Iran’s Plasco Catastrophe: Who Is Responsible?


By reading this article,you will gain  useful information about the depth of corruption in the religious dictatorship ruling Iran.

Iran Commentary

The horrific inferno that engulfed Tehran’s iconic Plasco building, rendering a heartbreaking scene of a 20-story building crumbling to the ground, and accidentally broadcasted live on state TV, came as a catastrophic shock for all Iranians.

To add to the pain, dozens of brave firemen who rushed to the scene ultimately sacrificed their lives in an effort to save their brethren. And amazingly, the Iranian regime refuses to provide an exact number of firefighters who perished in a disaster that should have prevented. Reports have circled of 30 and up to 75 losing their lives in this tragedy.

Iranian opposition leader Maryam Rajavi “extended her condolences to the people of Tehran and particularly the families of the victims on this tragic loss and urged Tehran’s residents to rush to the aid of the injured.”

This incident has terrified the mullahs’ regime as all Iranians realized the predictable and preventable nature…

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