Rajavi Proposes Three-Prong Initiative for Addressing Iran

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) President-elect Maryam Rajavi recently spoke at a gathering entitled “Interfaith Solidarity Against Extremism”. The meeting included a number of prominent personalities from Arab countries and the Muslim community in France and was held on June 3, during the holy month of Ramadan.

She praised the initiatives taken by the various Arab and Muslim nations at their summit in Riyadh, where they declared the clerical regime has deprived the region and world of tranquility and stability, and that its activities in the Middle East and throughout the world are destructive. The Saudi and U.S. leaders also reiterated that the people of Iran are the first and longest-suffering victims of that regime.

“Over the past 38 years in Iran, the ruling mullahs have occasionally made deceptive claims of favoring reform and moderation. What has been permanent and not ever changed, however, is the gross violations of human rights and brutal suppression. On the regional level, the regime has always sought to dominate through invasions and promotion of fundamentalism and sectarianism under the name of Islam,” said Rajavi during her remarks.

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Additionally, she noted that the regime has remained in power due to its determination to dominate and invade other countries, which is a behavior that Rajavi doesn’t see the regime giving up easily. Rajavi noted that the regime uses conflicts outside of its borders to suppress an uprising within the borders of Iran.

As a result, Rajavi proposed a three-pronged initiative on behalf of the Iranian people and the Resistance.

Firstly, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), the main operative advancing all the clerical regime’s policies in the region, must be officially recognized and declared as a terrorist entity. The presence of this criminal force and its proxy militias in Middle Eastern countries must not be tolerated and they must be evicted all together from those countries,” said Rajavi.

She also encouraged the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to expel Iran and grant its seat to the Iranian Resistance. Finally, Rajavi noted that the international community needs to recognize the struggle of the Iranian people to overthrow the regime, calling for the Resistance to be acknowledged as the force attempting to establish freedom and democracy in Iran.

Throughout her remarks, Rajavi also pointed out that terrorism and fundamentalism are contrary to the Islamic religion, which is based on brotherhood and tolerance. The gathering also included a photo exhibition dedicated to the martyrs of the Iranian and Syrian resistance.

via  Rajavi Proposes Three-Prong Initiative for Addressing Iran — The Media Express


2 thoughts on “Rajavi Proposes Three-Prong Initiative for Addressing Iran

  1. Saudi has worse human rights violations against women than Iran and USA have invaded more countries than USA – so will they be classified as terrorise state?
    The future of Iran for Iranians does not belong to Saudi and USA who want to control Iran for their own needs. This propoganda rubbish and support of Saudi & USA takes away any true progress for Iranian people. I salute the middle finger to whoever wrote this article.


  2. I am an Iranian, so I work on situation of human rights in the Iran under religious dictatorship, also you don’t know Iran regime, I was lost some my family members by this brutal regime just for their political ideas, and Iranian people for 38 years paid their blood and life because brutal suppression by Mullahs, yes you must know this regime, they are Godfather of terrorism in the Middle East and all world.


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