The National Fire Festival, Another Uprising Against Iran regime


Fire Festival celebrations begin in Sanandaj, in Kurdistan province, west of Iran. Youth begin exploding firecrackers.
March 13, 2018.

Courageous youth in Rebellious Hub burn the Lavasanat Basij base near Tehran-March 13

‌March 13 : Throwing a hand grenade and burning a large picture of Khamenei-Khomeini-Saveh road, Robat Karim, Taleghani avenue.

March 13 Zibashahr : and Chanting: Death to Dictator

March 13 : Death to Khamenei, Death to Dictator

March 13 : Throwing hand grenade to oppressor forces of regime by youth

Ceremonies are rolling in the heart of the capital, . Fire crackers can be heard all over the city. March 13, 2018

Urmia West Azerbaijan: Death to Dictator March 13