MEK Resistance Units make a major push for boycott of sham presidential elections
MEK Resistance Units make a major push for boycott of sham presidential elections

Over 250 areas of Iran, in 27 out of 31 provinces, saw activities during April that encouraged the people to boycott the presidential elections in June. This should not be surprising considering that the boycott has become a widespread social movement with the intention of showing the world that the regime is illegitimate following 42 years of corruption and suppression.

Regime officials know that, given the many crises facing Iran and the international isolation they are under, this is a vitally important election because it is possibly their last chance to claim legitimacy, so they are terrified over the boycott but still unwilling to do anything to meet the needs of the people.

This, mixed with the concerted effort of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) Resistance Units, has led many Iranians to call for election boycotts in local activism (i.e. putting up a poster in the town centre) or in major protests (i.e. the chants heard at the rallies of the farmers, pensioners, creditors over the past few weeks).

The Resistance Units are showing extreme bravery in their actions because the regime has recently increased its suppressive measures against dissidents and security cameras make it hard for them to carry out their opportunities secretly. Still, they spread their slogans far and wide through graffiti on public walls to putting up posters of Resistance leaders Maryam and Massoud Rajavi.

Some of the popular slogans include:

  • A strong no to the religious dictatorship, yes to a democratic republic
  • In the eyes of the Iranian people, the mullahs’ sham election has no legitimacy
  • Boycotting the election sham is a patriotic duty
  • Down with Khamenei, hail to freedom
  • Iran’s destiny will not be written through the mullahs’ sham elections but through its rebellious generation and uprisings
  • Looking for moderates within the regime is an illusion
  • We live and breathe to overthrow the mullahs
  • Our vote is for regime change and yes to a democratic republic
  • Our vote is regime change and boycott of the sham elections
  • Democracy and freedom with Maryam Rajavi

The Resistance’s satellite television channel, Simaye Azadi, featured interviews with members of the Resistance Units to explain why they got involved in the cause despite the risks.

One said: “I have a bachelor’s degree, but I’m working as a construction worker. There are many people like me who are suffering from discrimination and pressure. The MEK is the only group that has paid such a heavy price for freedom and steadfastness.”