A government that cares about their problems, helps flood victims across the country…

…not one that wastes national resources on terrorism and weapons of mass destruction

A government that respects their basic rights to freedom and democracy

…not one that enforces its rule through torture and execution

A government that pursues their prosperity and well-being…

…not one that further drives them into poverty every day

A government that respects women’s rights…

…not one that cracks down on women and treats them as second-class citizens

A government that respects freedom of speech, association and religion…

…not one that forces its outdated ideology through violence and suppression

The fundamentalist regime ruling Iran doesn’t respect any of the basic human rights, and responds to the demands of the people with suppression

So the Iranian have risen for regime change.


“Neither Ghaza, nor Lebanon, my life is for Iran

Conservatives, reformist game is over, Down with Khamenei, Down with Rouhani.”

And they know the democratic alternative to this regime…

“Viva Rajavi, Solidarity with the Iranian people uprising for freedom and democracy.”