The uprising of the Iranian people continues. Reports from all over Iran – Update news – 5 January 2018

The uprising of the Iranian people continues

The news and tweets of this page will be updated until the last hour of January 5, 2018

Emergency meeting on is in progress…

Security Council Must Condemn Iranian Regime for Slaughter and Mass Arrest of Protesters

A song for freedom, inspired by the of the Iranian people and the hope of achieving freedom and democracy and justice in .

US Says: We Have Authority to Hold Iran Regime Accountable for Protesters’ Deaths

U.S. Department of State: On the Continuing Protests in Iran

URGENT – Iran Protests: Strike in Iran’s Southern Pars Oil & Gas Refinery

Iran Regime Is Weak and the Protests Show That

The Iranian Regime suffers from many problems at home and abroad- all of its own making- that weaken its power and create opportunities for something new.

The most recent of these is the ongoing anti-regime protests- now in their second week- that showcase the regime’s deep regime’s unpopularity among its own people… More Read

5 January, 2018 – , Protesters chanting: “Azarbaijan will not succumb to shame”

5 January, 2018 – , Protesters forcing anti-riot units to retreat

5 January, 2018, , Protesters marching in Abresan Street. Death to dictator

, Protesters are seen entering the governor’s office, activist says.

5 January, 2018, Major rally in Protesters also heard chanting: “Mullahs must get lost”

5 January, 2018 – Footage shows entrance gate of Basij base set on fire.

5 January, 6 pm, Protesters chanting : “Azarbaijan will not succumb to shame” “Death to Dictator”

, Protesters chanting: “ Basij with no dignity, we don’t want, we don’t want” “Dignified Iranians, support us, support us” (Those who said protests are fading should take note…)

5 January 2018 – , Anti-regime rally and protesters chanting: “No fear, we’re all together”

5 January, 2018, Shahed crossroad, clashing, streets under control by protesters.

Tabriz: People chanting, “Spring of freedom” and remember 2009 uprising icon Neda Agha Sultan 4 January, 2018

Tehran, Towhid crossroad, Azadi Avenue. People chanting: Death to Khamenei 4 January 2018

Death to Khamenei by a brave Balouch girl in province of 5 January, 2018

Iran- people chanting: Death to dictator 4 January, 2018