Cities across Iran are experiencing a number of demonstrations, and the nationwide uprising is expanding into its tenth consecutive day on Sunday, November 24.

Tehran and other cities are witnessing ongoing protests as the Iranian people have risen for regime change in at least 165 cities across the country, with at least 300 killed and over 4,000 people injured by the regime’s oppressive security forces. Reports also indicate more than 10,000 protesters have been arrested.

Protesters are demanding the overthrow of the Iranian regime and targeting its Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, President Hassan Rouhani and the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) as the source of corruption and economic and social problems and lack of freedom and fundamental rights.   

November 24, 2019: 

Gorgan, northern Iran- Saturday, November 16
The regime’s oppressive security forces resort to an atrocious crime, shooting at point-blank range & attacking a man in the recent unrest.

Iran Uprising – No. 33 

Demonstrations and Clashes in Tehranpars (East Tehran), Isfahan, and Sirjan on 10th Day of Uprising 

Tehran, Iran: Sunday, November 24
Students of Science & Technology University protesting poor living conditions & massive security measures.

NCRI Statements: 

Picture, advice of Massoud Rajavi, Iran Resistance Leader, to protesters appear in several locations in Tehran 

Tehran, Dowlatabad Square, Resistance Unit 233

Massoud Rajavi: “Overthrow of the anti-human enemy is certain.”

Iran Uprising – No. 32 

Mullahs turn Grade Schools into detention centers Call on international bodies to condemn this act 

The extent of the unlawful detentions is so large that the security forces have turned grade schools in many towns and cities into detention and torture centers, which is a clear violation of international conventions. 

Quds Girl School in Tehran

Blind-folded detainees being led to a car by the suppressive agents

Iran Uprising – No. 31 

Demonstrations and clashes continue on 9th day of nationwide uprising despite deadly suppression 

Despite brutal and bloody crackdown, on Saturday, November 23, 2019, the ninth day of the nationwide uprising, cities of Fardis, Orumiyeh, Shiraz and areas around the port of Mahshahr were the scenes of demonstrations and clashes between the people, rebellious youths and the suppressive forces. 

At 10:00 pm local time, the people and youths in Fardis staged a demonstration and clashed with the suppressive forces. 

In Edalat Square in Orumiyeh, intense clashes broke out between the people and the State Security Force. The SSF was in combat formation and opened fire on the protesters. Despite their onslaught, the people were chanting anti-regime slogans.  

Yesterday, Shiraz, Quds (south of Tehran), and Saveh highway were also the scenes of clashes and hit-and-run skirmishes between the people and the suppressive forces. Eyewitnesses said that clashes between the people and SSF broke out in Mahshahr and neighboring towns as well. 

Iran Uprising – No. 30 

Over 300 killed, 4,000 wounded and 10,000 arrested during Iran uprising; 

Mrs. Rajavi urges UN to send investigative missions to Iran 

The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) has announced that the religious fascism ruling Iran has killed over 300 protestors in various cities of the country. 

The number of the wounded during the nationwide uprising has surpassed 4,000 and the number of those arrested and detained by the regime since the start of the uprising to date in 165 cities has surpassed 10,000. 

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), described the slaughter of the protesters as a manifest case of crimes against humanity. She urged the United Nations Security Council, governments and the international community to bring about an immediate halt to the killings and suppression and to secure the release of those detained. She emphasized that since the detainees are at risk of being tortured or executed, the UN must immediately send investigative and fact-finding missions to Iran. Mrs. Rajavi added that the leaders of this regime must face justice for committing crimes against humanity. Silence and inaction vis-à-vis crimes against humanity, she said, are not only a violation of international conventions, laws, and standards but also embolden the mullahs to continue to commit these atrocities against the Iranian people and spread them to the rest of the region. 

New international declarations of support for the Iran protests: 

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives: 

Reports that more than 100 protestors have been killed by Iranian security forces raise serious concerns. All Iranians should be able to make their voices heard without fear of reprisal. Iran must immediately restore full internet access and allow all to speak out.