Source of Crisis of Medicine, Medical Facilities, and Equipment in Iran: Regime’s Conducts or Sanctions?

The coronavirus crisis has highlighted the preexisting shortage of medical facilities, equipment, and medicine in Iran.
The Iranian regime has resorted to a systematic campaign to depict US sanctions as the leading cause of those shortages and thus of Iran’s national calamity.
This study shows that the regime’s propaganda is totally at odds with reality.
On July 15, 2019, Health Minister Saied Namaki said: “1.3 billion dollars for the purchase of medical equipment has gone out, and no one knows who exactly has taken them and …”
The Governor of the Central Bank said on December 19, 2019: “We have provided 22 billion dollars’ worth of foreign currency for the imports, out of which 11 billion dollars has not returned to the country. What has happened to the rest of the money?”
Medicine has never been under sanction. The Swiss Ambassador in Tehran announced on January 30, 2020, that the mechanism to import medicine to Iran without any glitches had been activated.
On February 2, the Swiss Embassy in Tehran tweeted: “Today, some 180,000 packs of transplant medication have arrived at Tehran IKA airport. Thanks to a strong due diligence mechanism, the SHTA will ensure that products reach Iranian patients.”
In reaction to dispatch of Swiss medicine to Iran, Abdolnaser Hemmati, the Governor of Iran’s Central Bank said on February 3, “The amount of foreign currency that has been provided by the Central Bank for medicine and medical equipment and has been imported to Iran in the past ten months is over four billion dollars…”
Palpably, Abbas Mousavi, the Foreign Ministry Spokesman, said on February 4, “Medicine and food were not sanctioned, so no channel was needed to provide them and to create all this ballyhoo.”
On the same day, Saeed Namaki, the Minister of Health, said, “At least for the next months we have no problem in providing medicine, medical equipment, and facilities for the operating room.”
The criminal and Corrupt mullah’s regime is the source of shortage of medicine and pharmaceutical equipment in Iran not the sanctions.