Join Free Iran 2018, Grand Gathering on June 30, 2018 in Paris

The annual grand gathering of the Iranians will take place on June 30, 2018 at the Villepinte Exposition center north of Paris – France.

This year’s gathering will be held circumstances of unceasing nationwide protests and uprising of the people from all walks of life and all segments of society against the religious tyranny ruling Iran and demanding regime change.

This gathering will express solidarity with the Iranian people’s long quest for freedom and democracy, and support for the democratic alternative to the current dictatorship in Iran.


Why is the Mullahs regime afraid of the PMOI/MEK in Albania more than the MEK in Iraq?!

PMOI members and Maryam Rajavi in a meeting in Albania
Maryam Rajavi and MEK members in Albania

By Masoud Dalvand

The mullah’s regime has a single and widespread strategy against the MEK! The unit, inasmuch as its purpose is to eliminate the issue of overthrow, which, from the regime’s point of view, is only the strong and determined MEK, intends to realize it. And widespread, because the regime wants to use a completely different spectrum of tactics to apply it.

When the MEK were in Iraq, the field for testing and erroneousness and the execution of all imaginary tactics, on the MEK was open to Iran regime! Sometimes attacked to the PMOI and shot them off.

Sometimes attacked them by missiles. Attacks that caused dozens of martyrs and hundreds injured!

Sometimes the MEK faces a psychological warfare. (Installing more than 400 Loudspeakers around the MEK’s headquarters and causing 24-hour sound pollution for two and a half years was an example of this psychological warfare. Resort to the subject of the family and sending some members The Intelligence ministry in front of the Ashraf to make bustle and create a crisis was another part of the same war.

And sometimes, in addition of using all the above factors, the MEK was pressured by food and medical and logistical constraints, and on the other hand, showing the opening stomata of all these difficulties, it was expected that the MEK members would be lost their abilities. Say goodbye to their struggle, organization and their aspirations, and lead the way to the ordinary life!

As Kobler, the representative of the United Nations in Iraq, who after some time revealed links and close friendships with the Iranian regime’s embassy in Iraq, said that after transferring the MEK from the Ashraf to Camp Liberty (a place near the Baghdad airport), it is expected that at least half the MEK members left the difficult conditions they are in and go to Iran (read to surrender to the Iranian regime’s embassy in Iraq)!

The anticipation that shortly after the establishment of the MEK in Camp Liberty was made clear that the MEK are not a force that with wind of the siege, missile, attack, and psychological warfare, be rooted out and leave their ideals!

But the transfer of the MEK from Camp Liberty to Albania through the international activities of Maryam Rajavi in Europe was a blow to the wishes of the mullahs regime!

The Velayat-e faqih regime, with its striking missile attack couldn’t destroy the MEK and could not surrender them with psychological warfare and the siege!

Maybe they had plans to prepare more striking rocket attacks, but it was too late …  the bird was out of the cage!

With the transfer of the MEK to Albania, there was no longer possible missile attack or ground attack on them. After the deployment of the MEK in Albania, even the soft war that was executed in Iraq was no longer feasible!

MEK in Albania

In a free and regulated European country, naturally, nobody can install Loudspeakers around the people’s home! Also, he will not be able to send someone called a friend and family, or any name to be disturbed at others’ homes!

Now the mullah’s regime remains, and the MEK who released from the siege, without the concern of the rocket and ground attack and …

This is the form of the painful situation that the mullah’s regime has faced after the deployment of the MEK in Albania, and, of course, they have a thin strategy (and not a widespread) and solutions that are not effective now with the transfer of the MEK to Albania, now they’re no longer working!!

If we could read the minds of regime strategists in confronting this issue, we would have only one solution:

Pray for the fact that: now, the MEK in Europe, after years of blood and danger, abandoned the cause of freedom, and get an ordinary life!!

Of course, the officials of the Velayat-e faqih should not sit idle! But it must be facilitated and promoted through the media, Internet, websites and in any way possible!

Expect that, of course, it would be better to say that the last regime solution was against the Mojahedin! However, it was too late that the end of the tunnel was blackened and the regime has been left without a solution in front of the PMOI!!

Four years after the presence of the Mojahedin in Albania, it became clear that the MEK did not stop asking for freedom for their people, wherever they are.

Now after that dreams, this is Khamenei who is forlorn and desperate! From the great gatherings of the Iranian Resistance with the presence of the highest and most influential political figures in the United States, he moans and screams. Khamenei speaks about the role of the Mojahedin in the uprising of December 2017 and January 2018 in the regime’s TV and moans their presence on the Internet!

The moans of this regime always existed, but this time had a fundamental difference with all previous years, the difference was:

The bird was out of the cage, not only out of the cage, but also on the fly. Singing loudly and …. There is no shot to shoot him in the bow of the mullahs’ regime!

Washington sanctions challenging Iranian regime’s terrorism funding

Sanctions against the clerical regime ruling Iran

May 29, 2018 – Following U.S. President Donald Trump’s exiting the Iran nuclear deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the Iranian regime is now facing a series of unprecedented challenges in regards to its policies.

Mousa Afshar, a member of the Iranian opposition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) Foreign Affairs Committee, shed light on this subject in a recent interview with a Jordanian outlet.

“These sanctions will prevent the Iranian regime from providing financial support to its proxy militias in Yemen and across the region,” he said.

“Tehran received $150 billion of its frozen assets through signing the nuclear deal. However, not even a dollar of this money has been spent on the Iranian people. In fact, all of it was used for terrorist militias in Syria, Yemen and Iraq,” Afshar explained.

“Following the JCPOA exit we have seen U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recognizing the Iranian people’s uprising against the religious dictatorship and Washington calling for a global coalition to confront the Iranian regime’s support for terrorism,” he added.

“Any new agreement with the Iranian regime must cover a variety of issues, most importantly ending Iran’s ballistic missile program, recognizing Iraq’s independence, disarming the Iranian regime’s militias in this country, completely withdrawing all militia groups in Syria, ending ballistic missile launches against its Persian Gulf neighbors and stopping the Iranian regime’s support for terrorist militias in Yemen,” Afshar continued.

Blood money

Iran has been able to take advantage of the JCPOA’s outcome and completely disrupt stability in the Middle East.

“To compensate for their necessity of a nuclear bomb, [Iranian regime supreme leader] Ali Khamenei’s regime has attempted to place important areas of the region under its influence, and threatening regional countries with ballistic missiles,” Afshar said.

“The Iran nuclear deal had many flaws and provided blood money to the Iranian regime, especially the Revolutionary Guards and Quds Force commander Qassem Suleimani,” he added. “The measures raised by Pompeo were carried out after the Iranian regime refused to abide by United Nations resolutions.”

The Iranian regime received free and unjustifiable concessions through the JCPOA, such as “the lack of any serious inspections of nuclear sites” and no inspections over the released assets.

In fact, these unprecedented concessions were the result of an appeasement policy adopted by the U.S. and Europe vis-à-vis the Iranian regime. The Iranian people, and nations across the region, expect such a drive to end. Only through such measures can the international community imagine to prevent the Iranian regime’s belligerence.




Commemoration of a deceased Iranian actor turns political

The funeral ceremony of Naser Malek Motiei, turned into an anti-regime demonstration.
The funeral ceremony of Naser Malek Motiei, turned into an anti-regime demonstration.

IRAN: May 28, 2018 – Naser Malek Motiei, an Iranian actor and director who starred in numerous films and television shows, passed away on Friday, May 25th. He was 88 years of age.

Motiei was first a sports instructor and began his work as an actor in the early 1950s. In addition to playing in around 100 movies, Motiei was also very active in theater and enormously popular amongst Iran’s poor class for his chivalric roles.

Following the 1979 revolution in Iran, Motiei was a target of the Iranian regime’s censoring due to his unwillingness to promote the mullahs’ mentality.

Motiei began a pastry business due to the pressures imposed by the mullahs’ apparatus. He was deprived of any and all access to the profession he loved and the Iranian regime would never provided him the necessary authorization.

“I loved the cinema. I loved my work for forty years. Nothing ever distanced me from the cinema. I can’t fight against my destiny, and yet my heart has always been with the people,” Motiei once said in an interview.

A ceremony held for Motiei on Sunday literally evolved into a massive anti-regime demonstration with protesters seen chanting “Death to the Dictator” and “Our state media is our disgrace.”

State police on foot and motorcycles resorted to vicious measures of attacking the protesters. Demonstrators responded by chanting “Shame on you” and “The police are our disgrace.”

The body of this popular actor was buried in the artists’ section in Tehran’s famous Behesht-e Zahra cemetery.










MSNBC Richard Engel’s yellow journalism about Iran’s PMOI/MEK debunked


May 27, 2018 – MSNBC’s Richard Engel broadcast a report on May 25th covering a variety of Middle East issues also referred to the main Iranian opposition entity, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), using previously debunked allegations directed by the Iranian regime, and parroted by its lobbyists and apologists across the board on both sides of the Atlantic for many years.
This is not the first case that NBC has resorted to broadcasting a bogus report. NBC’s February 2012 claims of the PMOI/MEK assassinating Iranian nuclear scientists was never backed by evidence, and rejected specifically by the U.S. State Department in September of that same year as the PMOI was delisted from the Foreign Terrorist Organization’s slate.

Furthermore, citing Masoud Khodabandeh, a known Iranian regime intelligence agent, makes the very objective of this piece crystal clear. As reported by the Library of Congress, Federal Research Division, Dec. 2012 p. 31: Masoud Khodabandeh & his wife Anne Singleton Khodabandeh “agreed to work for Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence & Security (MOIS) and spy on MEK.”

Engel repeats another false Iranian regime claim of the PMOI/MEK killing American military personnel. This is an allegation rejected by the University of Baltimore, the Council on Foreign Relations, a study by Ambassador Lincoln Bloomfield and the U.S. Government.

In reference to the PMOI/MEK taking part in the Iranian regime’s U.S. Embassy takeover back in 1979, hostage takers’ spokeswoman Masoumeh Ebtekar (now a key member of Iranian regime president Hassan Rouhani’s cabinet), and others previously rejected any PMOI/MEK participation in this event.

And Engel’s handpicking of former Counterterrorism Coordinator of Daniel Benjamin to emphasize the PMOI/MEK’s terrorist designation is a repeat of what this Obama official says in many interviews.

All the while, the Los Angeles Times in 1997 and a bipartisan House of Representatives majority letter in 1998 made it crystal clear how this blacklisting was politically motivated.

Understanding the end is near, Iran’s ruling clerics are escalating efforts to plot and execute terrorist attacks targeting the PMOI/MEK outside Iran, including in Albania, the United States and Germany, as revealed in an NCRI statement issued on April 20, 2018.

A full rebutting piece published by the NCRI U.S. Office can be viewed here.

There Is No Alternative to Regime Change in Iran

Grand Gathering of Iranians-for a FreeIran

International attention turned to Iran when US President Donald Trump announced that the United States was withdrawing from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. He made an impassioned speech in which he pointed out that his decision was based on the security interests of his country.

In recent months, and indeed since the nuclear deal negotiations were taking place, very little has been said by the international community with regards to the people of Iran who are the first victims of the Iranian regime.

When the nationwide protests in Iran were taking place at the end of last year and beginning of this one, Trump said that he supports the people against the cruel regime that is plundering the wealth of the nation.

In his recent speech about his reasons for withdrawing from the deal, Trump once again mentioned the people. As did his new Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, who acknowledged the plight of the Iranian people. He recognised their reasons for protesting. And their right to protest.

The US Secretary of State also mentioned the “blood money” that the Iranian regime was given, highlighting that it was spent on meddling abroad. He also made it clear that any future agreements with Iran must oblige the regime to halt its enrichment of uranium and give nuclear inspectors unhindered access to all sites.

Pompeo also said it is imperative for Iran to put a complete end to its supports for terrorist groups in the region – namely Yemen, Lebanon and Afghanistan.

The president elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), Maryam Rajavi, said that it is a huge step forward that the people of Iran are being recognized. She said that the people have been resisting for almost four decades and pointed out that they will continue to do so until the regime is finally overthrown. Democratic change, she said, is the “only solution” to the issues in Iran, but also the only way to move towards resolving conflict in the Middle East.

Rajavi said: “Forming an international front against the religious and terrorist dictatorship in Iran is requisite for establishment of peace, security and coexistence in the region and world over.”

The leader of the resistance movement also pointed out that the 2015 nuclear deal was negotiated very poorly and that the Iranian regime was given numerous concessions. Furthermore, it provided Iran with a huge sum of money, much of it in cash, which it has proceeded to spend on terrorist activities and the funding of militias and proxy groups.

At the end of last year, the Iranian people once again exercised their right to protest and millions took to the streets to make their voices heard. They criticized the Iranian regime’s corruption that is evident at all levels of leadership and called on the regime to leave other countries in the region. The people know that there is no alternative to regime change and are striving, while risking arrest, torture, imprisonment and execution, to make their future a better one.


Understanding the US policy on Iran in light of Pompeo speech

Understanding the #US policy on #Iran in light of Pompeo speech. #IranRegimeChange

Iran Commentary

Dedicating his first foreign policy speech to the grave subject of Iran, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo outlined the Trump administration’s new strategy vis-à-vis Iran on Monday, coming shortly after President Trump announced the US would withdraw from the Obama-era nuclear deal.

Speaking at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C., Secretary Pompeo vividly explained how the US administrations is standing alongside the Iranian people and their aspirations for freedom and democracy, especially the ongoing protests across the country.

The new strategy encompasses “a new security architecture” extending beyond Tehran’s nuclear program to also include its missile technology, support for terrorism and actions in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon, amongst other countries.

A long slate of conditions were set forth…

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