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    #StandWithAleppo 155K views on @Rami_Zien’s first live broadcast from #Aleppo 


    ramiRami Zein is an ordinary resident of East Aleppo, he had a twitter account with less than 200 followers, @Rami_Zien on Sunday during a major twitter campaigning for the Children of Aleppo #StandWithAleppo he decided to broadcast live, his first broadcast was 7 seconds, he turned off because he felt that there is not enough light, but then he said, let’s do this,

    Amazing result, 155 thousand people watched him live and started asking him questions about the situation in Aleppo, the live broadcast  lasted for around 1 hours,

    Watch for yourselves.

    More click on the following link : 

    via #StandWithAleppo 155K views on @Rami_Zien’s first live broadcast from #Aleppo — iranarabspring

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    The Last Farewell: Iran Hangs More Young People 

    Iran Hangs More Young People.jpg

    Execution a young man in public in Iran


    By Letters To The Editor
    It’s Thursday morning Nov. 24, In Karaj, a small city just off the Iranian capital city of Tehran. Just as the sun comes out, four people are hanged in the city’s central prison.

    On what charges?
    It is not important, the authorities will find something.
    The night before, Prisoners met with their families for the last time. A day before four other Iranians were hanged in Qeshm, south of Iran. They were all young. On Thursday – the day after – another prisoner was hanged in the Kurdish city of Mahabad. On the same day one person was executed in central Iran. This was after he spent 18 years in prison. A week before, a month or a year before, … or a month after, the regime of Iran keeps executing its own people, many after weeks of imprisonment and torture. This has to be stopped.
    The International community should react to save those other prisoners in Iran already listed for execution. Why should a government, like that of the Ayatollahs, maintain its power by perishing innocent human lives?
    But despite the recent deceptive maneuver of changing the law and reducing the number of executions by the mullahs in Iran coincident with the general assembly session on the eve of elections shows the following.
    One hundred non-government organizations from around the world have signed a statement that calls for prosecution of Iran’s authorities responsible for the 1988 massacre of political Prisoners. The statement reads in part, “According to a former deputy to the Ministry of Intelligence, 33,700 political prisoners were executed in the massacre carried out on Khomeini’s orders in July 1988.” The statement refers to a video tape released by the son of the late Ayatollah Montazeri, a top ranking clergyman who was supposed to replace Khomeini after his death, but Khomeini relieved him of the post after Montazeri denounced the executions. The statement of one hundred NGOs continues, Ayatollah Montazeri wrote three letters of protest to Khomeini and the death commission, warning ‘the massacre of thousands of people in just a few days’ would have adverse consequences. The Mojahedin represent ‘an idea and a way of thinking,’ he wrote, and ‘their credibility will be enhanced” by the killings.’”
    The regime in Iran at its weakest point ever, is worried that people’s exasperation and scattered protests will merge into a mass uprising such as what happened in 1988. The regime uses executions and imprisonments to suppress people and to postpone such an occurrence. The Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) reported on Nov. 23 that, Hassan Norouzi, a member of the regime’s Parliament, in a shocking confession said: “5,000 people aged 20 to 30 years old are on death row. Most of them are first-time drug offenders.” (Mehr state run news agency – November 23).
    An NCRI report adds that Youssefian, another member of parliament, said: “We have executed so many, we execute every day … Rajaeeshahr 30, another place 20, another place 10, what was the result? In 1990 when I was the prosecutor in Mazandaran province, a report came from the office of education that when you execute one person, 20 to 30 other students don’t come to school … a lady said in the court … in Iran a whole family is executed, it is not the individual who gets executed.” (Farhag state-run radio November 23).

    Actions To Take

    One hundred of the world’s NGOs conclude their statement urging the world community:
    1. To strongly condemn the 1988 massacre and condition relations with the Iranian regime on an end to the current executions.
    2. UN to establish a truth commission about this massacre.
    3. UN High Commissioner on Human Rights and the Human Rights Council, the UN General Assembly and Security Council to put the investigation into this atrocity on their agenda, and to bring to justice its perpetrators and masterminds and to end the sorrows of families.
    Actions we take to protest to president Rouhani or other officials in the Iranian government may save human lives. As one authority in Iran has said “5,000 young people of 20 to 30 years old in Iran’s prisons are on death row.”
    5000 families will break out. 5000 families will lose a brother, sister, mom or dad. 5000 families, or more, will have their last visit and their last farewell.
    We in the rest of the world have to do something forte about this. The catastrophe needs to be stopped.
    Stes de Necker International Diplomatic Ambassador
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    Maryam Rajavi: The World Should Act Against Iran Regime, Saudi Arabia’s Daily Al-Riyadh 


    The Saudi Newspaper, Al-Riyadh reported on Monday 28th November 2016 that in respect to the summit held in Paris: ‘the president of the National Council of Resistance of Iran ( NCRI ), Maryam Rajavi insists that the US policy was disastrous for the Iranian people over the past 16 years and this …

    Source: Maryam Rajavi: The World Should Act Against Iran Regime, Saudi Arabia’s Daily Al-Riyadh

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    Think of Iranian Christians: Listen to their cries for freedom 

    I invite you read this good article about situation of Iranian Christians under rule of Mullahs regime.

    Iran Commentary

    download Christians in Iran

    By Donya Jam

    As an Iranian-American, it is very natural that the U.S. policy on Iran matters to me. And as the child of Iranian Christians, the fate of Christians in Iran is of particular interest to me.

    The existence of the Christian community in Iran dates back centuries and is a major part of the history of the country. For centuries, Muslims, Christians, Jews, and Zoroastrians got along fine in Iran. We were all Iranians and our religion was not an issue at all.

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    Paris, 26 Nov 2016 ‘Syrian people are not alone’ 

    The President-elect of the Iran resistance has reasserted her support and solidarity of the Syrian opposition’s struggle to end Assad’s bloodshed saying that the ‘Syrian people are not alone’.

    By : Rob Roberts

    Mrs. Rajavi from the pro-democracy coalition group NCRI (National Council of Resistance of Iran) was inviting Syrian dignitaries to address conference delegates from the Syrian and Iranian diaspora in Paris on Saturday Nov 26th at La Maison de La Mutualité.

    The aim of the conference was for the Syrian resistance to show solidarity with the Iran resistance in its shared vision to stop the further meddling in the neighbouring countries in the Middle East.

    The road of this movement

    Those present included prominent journalist and esteemed Syrian political thinker Michele Kilo, also Saleh Al-Qallab, Jordan’s former minister for publicity.

    Taking the microphone came Haitham al-Maleh, the Chairman of the Legal Committee of the Syrian National Council.

    Mr Maleh remarked that although he’d been part of the delegations committee in finding a solution on Syria that Russia continually blocks decisions for progress made by UN Security Council. And has even blocked a French project to intervene, preventing Assad to go to trial.

    The human cost

    Mr Maleh illustrated the human cost of the ongoing dictatorship of Assad where 200,000 woman and children have been killed in the conflict, sharing data that shows clearly that prisoners are continued victims of rape and torture. Mr Maleh took the opportunity remind us too that there are over 100,000 documented cases of prisoners killed in Syrian prisons.img_4935

    Furthermore there are 95,000 people fighting against the Syrian opposition supported by Rouhani or Putin. The strategy of Iran and Russia is to keep Assad in position, meaning there is currently no hope for peace in Syria.

    Groups like Deash are absolutely rejected by the Syrian people. The idea though is more in reaction to the Iranian situation and to prevent further conditions for slaughter.

    In the name of religion and racism

    The conference quite plainly outlined its resentment the Iran regime’s meddling in Syria, and that right now in people’s minds it’s not possible to disentangle Daesh from the regime’s support for Assad in Syria.420

    Brita Haji Hasan, Head of Aleppo City Council ran off a fact there are 45 different militias recorded in the region, using this to illustrate where the instability in the region stems from. And of which has been one of the causes towards the emergence of Daesh. The Iranian regime’s only objective itself, to export terrorism and fundamentalism.

    Additionally, given that the countries administration and finances have collapsed, it’s supposed that the Iran regime is ruling the cities in Syria. So how does Assad continue? Support from the Iranian regimes keeps the Assad administration alive, furthermore highlighting that if the Iranian regime were to be removed, could a gateway opportunity be opened towards bring down the Assad dictatorship?

    Fadel Abdul Ghany, Chairman of the Syrian Network for Human Rights spoke further about the war crimes perpetrated by the regime, saying they were carried out in a thoroughly structured manner.img_4510

    Mr Ghany recalls a conversation between him and a journalist early into the conflict, who asked if Iran’s presence could help bring stability to Syria? No, his response, this regime simply doesn’t care about human life; Iran’s objective is simply to export terrorism and fundamentalism.

    Before 2012 Iran had been playing a role in Syria, but since 2012 came the beginning of a second era, leading to an ethnic ethnic war. And for which the Iranian regime stepped up with the narrative that they were intervening to protect religious spaces in Syria, which at this very moment ISIS was evolving. Leading the Iran regime to pay mercenaries to go to war.

    At today’s conference the Syrian resistance demonstrated their acute understanding of the conflict and their wish for a resolve, which must be achieved by judicial means. This pro-democratic alliance will be looking to the upcoming Trump administration to see where things go next for the henchmen of Iran.


    Rob Roberts is a UK-born journalist living in Paris. He writes about Paris and international.

    via Paris, 26 Nov 2016 ‘Syrian people are not alone’ — The Media Express

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    On Trump’s Presidential Victory: Losing Graciously and Winning Humbly 


    By : Dr. Majid Rafizadeh President of the International American Council

    If politics were like sports, the losers would take their losses graciously; but Washington politics are not like sports.

    Some still appear to have a difficult time at accepting the results of the presidential election, but they should not act like an attorney who lost his case before the judge, and walks outside seeking to re litigate it in front of the public and the media. They should not be in the pounding table and yelling stage, but they should understand that the case is closed.

    Some are even heavily criticizing potential Cabinet nominees even before the President-elect Donald Trump has picked any specific individual for the key White House positions.

    For example, Daniel Benjamin, a former Coordinator for Counter terrorism at the State Department, recently posted an article in regard to the potential Cabinet nominees as well as a grassroots Iranian organization.

    We should adequately and meticulously analyze the politics, facts, and the law.

    The Politics

    On politics, the 2016 elections are over: Donald Trump won. Republicans control the White House, Senate, and the House of Representatives, and the decades-old policy of appeasement of the Islamic Republic of Iran has received a major blow. Therefore, let’s just get over it.

    The Facts

    On Nov. 23, Benjamin launched a broadside against the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran/Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (PMOI/MEK); it is the largest and best-organized Iranian opposition movement within the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), which acts as the parliament-in-exile.

    He criticized a number of former U.S. officials including Mayor Rudy Giuliani for their support for the MEK. In a recent article, he said, “With Giuliani, as perhaps with Gingrich and others, the attraction to the MEK may be more grounded in plain old greed than foreign policy.”

    Nevertheless, there exists robust evidence, gathered by U.S. officials, confirming that the mainstream MEK was not responsible for the killing of U.S. citizens in Iran. Rather, those assassinations were the work of a breakaway Marxist-Leninist faction, known as Peykar, which hijacked the movement after the arrest and execution of the leaders of the MEK and killed both the MEK members who resisted the hijacking of their organization and several Americans in Tehran.

    Upon being released from prison during the 1979 Revolution, after serving 8 years of his life term, MEK leader “[Massoud] Rajavi had to rebuild the organization, which had been badly battered by the Peykar experience,” said Patrick Clawson in a Council on Foreign Relations interview. He is an Iran scholar and director of research at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

    The Law

    In March 2012, the Treasury Department seemed to suspect that advocates of the MEK were providing material support for a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO). The Department began to issue subpoenas to distinguished former U.S. officials who advocated on behalf of the MEK. But Treasury ended its inquiry about a year after the courts and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delisted the MEK in September.

    Treasury cited no violations of any laws, either by the Iranian-Americans who were organizing the conferences or the speakers who appeared at these events. So, there is no legal leg on which anyone can make the case that advocates of the MEK were or are in violation of the law, which prohibits providing material support to a listed organization. And, more fundamentally, one is innocent until proven guilty.

    Mr. Benjamin wrote that the MEK “inclusion on the FTO list underscored a central principle of U.S. counter terrorism policy, namely, that the target of terrorist violence is irrelevant, and the killing of innocents to advance a political agenda is always wrong.” But according to a report by Dr. Kenneth Katzman, Specialist in Middle Eastern Affairs, at the Congressional Research Service, State Department reports on international terrorism till 2011 did not assert that MEK ever targeted civilians purposely.

    And most importantly the European Court and the United States ruled in favor of the MEK. Therefore, getting the politics, facts, and the law correctly is critical.

    The Way Forward

    First, based on politics, facts, and law, refrain from falling back; rather let us look forward together.

    Second, the future lies with those who lose gracefully and those who win humbly, as Clinton and Trump have done so well.

    Third, former Camp Liberty residents of MEK held under strenuous conditions by the Iraqi Government are now in Albania and other European countries.

    The US thanked Albania for resettling members of MEK, “U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has used a visit to Albania to thank the government for resettling members of an Iranian opposition group known as the Mujahedin e Khalq, or MEK”

    The real debate, however, is over the U.S. policy on Iran. On the one hand, those who favor the policy of appeasement wish to follow in the footsteps of President Obama. But they are on their way out, with little chance for having any substantial impact at least for the next four years.

    On the other hand, there are those who favor holding the Iranian regime accountable for its hostility and terrorism against the United States and its allies in the region. They have also called for imposing additional sanctions for Iran’s abysmal human rights record, and its involvement in terrorism. They are also on the record that they like to see democratic change in Iran by relying on the Iranian people.

    For its part, we cannot escape the fact that the MEK appears to be the single mostimportant internal player that can facilitate the democratic change in Iran, as they have demonstrated their extraordinary ability to organize. That explains all the criticisms and attacks on the MEK as well as on those who espouse a favorable view about the MEK, including dozens of senior bipartisan former government officials, such as Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Speaker Newt Gingrich, Governors Howard Dean, Ambassador John Bolton, Secretary Tom Ridge and Governor Edward Rendell.
    The proponents of the appeasement policy should realize that the tide is turning, they won’t succeed in resisting it.


    You can sign up for Dr. Rafizadeh’s newsletter for the latest news and analyses on HERE.

    Harvard-educated, Dr. Majid Rafizadeh is an American political scientist, president of the International American Council on the Middle East, business advisor, and best-selling author. He serves on the advisory board of Harvard International Review.

    Dr. Rafizadeh is frequently invited to brief governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as speak, as a featured speaker, at security, business, diplomatic, and social events. He has been recipient of several fellowships and scholarships including from Oxford University, Annenberg, University of California Santa Barbara, Fulbright program, to name few He is regularly quoted and invited to speak on national and international outlets including CNN, BBC World TV and Radio, ABC, Aljazeera English, Fox News, CTV, RT, CCTV America, Skynews, CTV, and France 24 International, to name a few. . He analyses have appeared on academic and non-academic publications including New York Times International, Los Angeles Times, CNN, Farred zakaria GPS, The Atlantic, Foreign Policy, The Nation, The National. Aljazeera, The Daily Beast, The Nation, Jerusalem Post, The Economic Times, USA Today Yale Journal of International Affairs, Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, and Harvard International Review. He is a board member of several significant and influential international and governmental institutions, and he is native speaker of couple of languages including Persian, English, and Arabic. He also speaks Dari, and can converse in French, Hebrew. More at Harvard.

    You can also order his books on HERE.

    You can learn more about Dr. Rafizadeh on HERE.

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    Tancredo: Left Targets Giuliani for Fighting Terrorism too Energetically 

    The article originally posted on Breitbart‘ by former US member of Congress Tom Tancredo

    In a move that invites parody if not outright ridicule, the left-oriented Politico blog this week went after former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani for fighting Iran-sponsored terrorism too aggressively. Well, duh!

    n a week that saw “Fake News” become the number one topic of debate among mainstream journalists, Politico decided to double down on stupidity and serve up a prime example of fake news. The Washington post dutifully echoed the false accusations to give the lie a cloak of respectability not bestowed by Politico.

    Giuliani’s alleged violation was participating in events sponsored by an anti-Iran exile group, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI-MEK), a group that has widespread bipartisan support in Congress and that even John Kerry’s State Department admits has provided valuable intelligence on Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

    The PMOI/MEK is the largest and most influential member of the coalition of anti-Mullah groups, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), which acts as a government in exile while aiding pro-democracy forces inside Iran.

    Many members of Congress in both political parties have supported the work of the PMOI/MEK, including Democrat Sen. Robert Menendez, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, Rep. Ed Royce, and Sen. John McCain. Other prominent supporters include Newt Gingrich, John Bolton, former CIA Director James Woolsey, and Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz. I, too, while a member of Congress and also more recently, have participated in PMOI/MEK-sponsored conferences and can personally bear witness to the group’s anti-terrorism credentials.

    The fallacious, unproven charges repeated by Politico‘s headline that the PMOI “killed Americans” is based largely on an incident inside Iran back in the 1970’s, before the Mullahs came to power and 25 years before the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States.

    There has never been a shred of evidence that any members of the current PMOI were involved in those events, yet the American left is now using those discredited allegations to smear one of our nation’s fiercest anti-terrorism warriors, Rudy Giuliani.

    The charges against PMOI-MEK dredged up by Politico have been refuted by multiple investigations and are no longer given credence even by Obama’s State Department. For nearly two decades, those allegations arising from events in the 1970’s were used as a basis for listing the PMOI/MEK as a terrorist organization.

    • However, secret cables later revealed that the reason for that State Department listing in 1997 was Iran’s insistence on the listing as a condition for “normalizing” diplomatic relations.
    • In 2012, the State Department removed the group from that list because of the lack of evidence to justify it– and after a federal court agreed there was no basis under federal law for the erroneous listing.

    So, why is the political left suddenly so interested in smearing Rudy Giuliani?

    Could it have anything to do with Giuliani being one of two or three individuals on Donald Trump’s short list for Secretary of State? Do Democrats fear that the former NYC mayor might take the U.S. State Department in a new direction in opposing Iran’s vast network of financing for terrorist groups worldwide?

    If the American news media establishment had an ounce of integrity, this Politico smear campaign against Giuliani would be laughed out of town. Instead, in  an act of sheer desperation, prominent parts of the establishment media have joined the lynch mob. Obviously, this tells us more about the left’s motives and goals than it does about Giuliani.

    The establishment media have run interference for Obama’s Iran policy for eight years, and apparently prefer Mitt Romney over Rudy Giuliani as President Trump’s Secretary of State. Hopefully, that might be enough to tip the scales on that imminent decision in Trump Tower.


    via Tancredo: Left Targets Giuliani for Fighting Terrorism too Energetically — Iran Liberty

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    Iran: Sanctions relief money is spent on terrorism 

    This article originally posted on the Hill.com

    By Shahriar Kia

    Developments following the landmark nuclear deal struck between Tehran and the world powers prove that hopes for the recovery of Iran’s economy in a post-JCPOA era is false placed.

    The economic crisis riddling Iran is a byproduct of the corruption ingrained in the structure of the fundamentalist regime ruling the country and the very foundations it has been established on. And this isn’t something that is going to change as a result of an international treaty or an alteration of the country’s political lineup.

    In fact, for average Iranians, the changes ensuring the signing of the nuclear deal leaves a lot to desire. A testament to the fact is the increase in the country’s unemployment rate in 2016.

    In an Oct. 8 op-ed published in a state-owned news website, Iranian economy expert Majid Salimi Boroujeni stipulates that in spite of the JCPOA, the expansion of financial corruption has revealed yet another facet of the country’s faltering economy, which is the insecurity felt by economic players and entrepreneurs in the private sector.

    Foreign investors as well are being deterred from tapping into the Iranian market due to corruption, lack of transparency and poor transportation structure engulfing the country.

    Another op-ed published in the state-run Jahan-e-San’at (World of Industry) newspaper states that visits from foreign delegations won’t do much to attract foreign investments as long as financial corruption hasn’t been rooted out from the country.

    Also, the fact that Iran’s economy is in the grasp of institutions like the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), renowned—and sanctioned—for its nefarious deeds, makes it a risky business to do commerce with Iranian entities.

    So far, the only party that has largely benefitted from the economic windfall resulting from the lifting of sanctions and the release of frozen assets, are the ruling elite and the IRGC, and they’re ticking off items on their bucket list of domestic, regional and global goals, which doesn’t include rebuilding the country’s bankrupt economy.

    However, what does happen to top Iran’s list of priorities includes developing ballistic missiles and shoring up its military and security apparatus, funding its proxy wars in the region, and supplying its militia affiliates in the Middle East with arms and fresh recruits.

    “The whole world should know that the IRGC will be in the U.S. and Europe very soon,” says the deputy coordinator of IRGC’s Khatam al-Anbiya Garrison to a state-controlled news publication. Khatam al-Anbiya controls hundreds of front companies that are running the country’s economy, which tells much about how the regime is spending the cash that’s being funneled its way after the nuclear agreement has come into effect.

    While the mullahs ruling Iran are trying to prevent the collapse of their regime by pouring cash into domestic repression and the export of terrorism and extremism, the current situation is further pushing them toward a deadlock.

    This is a reality that the regime’s own officials are confessing to, stating that the country’s economic infrastructure is on the verge of total collapse due to the endemic corruption riddling the country’s financial infrastructure.

    In an interview with the state-owned Channel 5 television network, Iranian MP Ahmad Tavakoli said, “If we don’t fight with corruption in a systematic way, the Islamic Republic will certainly fall. We’ve passed the ‘threat’ phase—we’re in the ‘danger’ phase.” Tavakoli adds, “Neither a military nor a velvet coup can overthrow [the regime], but if we don’t fight corruption, the Islamic Republic will be overthrown.”

    Financial corruption has pushed the Iranian society to a point of no return. Added to the abysmal human rights situation in Iran and state-driven repression of freedoms, the current economic conditions have exacerbated an already chronic state of social dissatisfaction across the country.

    This is no longer an economic or financial issue, and is quickly turning into a widespread political problem. Iran is a failed state, and having long lost hope for any kind of reform emerging from within the ruling mullahs, the people are anticipating the perfect opportunity for regime change.

    This underlines the need for the West—and especially the U.S.—to review its policy of appeasement toward the Iranian regime. Hoping for economic growth and investment by Iran while it is being ruled by the mullahs is an illusion.


    Kia is a political analyst writing on Iran and a member of the Iranian opposition, the People’s Mujahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI, also known as MEK). He graduated from North Texas University.

    via Iran: Sanctions relief money is spent on terrorism — Iran Liberty

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    ‘This is my friend killed by a bomb. Someone save me now please’: Seven-year-old in Aleppo reveals her terror after her pal is killed by air strike 


    ‘We are still alive’: Bana Alabed posted a photo of herself hiding from bomb blasts in her home city of Aleppo
    The graphic image shows a young girl with her skin covered in dust and clotted blood by her ear and neck.

    Since join Twitter last September Bana has amassed close to 100,000 followers and frequently posts videos and photos of her grim life in Aleppo which is in the middle of a brutal tussle between government forces, ISIS and rebels.

    Cruel ending: The horrifying image of Bana Alabed’s friend who died during a bomb raid in the city dubbed the most dangerous in the world

    There have been a number of airstrikes conducted by Russian forces in November on ISIS militants and rebels in support of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and his government.

    On Thursday Bana uploaded a distressing video of herself hiding in the corner of a room while blasts can be heard going off outside.

    She said: ‘Someone save me now please.’

    Earlier this week Bana received a number of Harry Potter novels directly from author J.K. Rowling after her mother made a request to the writer over Twitter.

    The girl, who speaks basic English, tweeted a sweet thank you video for Rowling.

    ‘Hello my friend, I started reading your books now, my heart is for you. Thank you,’ she said.

    Rowling replied back with a tweet saying: ‘This made me so happy! Lots of love to you and your brothers!’

    Innocence lost: A haunting Twitter account purports to show the horror of the bombing raids on Aleppo through the eyes of seven-year-old Bana Alabed (above)

    Relentless: Bana, her mother and her brothers (pictured several years ago) are trying to survive the fiercest aerial onslaught since the Syrian civil war began

    In an exclusive interview with MailOnline, Bana’s mother Fatemah insisted the account was not ‘propaganda’ as she revealed details of the devastation around them: ‘We live in hell. The sound of bombs wake us from our sleep. They have become our alarm clock.

    ‘When the airstrikes come, my children cry and say the pilot wants to kill us.’

    Other pictures on the account claim to show their next-door-neighbours’ crumbling homes and smoke billowing from the latest explosion down the road.

    ‘Four bombs hit us now just few steps away. Good afternoon from Aleppo,’ reads one of her latest posts.

    ‘Last year my school was bombed my friends killed injured. I was lucky to survive. I’m afraid of the bombing,’ the Twitter goes on from Bana’s point of view.

    Former law student Fatemah lives with Bana, her husband Ghassan, 34, a former lawyer, and their two sons Mohamad, five, and Noor, three.

    She says they share the flat with her sister and husband’s family and cannot flee the city because they fear being caught up in an airstrike or picked off by snipers.


    Source : ‘This is my friend killed by a bomb. Someone save me now please’: Seven-year-old in Aleppo reveals her terror after her pal is killed by air strike

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    Dan Benjamin’s anti Iranian opposition, MEK, tirade is a pathetic reaction to his rebuke by Secretary Clinton and US Congress, and the American people’s rejection of failed policy of appeasing the ayatollahs 


    Written by Oiac

    November 23, 2016

    Reading through Daniel Benjamin’s vitriolic, holier-than-thou, screed, against Rudy Giuliani was truly astounding. We are not in a position to defend America’s Mayor here, as his record speaks for itself and he can do that job ably. Mr. Benjamin is disingenuous and clueless in his pro-mullah attacks on the Iranian opposition movement known as the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK/PMOI). What we, members of Iranian American Communities, are astounded by is the depth of depravity that he and his ilk will sink to in defending their ill—gotten infamy for impeding the Iranian people’s struggles for genuine democracy by effectively aiding and abetting the sectarian Islamic theocratic despots in Iran.

    Mr. Benjamin served on the same National Security Council that bargained away the FTO list to the mullahs for a moderate smile from the failed Khatami presidency in Iran. He prefers so-called moderate Iranian regime “intellectuals” who continue to dupe him about what the Iranian people hate and love than to open his eyes to the reality of Iranian’s opposition to this regime.  He sat on the same Counter-Terrorism Bureau that was called out by his Secretary of State for its senseless enmity to the MEK and its lack of strategic focus on the core of the terrorism problem that lies in Tehran and whose actions were lambasted by America’s second highest court as being “egregious.”

    He laments the fall of the Shah and the MEK’s pivotal role in ousting one despot, and regrets that they also opposed the mullahs who hijacked that revolution. He sheds crocodile tears for brutal henchmen of the Iranian regime who faced justice in the upheavals resulting from their own bloody suppressions of Iranian dissenters. He finds the MEK to be “creepily” devoted to the freedom of their people and impervious to misguided foreign interventions and designs to aid the regime by dismantling their historic movement. His views are tainted and extreme in misjudging the crux of the problem in the Middle East and no wonder why the problem is worse today, because Mr. Benjamin cannot discern friend from foe.

    Mr. Benjamin just doesn’t get it. The MEK was founded for lack of freedom and democracy in Iran, led the struggle against the Shah, fought off the power grab by Khomeini, continued the struggle resolutely through hell and fire, and stand today with heads high and ready to sacrifice for the Iranian people’s liberty and peace and security in the region. America standing for democratic values will stand with the MEK against the Iran regime and not vice versa as has been the unfortunate historical mistake of the original FTO listing and past 16 years of two US presidents.

    Mess rs. Giuliani, Bolton, Jones, Shelton, Dean, Richardson, Rendell, Dell Dailey (Benjamin’s predecessor) and et. al., were correct to stand with the MEK and they understand American interests in Iran and the region much better than Mr. Benjamin could ever hope to do, so long as he clings to justifications of his wrong policy positions in the past.

    Consider the situation today: Obama’s Iran deal has generally been seen as a poor deal-making exercise where the Administration gave away all its leverage up front and got limited nuclear restraints that Tehran is already trying to violate. The nuclear arrangement is seen as having given a blank check to an alliance of anti-US forces including Iran-Russia-Assad-Hezbollah.  The incoming Administration is waking up to the realization that keeping Bashar al Assad in place will benefit Tehran and Moscow more than it will aid the fight against ISIS.  The Iran policy will have to change, including a long-overdue focus on internal human rights practices and the regime’s lack of democratic legitimacy.  That process is the most important change, and it is underway now. For the likes of Benjamin, this is extremely hard to swallow.

    If Mr. Benjamin has an axe to grind, let him keep the MEK out of it, unless the axe he is grinding is against the Iranian people and opposition. If that is the case, then we can only pity him for being on the wrong side of history. There is no honor in parroting the mullahs in discredited talking points against the MEK. The MEK have proved in seven high court rulings that the propaganda that Mr. Benjamin now repeats as facts were completely baseless.

    Source: Related post:Dan Benjamin’s anti Iranian opposition, MEK, tirade is a pathetic reaction to his rebuke by Secretary Clinton and US Congress, and the American people’s rejection of failed policy of appeasing the ayatollahs

    Congressional supports


    A House resolution was introduced with 99 bi-partisan co-sponsors (including chairs of the committees on Intelligence, Oversight, Armed Services and subcommittee on Terrorism) calling for the removal of the FTO designation.


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