The uprising of the Iranian people continues. Reports from all over Iran – Update news – 2 January 2018

The uprising of the Iranian people continues

IRAN – Protests: At Least 30 Protesters Killed

From left: ​Hamzeh Lashanizand and Armin Sadeghi, 13, killed during anti-government protests respectively on ​30 Dec. 2017​ and ​1 Jan. 2018​.

Iran Uprising

By late Monday night, 2 January 2018, at the end of the fifth day of the nationwide uprising of the Iranian people against the clerical regime, IRGC and other state security forces have shot dead at least 30 protesters. Ten of the deaths came on Monday in Ghahdirijan (Isfahan province). Other cities in which state security forces have killed protesters were Doroud, Izeh, Toysirkan, Shahin-Shahr, Hamedan, and Nourabad.

Iran: More Than 90% of the Detainees Are Under the Age of 25

Maryam Rajvi’s Call for Uprising and Fearful Admission of Iran Regime’s Official to PMOI/MEK’s Leading Role

Tehran: Jomhouri Avenue Protesters chanting: No fear, we are all together 2 January 2018

Tehran: Referendum, referendum, this is the slogan of the people 2 January 2018

Hamedan: People chant: Khamenei is a murderer, his government is void. 2 January 2018

Iran- Rasht : Throwing sound grenades at the regime’s mercenaries in Rasht  2 January 2018

Breaking: Tabriz, severe clashing 2 January 2018

Tehran, Azadi street today 2 January 2018

Mashhad- An injury and anesthesia of a fellow countryman by repressive forces 2 January 2018

Shiraz: Demonstration and clashes 2 January 2018

Iran – Ahvaz: Demonstration today 2 January 2018

Sari: regime dispatching large number of anti-riot units to crackdown of protests 2 January 2018

Live Webcast from Simay Azadi, INTV  

Iran Protests

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