#FreeIran #Telethon

We all want freedom of the press and the media to reflect all news and developments as they are. So please help Simay Azadi (Iran National Television, INTV) to continue its extraordinary work.


In Iran, we need a free media to be the voice of the people of Iran and the region at a time when the Iranian regime is thoroughly filtering the country’s news and brutally repressing independent journalism.

Although Iran stands on an ocean of oil, corruption and destructive government policies have condemned many of the country’s people to absolute poverty. Some 7,500 find no shelter from the freezing cold other than cemeteries and open graves.

Meanwhile, young people receive lashes in public and are hanged on ambiguous and false charges; women have acid thrown in their faces in retaliation for “improper hijab” or “mal-veiling”; and heroic people in Syria are made victims of genocide by Assad regime and its main supporter, the Iranian regime. All these people need a media to be their voice.

People of the region and the world need a media to reflect the news about the religious extremists who exploit and destroy innocent lives to achieve their political goals in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and elsewhere.

This media is the volunteer-run satellite TV channel, Simay Azadi.

The Iranian regime has arrested, imprisoned and tortured many reporters of Simay Azadi and has even executed many of them on the charges of delivering news to or otherwise cooperating with this network.

Simay Azadi is banned in Iran and the regime considers watching this satellite TV channel a crime. However, Simay Azadi is one of the most popular TV channels in Iran because it brings the spirit of hope for a free future to young people, women and men of all ages. That is why the regime tries to silence the network’s voice through satellite jamming, confiscation of satellite receiver equipment, and other means.

This non-profit Simay Azadi needs your help to continue its extraordinary and much needed work. Join our campaign to help this network by contributing whatever amount you are able, and then ask your friends and colleagues to join us as well.


Source : Pledge Drive For Freedom In Iran-Support The Free Voice For Iran