All my dear friends, readers and followers,

Merry Christmas to all my friends of the Christian faith and those celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Wishing you all happiness and pleasure.
I’m sure Iran will be free in 2020, and we can celebrate a special Christmas in Iran for all Iranians, including our dear Christian community.

Message by Maryam Rajavi, On the occasion of Christmas.

In a video message, Maryam Rajavi congratulated Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ, the messenger of revolution and justice, and the first rebel against oppressors: This year, we are celebrating Christmas and the New Year in circumstances where the peoples of Iran and the Middle East are rising up against the mullahs’ religious tyranny. In their chants against the mullahs’ regime and by destroying its symbols, the Iranian people demonstrated their resolve to overthrow them. These days, Iran is soaked in the blood of young people killed at the hands of the worst enemies of God and his great messengers, Jesus, Muhammed and Moses.