MEPs have denounced the disproportionate use of force by Iranian security forces against non-violent protesters.

At least 304 people have been killed, with many more wounded and thousands arrested after “tens of thousands of people from all over Iran and representing all segments of society have exercised their fundamental right to freedom of assembly…. in the largest-scale unrest in 40 years”, warn MEPs in the resolution adopted by a show of hands.
Nationwide protests in Iran started on 15 November, after the government announced a 50% increase in the price of fuel. The authorities have reacted in an unacceptable manner, MEPs say, urging Iranian authorities to disclose the total number of deaths and detainees, and inform all families where their relatives are being detained. Allegations of excessive use of force must be promptly investigated and all perpetrators must be brought to justice.
They also demand that Iran immediately release Sakharov prize laureate Nasrin Sotoudeh, who is still imprisoned, serving a sentence of 33 years and 148 lashes.
MEPs strongly condemn Iran’s decision to shut down internet access to global networks, as this is preventing communication and the free flow of information for Iranian citizens and is a clear violation of the freedom of speech.
Calling on Iranian authorities to live up to their international obligations, MEPs urge EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell to continue raising human rights concerns with Iranian authorities at bilateral and multilateral meetings.

Source: MEPs condemn violent crackdown on recent protests in #Iran – EU Reporter