The Oppression of Women in Iran

The Media Express

For many Iranian women, their political access is limited to non-existent. The result is over half the population is silenced and marginalized to keep a fundamentalist Islam and keep the mullahs in power. Those who attempt to speak out against the discrimination and oppression of women in Iranian society, find themselves suffering degrading public punishments or ill-treatment and torture during long prison sentences.

the-oppression-of-women-in-iran Shahnaz Akmali and her sun Mostafa Karim Beigi

Other female prisoners simply disappear, as in the case of Shahnaz Akmali. Her son, Mostafa Karim Beigi, was one of the victims of the 2009 uprising in Iran. Akmali was arrested at her work by agents from the Ministry of Intelligence on January 25. She was then transported to her home, where her premises and belongings were searched. The agents then confiscated all of her property and she has not been seen or heard from since. Her family…

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