Irán y ¿los Derechos Humanos? — micolumnablog = Iran and Human Rights?


Maryam Rajavi

Irán y ¿los Derechos Humanos?

Necesitamos preguntarnos por que hay lugares en el mundo donde nadie quiere detenerse ni prestar unos momentos de nuestros días para ver que pasa y, sobre todo, preguntarnos por qué nadie pone solución o intenta dialogar, y si no es así, aislar a los gobiernos donde en estos países tiene oprimido bajo el terror, la […]

We need to ask why there are places in the world where no one wants to stop or lend a moment of our days to see what happens and, above all, ask why nobody puts solution or try to talk, and if not, isolate governments where in these countries I have oppressed under terror, oppression and death to people. This is the case of Iran, a country that goes back in history to ancient Persia (now known as Iran). Persia, the ancient Latin Persian (e), as we all know is a Middle East region east of Mesopotamia, places closely linked to the Catholic Biblical history and moments -nothing to do to present-moments; but we must bear in mind that the countries and their people evolve and always should be for the better, recognizing that it is not the case when I’ve wanted to stop. I still remember, in my different stages, studies related to the empires of that part of the world and allowing a quick mention about them in the topic today I dedicate my post and where I want to guide you and get your attention. A necessary attention to a town with a long history in the course of the centuries story I begin with a brief look around the year 1400 B.C. This town, originally from the Indo-Iranian branch, which was completed by merging with the peoples who conquered the Achaemenid era, originating as nomadic tribes whose location lay north of Iran and after 1400 BC, some ancestors of the historical Persian , they moved to southern Iran. These moments of its history – as I said on the first empire – has been a submission to the different Persian expansions. Already in 559 BC, when he assumes the throne of Persia Cyrus II – of the Achaemenid dynasty – took to continuous wars of conquest against their former masters, with the aim of more territory and its rapporteurs have given us during the times and have seen as the Persian empire and ambition needed more domains coming to occupy territories from northern Greece to the Indus river and the Amu Daria, with Thrace, Egypt, Middle East, Asia Minor and the Caucasus. Hence its historical richness of overcoming that nothing has come to benefit its people. Up to the present time nothing has changed, nothing has given freedom to this great country. Currently Persia, converted in Iran, is a country whose prosperity could give stability to his people and, on the other hand, is mired in the greatest terror that history has made us arrive and leave their footprints for future generations who will not understand as we were not able to avoid and allow themselves to be silenced. We are concerned as in the current year, 2016, there are peoples and civilizations whose progress has been get worse. We are deeply concerned about human rights in Iran, its massive public places, women, young men and minors executions. This forces us, democratic countries, to draw the attention of those who can stop this barbarism and not look away. How can the EU and world powers to negotiate an agreement with Iran on its nuclear program when their government – and its President Hasan Rouhani- hanged hundreds of their fellow citizens, most often in public? This is what should alarm and raise the voices of those who believe in the right and freedoms of the individual. And so we see as times change and dictators worse. We regret how little, or nothing – that is done or said to condemn these inhuman punishments. Women are and have been a target of repression and punished for “inappropriate veiled” without the High Representative of the European Union Federica Mogherini has publicly denounced abuses of human rights in Iran and aberrations perpetrated against women. Once again and in the summer of 2016, again, the Iranian people want the FREEDOMS IN HIS PEOPLE with their leader and president-elect of the Iranian Resistance, Maryam Rajavi, send us – that world, which continues to ear deaf these facts – the request that unite us as democratic countries, asking for our involvement in denouncing executions and the facts and the unfortunate events of 1988, where 25 years ago was perpetrated once again the slaughter of political prisoners in Iran . Since then these murders remain unpunished and his henchmen in positions of responsibility, HOW LONG WILL CONTINUE ACROSS FACING? HOW LONG live ALL THESE UNDER THE FEAR OF theocratic governments? WHEN THESE dictatorial regimes that do not respect freedoms under international agreements isolate themselves? While these questions remain unanswered Iranians who wish, with Maryam Rajavi, the democracy in their country have the support of people who have been fortunate to live in freedom.