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    The mullahs’ time is up, the time has come to march forward 

    Maryam Rajavi

    Maryam Rajavi on July, 1, 2017 at the Grand Gathering of the Iranian Resistance in Villepinte, Paris:

    Dear compatriots, I rely on your enormous power and on your restless and passionate quest for freedom and equality. I count on you, the women and youths of Iran, the Kurds, the Balouchis, the Arabs, Azeris, Turkomans, Lors and Bakhtiaries.
    There is a power in you that has made the ruling dictatorship desperate in the face of your resistance and protests; there is a power in you which can certainly overthrow the religious fascist regime.
    Yes, the time has come to go on the offensive and march forward.
    The era of the mullahs has come to an end.
    The time has come to erect 1,000 Ashrafs, as bastions of rebellion, and the Army of Freedom.
    So, people of Iran, rise up! Rise up!
    Rise up and erect the bastions of resistance.
    Onward to freedom and popular sovereignty!


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    In spite of repression and crimes against the people, the great uprising of Iran will not stop 

    Iran Protests -

    By Masoud Dalvand

    According to reliable sources inside Iran, the regime has arrested more than 8,000 people in recent protests. The announcement made by the Iranian Resistance in this regard is very significant. In this announcement we read:

    Call for immediate action to free the detainees and to protect their families

    The massive and widespread arrests of youths in different cities, which have started since the beginning of the uprising at December 28, still continues. According to reports obtained from inside Iran and from within the regime, the number of arrestees has mounted to at least 8,000 by the end of the second week of the uprising. In recent days, several of these prisoners were martyred under the tortures.

    Despite the regime’s attempts to conceal the number of arrests, it is so high that the regime’s officials in a number of cities have inevitably admitted to parts of it.

    • A week ago Mahmoud Sadeghi, a member of parliament, said the number of arrestees amounts to 3,700.
    • On January 2, political-security deputy governor of Tehran said 450 people were arrested in Tehran in only three days (December 30, to January 1st).
    • “On Dec. 30 and 31, 396 people were arrested in Arak and other cities of the Central Province, 65 of whom were teenagers,” said the Chief Justice of the Central province on January 4th.
    • The deputy governor of Golestan stated on January 3, “With the arrest of about 150 of insurgents in Gorgan, calm has returned to this city”
    • “In recent days, when there were some rioting and turmoil in Hamedan, more than 150 people were arrested,” Hamedan Governor said on January 2.
    • Mashhad deputy prosecutor said on January 3, “A total of 138 people were arrested in disturbances”.
    • The commander of Kerman Provincial Guard Corps (Sarallah) said on January 2, “During the recent turmoil, more than 80 rioters were arrested and handed over to the authorities”.

    -“In the illegal gatherings of Kashan, about 50 to 60 people were arrested,” Kashan Prosecutor said on January 1.

    • According to Bahman Taherkhani, a parliamentarian from Takistan, on Jan. 2, “Some 50 people with ominous intentions caused unrest in this city, who should be punished according to their crimes”. He added, “The presence of individuals with a leading role in recent riots is another sign that these disturbances are organized.”
    • According to reports from the prisons in Ahwaz and other cities in Khuzestan, the number of arrestees in the province is 1,600.
    • The regime’s parliamentarian from Izeh said he does not have an accurate number of arrestees. He added that the detainees are mostly teenagers and yourhts aged 16 to 24 years old. Hundreds have been arrested in Izeh, according to reports.

    The Iranian Resistance calls on all the people, especially the youth, to support the arrestees and their families, and to rise up for the release of prisoners. It also calls on the Security Council and the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the European Union and the member states, and the US government, as well as all human rights organizations, to strongly condemn the mullahs’ regime for these blatant anti-human crimes, and to adopt effective measures to free the arrestees.

    Numerous reports from various cities of the country alleging mistreatment of prisoners and martyrdom of a number of them under torture makes it very essential and urgent to establish an investigative committee by the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the United Nations Human Rights Council to investigate into the arbitrary arrests and the crimes carried out in the mullahs’ regime’s prisons.

    Logical conclusions about the realities of the uprising of Iran

    All of the above facts indicate the extent and depth of the uprising of the Iranian people. An uprising that has not stopped. The mullah’s regime has established a fully-fledged and undeclared military rule throughout 142 cities in Iran, which has held hundreds of demonstrations.

    The Iranian regime is under immense pressure at the minute. The people have taken to the street en masse to protest and hold anti-government demonstrations. The people are slamming the regime for plundering the nation’s wealth on conflicts abroad.

    Will the Iranian regime pay attention to the demands of the people? Almost certainly not. For almost four decades, the people of Iran have been suffering under a cruel and callous regime that uses brutality to oppress.

    Iran has a history of protesting, but the current unrest is unlike any before. This time, it is all sectors of society that are calling for regime change. The people know that they face execution, arrest, imprisonment and torture, yet they are still risking everything to make their calls for regime change heard. It is clear now that regime change is the only way forward. The only way to ensure that their bleak futures have any kind of hope.

    It is possible that the regime, with severe repression and military rule, can temporarily stop some protests, but the feature of the uprising this time of the Iranian people is demand of remove the corrupt and vampire ruler of Khamenei and Rouhani deceitful and criminal. The clear desire of the people to destroy the dictatorship and establish of republic based on human rights, freedom and justice without the mullahs.

    As Maryam Rajavi, the president-elect of the Iranian Resistance in her article in the Wall Street Journal, wrote:

    The 2009 protests were sparked by rifts at the top of the regime. The current protests which began in city of Mashhad & quickly spread across the country were motivated by rising prices, economic ruin,corruption & resentment toward the regime.

    The final differentiating factor is the pace of events. In less than 24 hours, the protesters’ slogans shifted from economic woes to rejection of the entire regime. The establishment has been caught off guard and is scrambling to find a unified solution.

    No, this time no one has the power to stop the raging waves of the uprising of the Iranian people. This uprising will continue until the overthrow of the entire of the terrorist religious dictatorship and the achievement of the final victory. This is the logic of evolution and history that should never be forgotten.


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    Video; Iranians are risking their lives to bring freedom to Iran 

    Iranians call on the international community to support the uprising in Iran

    Saturday, January 13, 2018 – A number of Iranian activists were interviewed live by Fox News television on Saturday, January 13, 2018 through the social media app.
    They expressed their appreciation of the US support of the uprisings in Iran and called on the US government to do more to help their struggle to overthrow the medieval regime of mullahs and establish a pluralistic and democratic Iran.

    The following is the interview by the Fox News’ Eric Shawn

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    Translation of the Iran Protests chants in English and Arabic. 

    Death to Khamenei

    Below is the English, and Arabic translation of most of the Iran protests chants(Origin chants are in Farsi).
    It is of course very hard to translate most of them but still preferred to give an idea about what the Iranian people are demanding in the streets across Iran.

    مرگ بر خامنه اي
    الموت لخامنئي
    Death to Khamenei

    مرگ بر روحاني
    الموت لروحاني
    Death to Rouhani

    مرگ بر ديكتاتور
    الموت للدكتاتور
    Death to dictator

    آخوندها حياكنيد، مملكت رو رها كنيد
    يا ملالي اخجلوا واتركوا البلد
    Mullahs be ashamed, leave the country.

    نترسيد نترسيد، ما همه با هم هستيم
    لا تخافوا، لاتخافوا، نحن جميعا معا
    Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid. We’re all together.

    توپ، تانك، فشفشه، آخوند بايد گم بشه
    مدفعية، دبابة، مفرقعة نارية ، الملا يجب ان يطلع
    Canon, tank, firework – Mullahs have to go away

    مرگ بر حزب الله
    الموت لحزب الله
    Death to Hezbollah

    اصلاح طلب ، اصول گرا ، ديگه تمومه ماجرا
    اصلاحي، اصولي، حانت نهاية القصة
    Reformist – Hardliner – the game is over

    ميجنگيم ، ميميريم، ايران رو پس مي گيريم
    نقاتل، نموت، نستعيد ايران
    We will fight, we will die, we will take back Iran

    رفراندم، رفراندم، اين است شعار مردم
    استفتاء، استفتاء هذا مطلب الشعب
    Referendum, Referendum, this is the demand of the people.

    نه غزه ، نه لبنان ، جانم فداي ايران
    لا غزة و لا لبنان ، افدي بروحي لايران
    Neither Gaza nor Lebanon, my life only for Iran.

    اين همه لشكر آمده، به جنگ رهبر آمده
    ان الجيوش الآتية خرجت لقتال الزعيم.
    All these brigades have come out to the streets. They’ve come out against the leader

    زنداني سياسي آزاد بايد گردد
    ليطلق سراح السجين السياسي
    Political prisoners must be freed

    استقلال، آزادي، جمهوري ايراني
    استقلال، حرية، جمهورية ايرانية
    Independence, freedom, Iranian republic

    سوريه رو رها كن، فكري به حال ما كن
    اترك سوريا وفكر فينا
    Let go of Syria; think of us.

    واي به روزي كه مسلح شويم
    ويل لليوم الذي نتسلح
    Fear the day we will get armed.

    ايراني ميميرد، ذلت نمي پذيرد
    ايراني يموت ولايذل
    Iranian would die but not accept humiliation.

    زن ها به ما پيوستن، بي غيرت ها نشستن
    النساء انضممن الينا، الذين لاغيرة عندهم جالسون بعد
    The woman has joined us, the cowards are still sitting.

    ما تماشاچي نمي خواهيم، بما ملحق شويد
    لا نريد مشاهدين، التحقوا بنا
    We don’t want audience, join us.

    سيد علي ببخشيد، ديگه بايد بلند شيد.
    سيد علي (خامنئي) اعذرنا، ولكن حان الوقت للذهاب
    Seyed Ali (Khamenei) excuse us, it is time to move.

    نيروي انتظامي، حمايت، حمايت،
    ايها الشرطي، ادعمونا، ادعمونا
    Police, protect us, protect us,

    نيروي انتظامي، خجالت، خجالت
    ايها الشرطي، اخجل،اخجل
    Police, shame on you, shame on you,

    حتي اگر بميريم، ديگه عقب نميريم
    حتى اذا نموت، سوف لا نتراجع
    Even if we die, we will not go back

    سيد علي حيا كن، مملكت رو رها كن
    سيد علي ، اخجل واترك البلد
    Seyed Ali (Khamenei), be ashamed, leave the county.

    حتى اكر بميرم ذلت نمي پذيرم
    حتى اذا اموت سوف لا اقبل الذلة
    Even if I die, I will not accept humiliation.

    آخوند انگليسي، نمي خواهيم ، نمي خواهيم
    لانريد الملا البريطاني
    We don’t want a British Mullah

    جمهوري اسلامي نميخواهيم، نمي خواهيم
    لا نريد الجمهورية الاسلامية
    We don’t want the Islamic Republic

    مرگ بر اصل ولايت فقيه
    ليسقط مبدأ ولاية الفقيه
    Down with the principle of Velayate Fagih

    بسيجي بي غيرت نمي خواهيم، نمي خواهيم
    لانريد بسيجي بلا غيرة
    خامنه اي بي ناموس
    خامنئي بلاشرف
    اسلام و پله كردن، مردم رو ذله كردن
    استغلوا الاسلام ودمروا معنويات الشعب
    They abused Islam to destroy people morally.

    بي شرف، بيش شرف، بي شرف
    بلا شرف، بلا شرف ، بلا شرف
    Dishonorable, Dishonorable, Dishonorable

    خامنه اي الاقه، يه دستش هم چلاقه
    خامنئي حمار ، ويده اعرج
    Khamenei is a donkey – one of his hands is crippled

    Source: Translation of the #IranProtests chants in English and Arabic.

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    Death of Iran Nuclear Deal (JCPOA) or the next cups of poison? 

    Death of Iran Nuclear Deal (JCPOA) or the next cups of poison

    By Masoud Dalvand

    On 12 January, Donald Tramp extended the Iran deal or JCPOA, for another 120 days.

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump gave the Iran nuclear deal a final reprieve on Friday but warned European allies and Congress they had to work with him to fix ”the disastrous flaws” in the pact or face a U.S. exit.

    Is this an achievement for the mullahs’ dictatorship?

    Looking at the successive news that was released at the same time as the announcement of this, the response appears; deadly news for the Iranian regime, including:

    The US officials have said, Tramp has renewed with dissatisfaction.

    -Trump insists this is the “last time” to extend the deal.

    He said: “Despite my strong inclination, I have not yet withdrawn the United States from the Iran nuclear deal,” Trump said in a statement. “Instead, I have outlined two possible paths forward: either fix the deal’s disastrous flaws, or the United States will withdraw.”(Reuters 12 January)

    US Treasury Department boycotted 14 agencies and other brokers include chief judge of Iran regime. The statement has said: Treasury Sanctions Individuals and Entities for Human Rights Abuses and Censorship in Iran, and Support to Sanctioned Weapons Proliferators.

    Mullah Sadegh Larijani, the head of the judiciary, the head of the Gohardasht Prison, The cybercrime council for censorship, the IRGC cybersecurity, are on the sanctions list.

    At the same time, the United Nations has said that the regime has violated Yemen’s arms embargo.

    The United States also emphasized that the deal should include a missile program and regional intervention of the Iranian regime. The issue that the European governments have come up with and even added human rights violations. (Of course they say that these are out of the JCPOA, but they should be investigated)

    Therefore, it is clear that the extension of this time of JCPOA,(in addition to new sanctions), only for the regime has the result to be forced, to retreat into missile projects, regional interventions and human rights abuses. Namely, in fear of death (abolition of JCPOA), It must commit to suicide (drinking the next poison)!

    And, of course, the regime couldn’t does any maneuver or deception this time (the line that the regime was trying to advance and delay) because the president of the United States has emphasized “last time” to extend the deal.

    That is, until the next 120 days, or the next poison, or death!





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    Why Silence Is Not an Option in Iran’s Uprising 

    Why Silence Is Not an Option in Iran's Uprising


    When you stay silent in situations of oppression, you are tacitly siding with the oppressor. That is why the US must intervene in the Iran protests, in which at least 50 have died, that has been raging for almost two weeks now.

    U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley hit the nail on the head last Friday, when she addressed an emergency meeting of the Security Council to discuss the protests and said: “Human rights are not the gift of governments; they are the inalienable rights of the people themselves.”The Iranian Regime has responded to the nationwide protests by arresting 3,700 peaceful protesters and threatening them with the death penalty and by cutting off the people’s access to internet services so that they cannot communicate to each other or the outside world. This infringes on the right to freedom of speech, the right to peaceful protest, and the right to not be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment.

    Haley said: “The Iranian regime is now on notice: The world will be watching what you do.”

    Of course, Haley is not the only member of the Donald Trump administration to pledge support for the Iranian people’s right to protest. Almost everyone from Secretary of Defense James Mattis to Vice President Mike Pence to Trump himself has offered their support in televised addresses, op-eds, and tweets.

    In addition, the US House of Representatives voted to praise the protests and condemn the Regime.

    However, it should not only be the US supporting the Iranian people. Many European countries have failed to even recognise these protests- made up of tens of thousands of people calling for their most basic rights to be respected- let alone supported them.

    The French Ambassador to the UN, François Delattre, even sought to downplay the protests during the Security Council meeting and claimed that the Iranian people should seek peaceful dialogue with the Regime themselves.

    He did not address the fact that human rights advocates in Iran often end up imprisoned or worse, which leads any right-thinking person to recognise that the Iranian people cannot reason with the mullahs without risking their lives.

    The British ambassador, meanwhile, was more concerned with preserving the Iran nuclear past of 2015 rather than the rights of the Iranian people.

    Some Regime apologists have advised that foreign governments “avoid intervening in the internal affairs” of Iran, which amounts to turning your back on the Iranian people who are crying out for a free Iran.

    Amir Basiri, an Iranian human rights activist, wrote on the Washington Examiner’s Beltway Confidential blog: “Under their subjective interpretation, supporting the protesters basic human rights counts as an intervention in internal affairs, but cutting trade deals with and filling the coffers of the regime that suppresses those protesters doesn’t.”

    The problem isn’t that the international community is interfering in Iran’s affairs but that they fail to protect freedom and democracy in Iran.

    Basiri wrote: “We’ve already seen what doing nothing yields. We saw it in 2009 in Iran, when the Obama administration decided to remain on the sidelines as the regime quelled protests in Iran. We saw it again in Syria, where non-intervention by the international community led to the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of civilians, a prolonged war, a global crisis, and the rise of the Islamic State.”

    He advises that the international community use targeted sanctions to cut off Iranian entities or individuals involved in human rights violations, use technology to circumvent the regime’s internet censorship, and support the National Council of Resistance of Iran, which strives for a secular and democratic Iran.

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      Unfortunately, out current regime is a lot like yours. Trump would rather golf and make racist statements than help anyone. He only cares about himself. We’re fighting that battle to get it changed too. Hopefully then, we’ll have people in power who will do good not just for America but for all people.

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      Yes, I agree with you, unfortunately when Obama was president, despite his popularity in the United States and even in Europe, he betrayed foreign policy towards the Iranian people in 2009 and the Syrian people in 2011. It is important that a president and a government in a country like the United States, in addition to protecting the rights of the people in the country, condemn racism and hatred. Also, in foreign policy, people in countries that are under the rule of dictatorship do not forget their rights and do not sacrifice to advance the policies of their own government. Thank you so much for your comment and your solidarity with Iranian people.


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      Agreed. Obama betrayed a lot including our people held captive by the regime. Our next and all future presidents should be humanitarians. We haven’t had one of those yet. We need to do better and the world needs us to do better. Every country should be pushing for the same. I see the reports from Britain and Australia about the problems they have. Poverty, homelessness, racism and sexism are everywhere. It’s the people coming together in all countries that will change those. Unfortunately those changes don’t happen as fast as I would like.

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      Excellent comments, I absolutely agree with you. Thanks so much Danielle for precious opinion and comment. I hope so like you. Good luck and have a nice weekend.


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      You too Masoud. I enjoy talking with you too and reading your articles.

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      You are great!


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    The Threat of Social Media to the Iranian Regime 

    The Threat of Social Media to the Iranian

    To organise the ongoing protests and anti-government demonstrations in Iran, the people have been using social media. It has enabled the people to arrange protests and to share information.

    The most popular application that is used is called Telegram and it has been said that more than 50 percent of the population has used it. It is a messaging application that is simple to use and the people can share videos and information. The service is encrypted.

    However, faced with the threat of the people, the Iranian regime is taking great pains to hamper the ability of the people to protest and rally, and it is planning to replace Telegram and other such applications with ones that it can censor in the way it wants.

    It is quite remarkable that the Iranian people have been able to coordinate their protests in the way that they have. It just goes to show, not just the power of the people, but also the extent of their anger and how deeply engrained it is all across the country.

    During Friday prayers last week, a leading cleric, Mullah Ahmad Khatami admitted the role of social media and applications such as Telegram, saying that “cyberspace (…) was kindling the fire of the battle”. He said: “It was cyberspace that every moment said where protesters were gathering, and what slogans they were chanting.”

    Social media has always been a great threat to the Iranian regime and it was in 2009 that it saw its power in action. With information, images, videos and messages shared on social media during the protests, the world could really see what was happening inside the country. The people were angry following the presidential election and they used all means possible to make their voices heard. Facebook and Twitter were two of the most popular platforms at that time and when the uprising had settled down the Iranian regime banned both.

    So it is clear to see why the Iranian regime is keen to prevent the people from using the internet. The people are used to this kind of suppression. Over the years, the regime has taken, or tried to take, more control over the private lives of the people.

    Khatami said last week: “We support a cyberspace whose key is in the hands of the (ruling) system. I’m saying this on behalf of the people: the nation does not support a cyberspace which America holds the key to.” He claims that the people of Iran are being influenced by the United States and its president. This is no doubt because of Trump’s support of the people of Iran.

    The regime, however, underestimates the Iranian population which is largely young. Like elsewhere in the world, Iranians are very attached to their smartphones, despite the extreme poverty, and they see them as a way to gain freedom. Furthermore, the people are able to find ways around the bans and are still able to use banned applications such as Twitter and Facebook.

    It is evident that the regime is clutching at straws and we will see that it is impossible for it to outwit the powerful population.

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    The inevitable confessions of the Iranian regime to the deep roots of the uprising! 

    Iran Protests

    By Masoud Dalvand

    The bright sunshine of the Iranian uprising has dashed its effects in the eyes of the blind of the media of the Iran regime, and they have inevitably confessed to the deep roots of the uprising in Iran.

    In the early days of the uprising, the media of both gangs of the regime، called the uprising as a sabotage riot. And to crack down on it, their suggestion was, suppression.

    Iranian youth in Uprising

    Students of Tehran University, protested against Iran regime, January 2018

    Now, with the passage of time, and the apparent effect of the uprising on the elements of the mullahs regime, the regime’s media, while afraid, instead of the offering suppression of the uprising, has examined the causes of the uprising, and in this analysis many of them have come to the conclusion: Firstly, the uprising is “an alarm for everyone,” and the meaning of this is that the uprising might go to overthrow of religious dictatorship.

    Secondly, it must be faced with realism because of the uprising and cannot be reluctant to easily ignore the real cause of it.

    Now, these media of a religious dictatorship that see the suppression and looting of their own system triggered by the flames of the fire of the uprising in Iran.

    Of course, the officials of mullah’s regime are not so idiot that they don’t know that was their actions, which the situation came to the point of uprising.

    They are well aware that this repressive and corrupt regime is the cause of the people’s poverty, and the motive behind the overthrow of this system is the engine of the uprising.


    And you see that the Iranian people chanting from all social classes: Death to Dictator, Death to Khamenei, Death to Rouhani, justice, freedom, the Iranian republic.

    Death to Khamenei

    Young woman in Tehran chanting: Death to dictator, January 2018

    Iran Uprising 2018

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    The uprising of the Iranian people continues. Reports from all over Iran – Update news – 8 January 2018 

    The uprising of the Iranian people continues

    The news and tweets of this page will be updated until the last hour of January 8, 2018

    Breaking News:  protests and clashing 8 January

    Maryam Rajavi Sends a Message to Washington, D.C. Rally in Support of Iran Uprising

    US Can Do More to Support Iranian Protests

    35% of Detainees of Nationwide Uprising Are Students and 90% Are Under 25 Years of Age

    Call for immediate action by international assemblies to release all detainees

    According to a classified report obtained from inside the regime, 35% of those arrested during the uprising of the Iranian people are students. Earlier, IRGC brigadier Hossein Zolfaghari, security deputy Minister of Interior, announced that more than 90% of the detainees are juveniles and teenagers with an average age of under 25 (state media – January 1st).

    Demonstrations and Clashes in Different Parts of Ahvaz, and Punishment of a Number of Mercenaries

    Protesters Are Disgusted by Iran Regime’s President Rouhani

    An Iranian regime’s political analyst acknowledges that Iranian protesters are disappointed in the country’s so-called moderates and disgusted by regime’s president Hassan Rouhani.

    In response to Ali Shamkhani, secretary of regime’s Supreme National Security Council, claiming that the country’s ongoing protests are ignited by foreigners, regime’s political expert Sadegh Zibakalam has written a letter, writing “I was surprised by your comments, attributing protests to Saudis. I was not aware that Saudi Arabia is so powerful that it can take thousands of Iranian youth in the country’s small and big cities to the streets. I was however more sorry than surprised by your comments.”

    Protests Continued in Various Cities on the 10th Day of Uprising

    Iran #Uprising 2018- #Iran #IranProtests #FreeIran #RegimeChange

    Jan. 6, 2018: Paris Iranians Rally support Protests in Their Country, Call for Regime Change

    People chanting Death to dictator Kargar street 7 January

    Kamyaran-: burned up a Khamenei billboard by a brave Kurdish young man. 7 January

    : Supporters of the ‘ian resistance stand in solidarity with .

    who was arrested during murdered by the regime that has a long history of murder and mass killing of its political prisoners 8 Jan

    One of the achievements of the in : reformist, hardliners. The story is over

    Song: Hear me… in support of Iranian by Marc Ellis

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    The uprising of the Iranian people continues. Reports from all over Iran – Update news – 7 January 2018 

    The uprising of the Iranian people continues

    The news and tweets of this page will be updated until the last hour of January 7, 2018

    Khamenei and his cohorts have resorted to issuing threats against you. They mobilize their military forces to counter the Iranian people’s nationwide uprising. They grab at any straw to prevent throngs of people from joining your ranks.

    Rally held outside White House in support of #IranProtests. #Iran

    Eric Shawn reports: Calls for #Iran freedom here in the US. #IranProtests

    Night rally in in province on 6 January

    : Senior woman politicians declare support for Iran .

    : 50 Killed as Protests Continue for 9th Day.

    The world must act — and act now — to stop the crackdown in .

    Song: I am Iran سرود من ايرانم

    Ahvaz: School students chanting: ”Khamenei dishonorable”-“Khamenei, you have no dignity” 7 January

    Ahvazi students:Death to Khamenei, Death to Rouhani. January 7, after they had been taken to the march by government from the school! Well done! heroes.

    Students in chanting: Death to Khamenei, Well done! little heroes 7 Jan

    “We stand with the proud people of Iran because it is right.” Read more of the ‘s op-ed on the protests in Iran.

    Jan 6 – Ahvaz, SW Protesters chanting: “To the enemy (referring to the Iranian regime), I have come to the streets, I am a revolutionary Arab” (Internet is so slow footage is arriving with 24 hour delay)

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