In his speech to the UN General Assembly session on Tuesday, September 22, the Iranian theocracy’s president Hassan Rouhani showed that he is living in cloud cuckoo land. In fact, if Pinocchio lied in the Twilight Zone, while the Twilight Zone merged with George Orwell’s novel 1984, the result would be vastly more honest and rational than Rouhani’s outlandish remarks.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani showed that he is either completely delusional or a massive liar in his UN General Assembly speech on September 22, where he claimed that Iran was “the axis of peace and stability” and blamed the US for the economic crisis in Iran that was caused by systematic corruption of the mullahs.

He wittered on about “a safer world” based on “rule of law” as if the regime hadn’t just executed a young political prisoner in order to intimidate future protesters. He said that the regime is the “champion of the fight against occupation and extremism” as if it wasn’t common knowledge that the regime spent $20-30 billion propping up the Bashar Assad dictatorship in Syria, while its own people sold their organs to feed their children.

Of course, Rouhani’s word is hardly his own. He is, despite claims of factional differences, a puppet of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, so his bizarre claims only reflect the ludicrous beliefs of the man at the top.

Ali Safavi, from the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Paris-based National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), wrote: “Tehran’s mullahs have mastered the art of projecting their own reprehensible behavior onto others. Rouhani’s mentor, [regime found Ruhollah] Khomeini, used to brush aside opponents’ accusations of torture, famously quipping that dissidents are torturing themselves to make the regime look bad. Today, Tehran accuses its opponents of precisely the core characteristics that it itself embodies: terrorism, cultish behaviours, misogyny, sexual exploitation, religious hypocrisy, warmongering, imprisonment, torture, and hostage-taking.”

He then cited this small number of examples that prove Rouhani to be a liar:

  • Routine prosecution of religious minorities for practising their faith
  • 1988 massacre of 30,000 political prisoners, mostly from the Mujahedeen-e Khalq (MEK)
  • Killing of 1,500 protesters in the streets last November
  • Crushing protesters in Iraq and Lebanon who called for an end to Iranian interference

Safavi wrote: “Before ISIS became popular in the eyes of extremists everywhere, the mullahs established an “Islamic State” in Iran in 1979. It has mass murdered ordinary citizens for their beliefs and suppressed women for 41 years, employing even more ruthless methods than those ISIS used. Yet, Rouhani claims that this is “moderate and rational Islam, not extremism”.

The regime lies are not created in a vacuum. They stem from fear over popular uprisings that are ready and waiting in every city to overthrow the regime, which the mullahs will not be able to stop.