Free Iran Rally, Protesting Iranian regime’s Terrorist activities against Opposition on European Soil

Free Iran Rally

Protesting Iranian regime’s Terrorist activities against Opposition on European Soil

Echoing the voice of the Iranian people for Regime Change on 40th anniversary of 1979 Revolution 

Place Denfert-Rochereau, Paris

Call by Iranian Communities on international community:

  • Support #IranProtests and aspirations of the Iranian people for #IranRegimeChange & establishment of democracy
  • Condemn Iranian regime’s terrorist activities against the Iranian opposition on European soil
  • Condemn Mullahs’ human rights violations
  • Adopt a firm policy towards the theocratic regime ruling Iran

The demonstrations in Iran affirm the balance of power is in fact shifting. #IranProtests are today openly calling for an end to the “velayat-e-faghih”, or Supreme Rule. They want regime change by the people without foreign intervention. The recent developments in Iran also suggest that concomitantly addressing the Iranian regime’s international terrorism which has now surpassed geographical borders with numerous attempted terrorist plots foiled in France, Albania, Denmark in 2018, and its wanton disregard for human rights are not only possible, but also very much attainable. The only viable option is democratic change in Iran — through the Iranian people and their organized opposition movement.

As nationwide protests and strikes continue across Iran for over a year, and at a time where the cry for regime change and freedom is echoing throughout Iran; Iranian communities from across Europe, will come together in the Free Iran Rally, on Friday, 8 February, to echo the call for a free Iran.

The conference, which will bring together thousands of Iranian will be addressed by prominent personalities and human and civil rights activists and members of Parliament.

Thousands from across the Iranian diaspora and representatives of Iranian Associations will come together to address the current situation in Iran, an Iran on the brink of change.

The rally will begin at 2:00 pm CST and will be broadcasted live on social media and websites of the Resistance and Iranian communities.

Together we can echo the voice and message of this event!

What you can do:

– Inform friends, family and activists interested in human rights and Iran Protests of the event.

– Share the live broadcast of the gathering on social media to better echo the call for freedom and democracy in Iran.

follow live on the following social media accounts

English: NCRI twitterFacebook

French: CNRI TwitterFacebook

Arabic: NCRI-Arabic TwitterFacebook

– Join the online social media campaign, by using the hashtags #FreeIran #IStandwithMaryamRajavi and #IranProtests

– Show your solidarity by sharing your message through an image or a post on social media using the given hashtags

– Ask your local media and news outlets to cover the rally and report on the aspirations of the Iranian community.

Undoubtedly, as the President-elect of Iranian Resistance Maryam Rajavi pointed out in her message,

We believe it is possible to eradicate high prices, poverty, unemployment, shanty towns, water shortages and environmental calamities. But, before anything else, the trampled political rights, specifically the right to sovereignty of the Iranian people, must be restored and revived. This is the aim of our Resistance and the raison d’etre for the NCRI.the task of overthrowing the regime, bringing about democratic change and establishing a free Iran rests on our own shoulders and those of the Iranian people. At the same time, we would welcome any retreat by the mullahs because one thousand chalices of poison would ultimately serve the interests of 1,000 Ashrafs (resistance units).

This event can be viewed here, The feed starts around 5 minutes before the event: