Victims of 1988 Iranian Massacre

The Media Express

On March 14, 2017, a side meeting entitled “Massacre of Political Prisoners in Iran from 1988 to 2017” was held at the UN. Mrs. Zinat Mirhashemi, an activist, spoke during the meeting and noted that it was not only members of the PMOI that were victims of this massacre.

She noted that there were communists and cultural figures that were among the victims. They were sentenced to death without a lawyer or defence counsel. Their families are seeking justice for their children and loved ones.

unnamed (5) Zinat Mirhashemi

“These bereaved mothers have been fighting all their lives to denounce the crimes committed by the fundamentalist Islamic regime and to maintain the memory of those who fell victim to the repression in 1988,” said Mirhashemi. “What happened in Iranian prisons in 1988 left deep scars on the body and soul of the Iranian people. We cannot remain silent in the face of…

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