Iran: Rouhani Backs Assad on Chemical Attack

The Media Express

According to Iranian state media, President Hassan Rouhani expressed his support for the Syrian leader Bashar Assad’s chemical attack in early April and even accusing the opposition for the attack.

“The use of chemical weapons…was aimed to diverse the general public’s attention from the truth. We must not permit terrorists use such weaponry, then accuse others and provide pretexts for measures in violation of international regulations,” said Rouhani.

For the past 38 years, the Iranian president has accused the Iranian opposition of oppressing and killing the Iranian people, and considers deceiving the international community on Tehran’s nuclear program is one of his main sources of pride.

photo1 Mohammad Reza

An interview with Mohammad Reza Ne’matzadeh, the Minister of Industries and Mines, made comments regarding Rouhani’s relationship with Khamenei.

“Rouhani once said in a cabinet meeting how he asked [Khamenei] what is in our interest. Should I participate or not? [Khamenei] emphasized…

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