Miners in Iran earn a living at the cost of losing their lives
Iranian Miners

Working in the mines is one of the most difficult and at the same time dangerous and harmful for human health. Governments therefore seek to minimize the threat of this occupation by increasing the level of confidence through strict enforcement of strict safety standards. On the other hand, by providing higher salaries and appropriate insurance and health services to workers and workers in the sector, they can provide psychological security and reassurance.
But under the rule of the mullahs in Iran, all the laws of humanity are left behind the borders of the denomination. The only rule is more exploitation and more brutal robbery. From the deaths of workers to injuries and limb failure, and from protests to forced layoffs and severance pay to flogging a protesting worker, there is no day when we hear bitter and sad news from this work area.

Latest victims; Tabas miners
On October 17, 2019, two workers in the demolition tunnel unfortunately lost their lives and died under the tunnel. Various government sources quoted the news that the mine is privately owned.
Saman Kavoush is a small contractor operating under the umbrella of Imidro. Imidro is also in charge of one of the government spheres of the regime’s clerical gang, formerly governor of Boyer Ahmad.
On the other hand, Saeed Samadi, secretary of the Coal Society in the Mullahs’ government, said that in this  incident culprit was not “ Saman Kavoush ” but “Impasco”. (Rouzgar-e-Madan website – October 17, 2019) Given that Impasco is a 100% state-owned company, we find that the mullahs and their government are no different from the provincial private sector in sacrificing workers and exploiting them to fill their own pockets, they don’t.

Another point to note is that the Iranian regime’s media continue to say that because of the darkness of the air, it is not possible to cover the inaction and indifference of government agents with the cover of the “private sector”! At night, helicopters and airplanes seem to be unable to move and are designed only for the day. In flood days in the provinces of Lorestan and Khuzestan (March 2019) it was also said that air support was not possible. While demonstrating the deceitful march of Arbaeen, in addition to millions of dollars from the hungry bag, under the direction of Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of the regime, the nation’s equipment and facilities were served around the clock for road construction, equipping, supporting and launching a maneuver.
Samadi admits that there is a lot of clutter in the “ Saman Kavoush ” Mine and that is why some time ago another mine was cut off. (Rouzgar-e-Madan website October 17, 2019)

Strange and unwanted confession
Davood Shahraki, head of the General Directorate of Industry and Mining in South Khorasan province, in an effort to exonerate and mitigate the incident under his responsibility, unwittingly says something can be better understood about the depth of the tragedy and the unfortunate situation of the miners. Speaking to the Young Journalists Club (affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards-IRGC), which echoes the site of Mining Day, he said that despite these incidents, South Khorasan province had the least mining incidence among other mines in the country! (The same source)

Not the first, not the last, a bitter and continuing story
With a brief digression, we find that many of these deaths and injuries have been occurring over the past few months for workers in Iran’s mines, but government officials have paid no heed to efforts to improve workers’ safety. Sadly, not only do they not pay attention to their safety and health standards, but also by misusing the widespread unemployment that is one of the mullahs’ rule in Iran, they are not even paying their salaries and benefits on time. When workers come out to protest, such as the experience of “Aqa Qala”, they are flogged.
The point is that government agents, in the face of war and factional disputes, are forced to make unwanted confessions. Massoudi, a member of the regime’s House of Representatives, admits: “The law of mines is not enforced. Deprived of dust, dirt and irritation right. “(ISNA News Agency October 14, 2019)

In a statement on October 20, 2019, the Labor Commission – the National Council of Resistance of Iran, while sympathizing with the victims of occupational accidents, wrote: “These are very few of the disasters caused by the lack of minimum occupational safety equipment available to the state media. Much more. Iran is ranked 102nd in the world in terms of occupational safety and health by the mullahs. These statistics show extremely outrageous exploitation of workers. “
It is clear that these figures are not complete and that the catastrophic situation of the workers employed in this sector can be traced to the large and small incidents of the past few years, such as the explosion of the Yurt mine in the Golestan province or the Kerman Babnizo mine.
In one word, under the rule of the mullahs in Iran, only the workers and toilers of the country have been oppressed. The oppression that will only be abolished by the spread of organized resistance throughout the country and by the steadfast will of the workers in Iran.