our next briefing.