Chair of Foreign Affairs Committee of NCRI: Iran Election Is a Prop to Keep Regime in Power

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The Media Express

As the election cycle of Iran draws to a close, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Mohammad Mohaddessin sat down for an interview with Media Express to answer key questions regarding the election process and its impact on the Iranian people. Below is a tutorial on how the Iran elections work and why they are best called a “sham” election.

Q: Over the past several days, the Iranian presidential candidates have increasingly been slandering each other. The question is why are candidates, whom you suggest are part of the regime, making such revelations against each other in public? Some might claim there is a genuine competition.

Let me be clear. When we say all the candidates are part of the system and loyal to the Supreme Leader, this is not our claim, but it is an undeniable fact acknowledged by the candidates…

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