The uprising of the Iranian people continues. Reports from all over Iran – Update news – 3 January 2018

The uprising of the Iranian people continues

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Iran: Submission of two police to the people

Ilam: Clashing with motorcyclists of police

KHOMEINI NO MORE! Today 3Jan2018 in , Kicks off Khomeini’s photo

Demonstration in , Vali Asr Crossroads, Mozaffar Street:Death to Khamenei  3 January 2018

Zahedan- ShirAbad: Clashing 3Jan2018

The ruling mullahs see the eruption of protests in combination with the people’s organized resistance as the greatest existential threat to their regime.

Tweet Maryam Rajavi

Iran Protests

IRAN: Protests Continued on Sixth Day Despite Crackdown

Demonstrations of the Iranian people and the youth continued on Tuesday for the sixth consecutive day in different cities. In Rasht, protesters throw hand grenades to the Basijis in the alleyways leading to the Sabzeh Maidan.

Protests in Iran Differ From 2009 as Demonstrators Call for Regime Change

The anti-regime rallies that began in Mashhad on Thursday, spread to the major cities of Tehran, Tabriz, Isfahan and Shiraz, as well as dozens of towns across the country. These rallies are different from those that occurred in 2009, when the reelection of former Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sparked nationwide rallies. These protests beagn with economic demands, and demonstrators have escalated to an ultimatum of fundamental regime change. Demonstrations have spiraled into a general outcry against the ruling elite and policies inside the country and abroad.

Nikki Haley on Iran Uprising: ‘We Must Not Be Silent’

Iran protests: Here is what the US should do now

Isfahan: Demonstration of people. 2 January 2018

Nowshahr-Mazandaran: People chanting; Death to dictator 3 January 2018

Iran: . People chanting: Nation are begging, Khamenei behaves like God 3 January 2018

Tehran: Enghelab square, people chanting: don’t be afraid, we are all together 3 January 2018