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c5wjiqpvyae2fotIn Iran, there have been multiple protests throughout the month of February. Iranian workers have been actively protesting working conditions and a lack of pay. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has not taken these protests lightly. According to reports on February 21, IRGC guards beat up a fed-up worker who protested against not being paid and poor working conditions at the Iran Khodro Company, an automaker.

The worker later released a clip documenting his injuries. “I decided to appear in front of [the] camera in such a beaten state to show that [is] how these scamps deal with someone who dares to speak out,” he said. “Ever since the Revolutionary Guards took charge of the factory, the situation for us poor workers has even worsened.”

He claimed that the IRGC is “doing nothing at the factory but plundering and theft. They force workers to work like slaves. Corruption is…

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