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    Maryam Rajavi and Rudy Giuliani Meet at the NCRI Headquarters in France 

    Giuliani: The Iranian resistance is a viable alternative to the cleric regime

    Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), met Mayor Rudy Giuliani on Friday, June 30, at the NCRI headquarters in Auvers-sur-Oise, northwest of Paris.

    Mayor Giuliani pointed to the Iranian regime’s malign activities in the region, stressing that the mullahs are the source instability and crisis in the region, and have kept their grip on power in the past 38 years through widespread repression and blatant disregard for human rights at home and the export of extremism and terrorism abroad.

    The former New York City Mayor emphasized that the Iranian regime has been the most active state sponsor of terrorism and Islamic extremism in the past three decades, and that Hassan Rouhani has been a key player in pursuing the regime’s ominous objectives, including in the proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction. He said despite all the concessions unduly provided to the Tehran, the clerical regime is at a complete impasse and is extremely vulnerable in view of the economic crisis, domestic isolation and a growing power struggle.

    There is a growing consensus in the United States that the West’s policy of appeasing the Iranian regime has been a total failure, Mayor Giuliani said. He added that the imperative of formulating a firm policy on Iran, namely standing with the Iranian people and the resistance to bring about change, is becoming more pervasive.

    Mrs. Rajavi appreciated Mr. Giuliani’s endeavors in the campaign that led to the safe transfer of members of the Iranian resistance from Iraq to other countries, including Albania. She elaborated on the expanding and continuing activities of the Iranian resistance, particularly in Iran, especially during the shame elections and afterwards.

    Mr. Giuliani expressed his support for Mrs. Rajavi’s efforts to establish democracy and human rights in Iran, noting that the Iranian Resistance is a viable alternative to the medieval regime ruling Iran.

    Mr. Giuliani was among 30 former senior US officials and top military commanders who issued a joint statement in support of the Iranian resistance and its objectives.

    The statement said in part: “We believe that change is within reach, not only because the regime is becoming engulfed in crisis, but also because there is a large and growing movement organizing for positive change. A viable organization capable of ending the nightmare of religious dictatorship by establishing freedom and democracy, tolerance, and gender equality has steadily gained visibility, popular support and international recognition. Under the leadership of Maryam Rajavi, a Muslim woman standing for gender equality, which is an antidote to Islamic fundamentalism and extremism, it is working every day to bring about a tolerant, non-nuclear Iranian republic based on separation of religion and state, that will uphold the rights of all.”

    According to the signatories, “The National Council of Resistance of Iran, pursuing its long journey that began more than a half-century ago, has the vision, leadership and courage to lead the way to the creation of a new Iran. The obligation to stand up to this corrupt and illegitimate regime and say “no more” rests with the Iranian people alone, but the international community must meet its responsibility by condemning the Mullahs’ oppression and embracing the Iranian people’s aspirations for a free and prosperous Iran accepted and respected around the world.”

    Mr. Giuliani is among dozens of American and European dignitaries who will be addressing the free Iran gathering on Saturday, July 1, 2017 in Paris.

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    Grand Gathering for a Free Iran – Diplomatic Observer 


    Masoud Dalvand –TDO- For nearly four decades the Iranian people have been faced with systematic suppression, vast imprisonment and torture, and subjugated to the mullahs’ daily executions, as the ruling theocracy struggles to keep its power via suppression and destabilizing the region through its terrorism.
    For 38 years Iran has been turned into a large prison where today, 80 million have been taken hostage within their own country.
    Our Message: Regime Change In Iran Is Inevitable
    It is high time for the international community to recognize the desire of the Iranian people for regime change by the people of Iran.
    It is time for all governments to stand with peace and take all necessary measures to evict the Iranian regime from the region, in particular the IRGC and its proxies from Syria.
    Join us for grand gathering of a Free Iran-July 1, 2017 Paris
    On Saturday 1 July 2017 we will have live webcast from this Gathering, so you can watch this important event from beginning to end on this website.

    Originally published at diplomaticobserver.com.
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    Dissident Provides Harrowing Account Of Iran’s Prisons 

    Former Iranian political prisoner Shabnam Madadzadeh

    Former Iranian political prisoner Shabnam Madadzadeh

    By Heshmat Alavi

    The Middle East has been topping headlines recently as ISIS is being defeated in both Iraq and Syria, and Iran is playing a significantly destructive role in both campaigns and across the region.

    All the while, the Iranian opposition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) is gearing up for its massive annual convention in Paris. The July 1strally will be the stage of hundreds of prominent figures from four corners of the globe and most likely over 100,000 members of the Iranian Diaspora expressing support for the NCRI President Maryam Rajavi’s and her ten-point-plan platform for a future Iran without the mullahs.

    I had a chance recently to sit down and talk with Shabnam Madadzadeh, a young Iranian woman and former political prisoner who just recently was able to exit Iran. She has written articles and delivered remarks in different events shedding light on Iran’s dungeons atrocious conditions.

    Shabnam Madadzadeh

    I was a college student in Iran and like my brother I spent five years in the regime’s jails as a political prisoner. Long interrogations, solitary confinement, forced to witness my brother being beaten, deprived of any contact with my family, death threats and mock executions were the tortures I was placed through.

    These methods are used by the Iranian regime to obtain so-called “confessions” and forge a case against you in court, while depriving you of legal representation. I was sentenced to prison and exiled in the notorious Gohardasht Prison in the city of Karaj, west of Tehran.

    During my time behind bars I was deprived of any furlough. I witnessed many crimes by the regime authorities, many executions and tortures inflicted not only on political prisoners, but also ordinary inmates arrested on other charges.

    In prison I was in a ward with hundreds of other women and up close I witnessed the human rights violations they suffered. Time and again in prison I was deprived of family visits and phone calls for informing the world about the harsh conditions those women went through and the circumstances inside the prison walls. I was also deprived of medical care.

    Recently a letter has leaked from inside Iran written by Gohardasht Prison political prisoners describing those taking part in Saturday’s convention as “the voice of all the Iranian people in the larger prison called Iran, who all yearn for a ‘Free Iran,’ a democratic Iran.”

    Iran is also the leading state sponsor of terrorism and exports its Islamic fundamentalism to the Middle East. With Hassan Rouhani becoming the regime’s president the international community wrongly provided an image of a moderate at the helm in Iran. This is nothing but a fantasy and mirage for those not familiar with the reality of Iran’s regime.

    I was a young college student and spent one year of my time in prison during Rouhani’s tenure. After being released I witnessed how the highly boasted nuclear deal signed by the P5+1 with Iran failed to render any positive change in people’s lives. In fact, their living conditions have become far more difficult. The Iran nuclear deal has only loosened sanctions in favor of the ruling elite in Tehran, and yet human rights violations and state-backed violence have ramped up.

     The number of executions under the “moderate” Rouhani skyrocketed, reaching the point of one every eight hours. All the while Iran’s powder keg society was the scene of an increasing number of popular protests in the past four years, and especially in the few months leading to the May 19thpresidential election and afterwards. Teachers, workers and people from all walks of life are protesting as making ends meet becomes impossible.

    The regime has continuously resorted to responding viciously to these acts of dissent. Life has become so unspeakably unbearable that a number of workers, teachers, college students and even teenagers have resorted to suicide due to financial problems, unemployment and other social distresses.

    The truth of the Iranian people’s current living conditions proves the windfall billions poured into Iran after the nuclear deal has not eased the population’s pains, all usurped by Tehran to export its terrorism across the region.

    The Iranian people are demanding the mullahs’ regime bring an end to warmongering and exporting terrorism to neighboring countries that they see as their friends. This money belongs to the Iranian people and must be allocated to advance their needs and welfare.

    Any negotiation by the West with Iran will only add more gallows in Iran’s squares, escalate the Iranian people’s misery and fuel further meddling by the Revolutionary Guards in the Middle East and even beyond.

    For the first time this year I will be taking part in the NCRI’s annual convention in Paris scheduled for July 1st.

    The massive “FreeIran” rally will host hundreds of prominent international dignitaries and MPs from the United States, Europe and the Middle East. The message will highlight the necessity to establish a united front against Iran-sponsored international extremism under the banner of Islam.

     Joined by an anticipated +100,000 members of the Iranian Diaspora, these political figures will express their support for the Iranian people’s demand of regime change in Iran. This rally will be the voice of widespread social protests against the mullahs’ regime inside Iran, escalating prior to last month’s presidential election sham and continuing as we speak.

    And considering the mullahs’ practices of domestic crackdown, continuous meddling and terrorism in the region and beyond, and advancing its nuclear/ballistic missile programs, this convention will demand a firm international approach in the face of Iran’s belligerence.

     I am certain that that the presence and solidarity of various Western and Arabic governments and nations will be very inspirational for all. I hope that I, as an Iranian who has decided to be the voice of my people, can be successful in sending their message: the Iranian people are determined, at any price, to topple the mullahs’ regime once and for all.


    Source: Dissident Provides Harrowing Account Of Iran’s Prisons

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    MEPs support Free Iran rally in Paris 

    Message of Support by Vice-President of European Parliament Human Rights Commission from Spain for Grand Gathering of Iranian Resistance on July 1, 2017
    Ms. Beatriz Becerra, Vice-President of the European Parliament’s Human Rights Commission, from Spain has sent a message of solidarity and support for the grand gathering of Iranian Resistance held on July 1, 2017.
    She said in her message:

    My name is Beartiz Becerra and I am a Spanish member of the European Parliament.
    I am also the vice-chair of human rights subcommittee in this Parliament. The situation of human rights in Iran is terrible. Iran has the highest number of executions in the world per capita. Top officials in this regime are known to have taken part in mass executions in previous years including the current minister of justice, Pour-Mohammadi, who is in the cabinet of so-called moderate Rouhani.
    This minister was a member of the “death committee” responsible for execution of over 30,000 political prisoners mostly from the PMOI in the summer of 1988. This regime has not changed over the past decades and we have absolutely no hope for a change in Iran as long as the mullahs are in power.
    The situation of women is also a grave concern for us as they are regarded as second class citizens and many women activists are now in jail. Despite all of this, I am happy that strong opposition exists inside and outside Iran calling for a regime change.

    We support the leader of Iranian opposition, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, and her political agenda for a free Iran. I have attended the Iranian opposition gathering in Paris before. The next one is on Saturday July 1st which I hope it will be a great success. Good luck and keep up the good work.

    Jozo Radoš MEP supports Free Iran rally in Paris

    Solidarity message from the European Parliament Member, former Croatian Defense Minister, for the Grand Gathering of Iranian Resistance in Paris
    Mr. Jozo Rados, European Parliament member and the former Croatian Defense Minister, announced his support, in a message for the Grand Gathering of the Iranian Resistance in June 2017.
    Mr. Jozo Rados in this message said:

    My name is Jozo Rados, and I am a representative of the European Parliament from Croatia. Before that, I was a representative of the Croatian Parliament, also Defense Minister. I would like to take this opportunity to express my best wishes for free Iran Grand rally in Paris on July 1st. We have great sympathy with the Iranian resistance in the European Parliament. I have lived under dictatorship, and I understand, what it means to be in the resistance. Iran’s opposition leader, Madam Maryam Rajavi has come to the European Parliament several times, and we support her goals for a non-religious and democratic Iran.

    I know, thousands of Iranians will attend the Paris summit of July 1 to call for regime change, because there is no democracy under the rule of the mullahs. The last election was just a show, there was no representative of the opposition. So we have to work together to be the voice of the Iranian people, who has experienced so much of hardships in these years.
    For all of you, I have the best wishes for a successful gathering in Paris.

    Member of European Parliament from Slovania Support Iranian Resistance Gathering

    Milan Zver, member of European Parliament from Slovania, in a video message announced his support for the grand gathering of Iranian Resistance on July 1 in Paris.
    Mr. Zver said in his message:

    My name is Milan Zver, member of European Parliament from Slovenia. I have been supporting the Iranian democratic opposition for many years.

    We are glad that the Iranian opposition leader, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi has been here several times. She enjoys widespread support in European Parliament and we support her 10-point plan for the future of a free Iran. I know that Iranian Resistance annual gathering will be held on July 1st in Paris. This is a very important meeting and it will be another step for regime change in Iran.
    Iranian public have suffered very much and they deserve to live in a democratic Iran. So, I wish you all the best for the Free Iran event in Paris.

    Solidarity message of Romanian MP for Free Iran grand gathering

    The Solidarity message of Romanian Parliament’s MP from the Grand Gathering of the Iranian Resistance Villepinte in Paris
    Romanian parliamentarian Mrs. Romano Nicoara announced in a message her congratulations for the grand gathering of the Iranian Resistance, which will take place in July, 1st, 2017 at the Villipinte Paris.

    In this message she says:

    Dear friends, I, Romeo Nicoara, Member of the Romanian Parliament, through this letter, would like to congratulate the Iranian people and the Iranian Resistance members and supporters for their great achievements in their fight for a democratic republic in Iran.

    Including this great victory of the migration of more than 3,000 members of the resistance from Iraq to Albania, where I witnessed the uninterrupted efforts of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi for safe transfer of these members outside of Iraq.
    This year, like previous years we, the Romania Parliamentarian Committee for Free Iran will participate in the annual gathering of the Iranian Resistance held in Paris at the beginning of July and together with you we will make sure that the cry of help of the oppressed people of Iran under the dictatorship regime, is heard throughout the world.
    Increasing national and international support of Mrs. Rajavi’s 10-point program for Iran, heralds the coming of spring in the country.
    I wish to ask all Iranians to participate in the Paris gathering, and together with the resistance, call for a moratorium on executions, torture and repression in their country.
    On behalf of the Romanian Parliamentarian Committee for Free Iran, we call upon all international authorities and figures who support the Iranian Resistance in their fight for peace and freedom of the Iranian people, to issue a declaration for the International Community at this gathering to raise awareness on export of terrorism by the Iranian government, to stop human rights violations in Iran and to urge for the inclusion of the name of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in the black list of international terrorist organizations.
    For as long as the mullahs rule Iran and export terrorism to other countries in and out of the region, and provide them with financial and military support, catastrophes around the world will be even more painful.Sanctions on the Iranian regime and cutting off its military arms in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and other countries, opens the way for the people’s uprising in Iran, and with the overthrow of the Iranian religious dictatorship, I am sure that we will witness a democratic republic in Iran led by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi.
    Looking forward to meeting you all in Villepinte – Paris on 1st of July 2017.

    Romanian MP Vlad Duroch supports Free Iran grand gathering

    The Solidarity message of Vlad Duroch, the Romanian Parliament representative for the grand gathering of the Iranian Resistance in Villepinte, Paris
    Romanian parliamentarian Vlad Duroch announced his congratulations for the grand gathering of the Iranian Resistance, which will take place in July, 1st, 2017 at the Villpinte Paris.
    I, Vlad Duroch, member of the Romanian Parliament salute you all. I have recently been introduced to the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) under the leadership of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi and support their democratic approaches and the 10-point program for establishing a democratic republic in Iran.
    The overthrow of the religious dictatorship in Iran will only take place through solidarity of the people of Iran, therefore I call on all Iranians around the world to join us in the 1st of July annual gathering in Paris and be the voice of the oppressed people of Iran.
    I was born after the Romanian revolution and have not experience life under a dictator regime however in the 21st century, the Internet can help us get a better understanding of the fate of the oppressed people under dictator regime rules. Today the Iranian nation with an ancient civilization are deprived of minimum human rights. Iranian women do not have the right to choose their attire or be candidate in presidential election, nor they have the right to be judges, also men in Iran are under other types of oppressions in this religious dictatorship.
    Iran has the highest rate of executions per capita in the world compared to its population, and worse, Iran performs public executions, stoning and amputations. To think that such a regime can change from within is just an illusion. The solution for changes is only by the hands of the Iranian people under the leadership of the NCRI.

    Petri Sarvamaa MEP from Finland supports Free Iran gathering

    The support of Petri Sarvamaa, the European Parliament’s representative from Finland, for the grand gathering of the Iranian Resistance in Paris
    Mr. Petri Sarvamaa, the European Parliament’s representative from Finland, in a message, announced his support for the grand gathering of Iranian resistance in June 2017.
    Mr. Petri Sarvamaa said: The people of Iran are living under a religious dictatorship today. Thousands of people have been executed, including 30,000 people who were massacred in the summer of 1988. No officials have ever been brought to justice because of the crimes against humanity.
    We know, that until the dictatorship of the mullahs is in place, the people of Iran are not allowed to express their free expression. Even holding elections in Iran is nothing more than a horrific joke. For one simple reason, that there are no real candidates. So I’m very happy, that a large number of Iranians, tens of thousands, will gather in Paris on July 1.
    We have a great relationship here in the European Parliament with the leadership of the Free Iran Movement, under leadership of Madam Maryam Rajavi. So I wanted to take this opportunity, and wish you to have a very successful and good meeting in Paris.



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    Live webcast of the Grand Gathering for a Free Iran – Stop Iranian Regime’s Meddling in the Region 

    Grand Gathering 1 July Paris

    For nearly four decades the Iranian people have been faced with systematic suppression, vast imprisonment and torture, and subjugated to the mullahs’ daily executions, as the ruling theocracy struggles to keep its power via suppression and destabilizing the region through its terrorism.

    For 38 years Iran has been turned into a large prison where today, 80 million have been taken hostage within their own country.

    Live on websites 3

    Our Message: Regime Change in Iran is inevitable

    It is high time for the international community to recognize the desire of the Iranian people for regime change by the people of Iran.

    It is time for all governments to stand with peace and take all necessary measures to evict the Iranian regime from the region, in particular the IRGC and its proxies from Syria.

    Join us for grand gathering of a Free Iran-July 1, 2017 Paris

    On Saturday 1 July 2017 we will have live webcast from this important event, so you can watch this important event from beginning to end on this weblog.

    For watching the live Broadcast of the Gathering you can click on the below links:

    Live: Grand Gathering of Iranians for a #FreeIran Villepinte July 1, 2017

    Live Broadcast of the Grand Gathering for a Free Iran in Paris, 1 July 2017

    Live on websites

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    Hundreds of European parliamentarians condemn human rights abuses in Iran and Call for Blacklisting IRGC 


    265 MEP

    By Dr. Majid Rafizadeh

    Hundreds of members of the European Parliament have strongly condemned human rights violations by the Iranian regime, and called for the terrorist designation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) involved in multiple regional conflicts. According to Amnesty International, “Iran alone accounted for 55% of all recorded executions” in the world in 2016.

    The list of 265 parliamentarians represents a wide array of political tendencies and groups and comes as popular resentment builds toward the regime in the context of a renewed focus on the 1988 massacre of thousands of political dissidents.

    In a joint statement issued on Monday by Gérard Deprez, Chair of the Friends of a Free Iran in the European Parliament, the MEPs blasted Tehran for its abysmal human rights record, saying that the situation has worsened under the Iranian regime’s president Hassan Rouhani. During Rouhani’s first four years, the parliamentarians said, Iran had the highest number of executions per capita in the world, with a staggering nearly 3,000 hangings.

    The MEPs in Brussels added Rouhani’s minister of justice is a self-confessed murderer who was a member of the Death Committee, ordering the execution of over 30,000 political prisoners in 1988, mostly from the main opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK). The parliamentarians issued a call for “the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Human Rights Council to set up a commission of inquiry to investigate the 1988 massacre of political prisoners in Iran.”

    European governments must make ties to Iran contingent on a halt to executions and a “clear progress on human rights and women’s rights,” they said.

    The MEPs, including 4 vice presidents and 23 committee and delegation chairs, also underscored the mullahs’ destructive regional role, urging the blacklisting of the IRGC, which has a prominent role in deadly and prolonged conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Yemen. A previous statement shed light on women rights in Iran, elections, executions of minors and IRGC activities: “We are extremely worried about the high number of executions in Iran. More than 3000 people have been hanged during the first term of the ‘moderate’ President Hassan Rouhani ….Iran also remains a leading executioner of prisoners who were under the age of 18 at the time of their arrest. In a public speech on Iranian television, Rouhani described executions as “a good law” and “the law of God!” He also openly expressed full support for Bashar Assad even after the chemical attack in April which killed many people, including children. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) that controls most of the Iranian economy is involved in both internal suppression and spreading death and destruction in the rest of the region. According to Iranian regime’s laws, women are banned from becoming President and pursuing leadership positions in the judiciary and many other areas. Women are repressed for improper veiling and many women activists are sentenced to longterm imprisonment. Girls as young as nine can be married even to their stepfathers. Recently revealed evidence by a senior cleric inside Iran confirmed that the current Iranian Justice Minister was a key member of the so called “Death Committee” that approved the summary mass executions of over 30,000 political prisoners, including several thousand women, in Iran in the summer of 1988 – a massacre which Amnesty International has described as a crime against humanity. Most of the victims were affiliated with the opposition PMOI. We therefore call on the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the UN Human Rights Council, to set up a commission of inquiry on the 1988 massacre of political prisoners in Iran. The elections in Iran are not free and fair. Opposition is banned. All candidates have to declare their heartfelt belief to the concept of supreme clerical rule. An unelected body named the ‘Guardian Council’, whose members are appointed by supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei, disqualifies most of the candidates.”

     MEP Gérard Deprez, President of the parliamentary group Friends of a Free Iran, said, “In order to express our solidarity with the Iranian democratic opposition, I will attend the Free Iran gathering in Paris on 1 July where I will present the support of 265 members of the European Parliament for this joint declaration.” He added “Also, we are very much concerned by the destructive role of the Iranian regime in the region. Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is mainly active in Syria and Iraq and must be put on the international black lists. IRGC also runs most of Iranian economy. So our European companies who want to sign economic deals with Iran, take a high risk of dealing directly and indirectly with IRGC which is really a terrorist organization.”

    The strongly-worded declaration urges “the EU and the European Member States, the US and the UN to condemn human rights violations in Iran, blacklist the IRGC and call for those who were involved in crimes against humanity to be brought to international tribunals.”

    This is a robust move to stand up and speak out for universal human rights, women rights, peace and justice.



    Dr. Majid Rafizadeh President of the International American Council and board member of the US-Middle East Chamber of Business and Commerce and Harvard IR.



    Source: Hundreds of European parliamentarians condemn human rights abuses in Iran and Call for Blacklisting IRGC


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    Scope of Iranian Missile Program Exposed 

    Iranian ballistic missile tests are seen as blatant evidence that the regime there continues to pursue nuclear weapons and the Iranian resistance is now detailing the scope and aggressiveness of the missile program.

    On Tuesday, the National Council of Resistance of Iran, or NCRI, unveiled new evidence to explain that far from Iran ratcheting down it’s threat to the Middle East and the world, it has been accelerating its effort ever since it became clear the West was committed to making a deal back in 2015.

    “Tehran had decided (before the the nuclear deal was finalized) to step up their efforts on the missile side of their rogue behavior, namely expanding both the production of the missiles but their readiness to deploy them and make them operational,” said Alireza Jafarzadeh, deputy director of the NCRI’s U.S. office.

    Jafarzadeh says the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, or IRGC, is taking a bigger role in the missile program through the Aerospace Force.

    “It used to be called the Air Force of the IRGC, basically having helicopters control airports and all of that.  Since a few years ago, they changed the whole structure into Aerospace Force, meaning the dominance is with the missile program.  Most of their work is the expansion of the missile program,” said Jafarzadeh.

    The new report, gathered through intelligence sources in Iran who are hostile to the regime, shows a vast network of facilities working on the missile program.

    “We managed to identify, so far, 42 different locations around the country that are dedicated to their missile program, and they include sites that are engaged in the design, production, testing, and launching their missiles,” said Jafarzadeh.

    The 2015 Iran nuclear deal did not force Iran to make any concessions with respect to ballistic missiles, but Jafarzadeh says the current efforts do violate United Nations Security Council resolutions against Iran missile development.

    He also asserts that the revelations expose violations of the nuclear deal since many of the ballistic missiles only serve one purpose – to carry nuclear warheads.

    “One of the troubling things we found out during our investigation was that there was a direct connection between the nuclear weapons program of Iran and their missile program.  These are not two separate entities,” said Jafarzadeh.

    Jafarzadeh says one of the bases on the list, Semnan, is a smoking gun of collaboration between the nuclear weapons program and the advancement of missile capability.  He says the agency tasked with weaponizing nukes, STND, is joined at the hip with the missile program at Semnan.

    “We found out that every week there is a high-level delegation from STND going from Tehran to Semnan, doing some activities and coming back.  So that’s a very troubling thing,” he said.

    He also says the new intelligence sheds even more light on just how cozy Iran is with North Korea.

    “The other element we found out was the extensive connection and collaboration between North Korea and Iran on their missile programs, to the extent that North Korean experts, when they travel to Iran to help the missile program, they stay at the private residence area that the regime has allocated for the North Koreans.  They don’t check into some hotel,” said Jafarzadeh.

    “Vice versa, the Iranian missile experts travel to North Korea and spend time and exchange ideas and views and expertise,” he added.

    The locations of these missile bases are also very suspicious, according to Jafarzadeh.

    “Most of the sites focusing on production were in the central part of the country near Tehran.  All the sites related to launching and operations were either on the western border of the country, which brings them closer to their targets in Europe and the western side of the world, or the southern part of the country near the Persian Gulf,” said Jafarzadeh.

    “That makes the Iran regime much more accessible to the Persian Gulf countries, making very clear the objective of their entire missile program.  It’s not for defensive purposes.  This is meant to intimidate.  This is meant to dominate,” he said.

    “And most importantly, on top of all of these things, it is meant to give the Iranian regime the ability to build the bomb and to be able to carry it.  That is to say building a nuclear warhead.  That is their ultimate objective,” said Jafarzadeh.

    Source: Scope of Iranian Missile Program Exposed

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    Rouhani’s 2nd term will be riddled with more crisis & intensified factional feuding for the regime. 

    Shahin Gobadi

     Spokesman People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK): 

    Rouhani’s 2nd term will be riddled with more crisis & intensified factional feuding for the regime.

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    Regime change in Iran appears increasingly attainable 

    By Ken Blackwell

    Thirty years after President Reagan seized upon an historic opportunity to bring down the Iron Curtain, there are growing indications that President Trump can make similarly historic strides in the conflict between the US and the new Evil of our time: Islamic extremism.
    In its first five months, President Trump’s presidency has witnessed dramatic shifts from the policies normalized by the Obama administration. Few are as significant or wide-ranging as the changes in American dealings with the Islamic Republic of Iran.
    The new attitude enjoys rare bipartisan support in Congress, and with good cause. The conciliatory policy of Trump’s predecessor resulted in an ineffectual nuclear agreement and tens of billions of dollars in sanctions relief for a regime that remains the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism.
    President Obama had insisted the Deal would prompt Tehran to moderate it behavior, but since the nuclear deal, Iran’s regime has only become more belligerent and more prone to human rights abuses, both within its own territory and across the Middle East.
    In his speech at the Arab-US summit on May 21, Trump emphasized that Tehran is responsible for much instability in the region. From Lebanon to Iraq to Yemen, the Iranian regime funds, arms, and trains terrorists and extremist groups that spread destruction and chaos. For decades, Iran has fueled the fires of sectarian conflict while openly advocating mass murder, vowing the destruction of Israel, death to America, and ruin for many nations. Among Iran’s most tragic and destabilizing interventions is its support for the Syrian dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad in the midst of its unspeakable crimes.
    But the Iranian regime’s longest-suffering victims are its own people, as President Trump has rightly pointed out. Iran has a rich history and culture, but the people of Iran have endured hardship and despair under their leaders’ reckless pursuit of conflict and terror.
    The US has a strategic and moral imperative to push back. The new administration has strengthened ties with adversaries of the Islamic Republic. It has also increased sanctions on Iran’s dangerous ballistic missile program and taken steps toward isolating the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).
    The overwhelming majority of Iranians have become disillusioned with the regime. The world saw this in massive uprisings in 2009, but by reaching out to the tyrants ruling Iran, the Obama administration helped doom them to violent suppression. Nevertheless, there are still constant reports of protests over unpaid wages, minimum social warfare, rampant corruption at the top of the regime, and so on.
    These trends point to the popular support that exists for regime change. But the question then becomes whether that popular sentiment has the necessary organization to bring it to fruition.
    Some contend that there is no such movement and that the opposition is fractured or lacking in support. In that case, the best strategy would be to merely contain the regime. But Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has repeatedly stated in recent weeks that any change in Tehran’s behavior would be tantamount to the regime change. Faced with this attitude, containment is clearly not a realistic possibility.
    A growing number of observers are making the case that there is a viable alternative. They point out that unlike many other cases in the Middle East, the Iranian opposition is organized in the form of the National Council of Resistance of Iran. It has an identifiable female leader, Maryam Rajavi, who has a progressive, democratic ten-point plan for the future of Iran.
    The support among the diaspora is evident in its annual major gatherings in Paris (scheduled for July 1st), which draw tens of thousands of Iranian expatriates and their international supporters. It has solid bipartisan support among US congressmen and senior national security officials from the past four administrations.
    For years the level of opposition support inside of Iran was an issue of dispute. It has been true that the key movement of the coalition, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (POMI/MEK) has witnessed the brunt of the regime’s suppression and some 100,000 of its activists have been executed over the years.
    One noticeable change in the Iranian political landscape has been a substantial upsurge in domestic activism of the MEK. Its activists throughout the country have been risking arrest and torture by hanging banners and posters in major express ways and walkways urging regime change and support for Maryam Rajavi. The July 1 rally is expected to be viewed by millions, via a banned Resistance television network.
    The Trump administration has moved Iran policy in the right direction but has yet to exploit the unique opportunity to turn the page against the ayatollahs for good, for the betterment of the Iranian people and the world as a whole.
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    Grand Gathering of Iranians for Freedom and Democracy 


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