Iran: 4 Day Protests in Ahwaz ,”Death to tyranny”, “death to repression”

The crises that emerge in Khuzestan province in the south of Iran is just the latest contribution of neglect from the clerical regime. After years of exploitation of the province’s natural resources the province who once was one of the most fertile areas in Iran has turned into a dessert.

On February 11 this year a number of power stations failed and water and electricity in the most major cities of the province were cut off. This is a result of years of neglected maintenance on the powerplant and water stations. The regime also redirected the river’s Karoon and Karkheh turning the province into a dessert. The excessive building of dams and the oil ministry’s use of cheap and quick methods of oil extraction have dried up the ponds and lakes in the area including the famous Hoor al-Azim wetland and Shadegan lagoon.

This has turned into a national crisis that must be taken seriously by the regime, unfortunately, it is the conduct of the regime that is behind this crises. The people of Ahwaz has finally had enough of the exploitation from the regime and has taken to the streets to protest this injustice. There is no doubt that the reason for this crises is in Tehran, it is a direct consequence of the bad governing by the clerical regime. This is yet another evidence that the regime is expired and must be replaced with a government that is putting the preservation of the natural environment as a priority. Maybe the area can be saved if immediate action is taken to save it.

Also, the residents of the area suffer when the environment is suffering, starvation and different diseases are the results of, no access to clean water. This area was once the food basket of southern Iran but the mullahs have slowly turned into a dessert.

The Iranian mullahs regime is the source of all the acute problems that have caused frequent water and power cut-offs and led to unemployment and various diseases, MRS Rajavi said. She also pointed out: one cannot expect the mullahs the regime’s leaders and officials provide any solutions.

The solution lies in the people’s escalation of protests and uprising to overthrow the regime, there will be no change before there is a regime change in Iran.

The people of Ahwaz have had enough of the regime, for the third day in a row they are out in the streets shouting “death to tyranny” “death to repression”, “we, the people of Ahwaz, won’t accept oppression”, “incompetent officials must be expelled”, “impostor Ebtekar, resign, resign”, “clean air is our right, Ahwaz is our city”, “shame on the state security force”, and “ unite, unite”, it is now time for all of Iran to unite to overthrow the dictators in Tehran they have done enough harm to the Iranian people, people deserve to live in freedom and democracy, that will never happen if the mullahs is ruling.

Source:  4 Day Protests in Ahwaz,”Death to tyranny”, “death to repression” — Freedom Lovers 4 Syria & Iran