Anti-regime protests are continuing Monday for a fourth straight day in Iran, with chants of “Death to the dictator,” “Death to Khamenei,” and “Death to Rouhani.”

Based on the MEK‘s latest tally, protests have spread to 107 cities in most of Iran’s provinces. The regime has killed at least 61 protesters. Iranian opposition leader Maryam Rajavi has urged all Iranians to rise in support of the protesters. We will be updating this page live with the latest reports of the protests in Iran. The MEK reported today that two IRGC commanders in Fajr Garrison in Shiraz were shot and killed by another officer when they ordered the IRGC to open fire on protesters.  


Live Updates: 

November 18, 2019:

Update (10:36 PM CET):

Nov 18, 2019: Sounds of gunfire tonight in Qods, just west of #Iran‘s capital, as the regime attempts to violently quash the #IranProtests. The #MEK‘s network of Resistance Units report 200+ deaths in the past 4 days.

Update (9:56 PM CET):

Iranian protesters in Tehran Pars set fire to vehicle of security forces (Iran gas price hikes)

Update (9:20 PM CET):

Iran protests: Tehran University Students chant slogans against Khamenei.

Protesters in Isfahan chant slogans against Iranian regime supreme leader Ali Khamenei.

Update (8:57 PM CET):


Update (8:20 PM CET):

Shiraz, south-central Iran: Protesters seen blocking a road and taking control over the area.

Update (8:13 PM CET):

NCRI Statement:

Extensive clashes between university students and suppressive forces in Tehran University-

Iran Uprising – No. 18

Update (7:40 PM CET):

Gas price hikes in Iran trigger protests across dozens of cities—highlights Nov 16, 2019

Protesters set on fire the office of the Supreme Leader’s representative (a notorious mullah) in Sadra, a district of Shiraz, on day 4 of Iran Protests. Iran is witnessing history.
– news/footage via MEK activists

Update (5:58 PM CET):

Iranian protesters in Shiraz set fire to office of Khamenei’s representative.

Tehran University students clash with security forces.

Iranian protesters torch security forces booth during demonstrations following gas price hike.

Two Revolutionary Guards Fajr Corps commanders were shot dead today by a 3rd officer who refused to take their order to fire on protesters in Shiraz, Iran – via the MEK’s network at the scene.

Update (3:46 PM CET):

NCRI Statement:

Protests & Clashes in Fourth Consecutive Day in Iran- Iran Uprising-Iran Uprising – No. 17

Update (3:08 PM CET):

Iranian security forces open fire on protesters in Behbehan during fuel price demonstrations

Update (2:54 PM CET):

Exceptional scenes. This brave woman chants “Threats & prison no longer affect us”.
Iran’s people are fighting for freedom from religious tyranny -via MEK activists in Sanandaj, Iran, Nov 18

Update (11:50 AM CET):

Listen to this intercepted radio communication of Iran regime’s repressive forces in Robat Karim & IRGC Gen Hossein Rahimi, head of Greater Tehran police, as protesters take over
“They’re destroying everything. There’s 5000 of them”- via the MEK network, Nov 16, 2019

Update (11:50 AM CET):

Shiraz, south-central Iran: The city is falling into the hands of protesters.
Members of the regime’s Majlis (parliament) are acknowledging that the situation is now a “crisis.”

Update (11:35 AM CET):

Regime helicopters shoot demonstrator in Iran during fuel price hike protests

Update (11:08 AM CET):

Iranian security forces open fire on protesters in Karaj

Update (10:45 AM CET):

Iran’s regime’s troops are shooting unarmed protesters from the air as people chant “Death to Khamenei.” (Footage sent out via MEK activists from yesterday’s Iran Protests in Shiraz)

Karaj, west of Tehran, Iran: IRGC Basij forces are opening fire on protesters.

NCRI statements:

Update (10:40 AM CET):

Nationwide Uprising Continues Despite Violent Crackdown-Iran Uprising – No. 15

On Third Day of Uprising, People Take Control of Portions of Karaj’s Fardis County-Iran Uprising – No. 14

For news of the protests on previous days, please see our earlier live report.