Iran: Protests Continue In Isfahan; Farmers Chanted Slogans Calling Rouhani A Liar

Freedom Sunrise of Iran

NCRI– On Tuesday, April 10, farmers and people of Isfahan staged a major pre- announced protest rally. The new round of Isfahan farmers’ protests began in the last weeks of the Persian year. Against being deprived of their water rights by the regime.

According to the released films, protesters were chanting slogans against Hassan Rouhani’s government. They chanted:

“God willing the victory is close, death to this demagogue regime.”

They also chanted against the security and counterinsurgency forces that lined up to them and shouted: no fire arms, machine guns and tanks will be have use.

Farmers also carried banners written on them:

“We want our rights to water, and will pay the price for it by our lives.”


According to the the state run IRNA news agency, the Eastern regions of Isfahan comprises of cities and areas such as Ziar, Jarqawi, Varzaneh, Ajeyeh, Harand, Khorasan and Kurdshan

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