The tragedy of novel coronavirus in Iran passed a milestone. At least 100,000 Iranians have so far perished.

Was it Inevitable?

Since the virus spread to Iran and the first instances of fatalities  were seen the mullahs for political reasons covered it up. There has been a systematic campaign of deception, lying, and downplaying the scope.

 Security apparatus, namely the IRGC took control of the dissemination of information. Mullahs refrained from any meaningful lockdown and to quarantine hot spots. Did not provide hospitals with required funding, equipment, and salaries for doctors and nurses.

It refrained from deploying the government’s resources, particularly its financial and technological resources consolidated in the IRGC’s holdings and companies as well as by Khamenei’s Headquarters.

The Health Minister said that despite his repeated appeals since the beginning of the outbreak for the first time, only 300 million Euros was provided to the ministry in June, 3.5 Euros per person to confront the pandemic.

Yet, the mullahs continued to launch expensive satellites into space. Concurrently, pursued its belligerent and terrorist activities in Iraq, Syria, and escalated its ominous nuclear activities to a new level.

Mullahs abandoned the obligations that any government fulfills when faced with emergency conditions. It provided almost no assistance to the people, especially the poor, forcing them to go back to work in order to survive.

The Coronavirus crisis in Iran should not be compared with the situation in other countries. In Iran, the regime and the virus are on one side and the people are on the other side.

In March, Khamenei openly said that he sought to create an opportunity and a blessing out of the coronavirus crisis. He and his president, Rouhani pursued the strategy of colossal human fatalities as a barrier against the threat of an uprising and eventual overthrow and to pacify and demoralize the Iranian society, rendering it hopeless and paralyzed.

Iranians have paid dearly and costly. Tragic scenes in Iranian cities, morgues, cemeteries are daily reminders of the fact that the abnormal surging trend of the number of coronavirus victims in Iran is a product of Khamenei and Rouhani.

But the mullahs have failed and the fear of popular uprising has been a common thread in senior officials.